Thursday, 20 September 2012


Today Nhi (coworker) went to the Dollar store. I gave her a few bucks to pick me up a balloon for Ryan.
(mylar not latex).
It was waiting in the car for him today after his school (daycare).
Holy hell I love how excited this kid gets over balloons. On the way home we hit Old Navy so Neil and I could get some clothing for running this weekend in the Run for Your Lives Toronto Zombie Run. He was such a good kid. He walked to the store (holding my hand) and walked around the store with me for a bit. Neil took over while I was trying on stuff and then I took over while Neil tried on his stuff. He was just super good.
We had dinner together when we got home and while I was cleaning up Neil and Ryan chilled and watched some stuff on the iPad together for a few min. Then bath and then Gabi came to visit for a bit.
Ryan is just so much fun to be with when he is feeling good.

Makes my day when we pick him up from school and you just see his face LIGHT up when he sees us. He comes running for a hug. Doesn't matter right now who is there to hug him, Neil or me. He is just excited to see us. I love it. It makes all the stress and worry from the day melt in that moment when he is running and then when he squeezes your neck in a hug and starts his 'talking' you forget all the stupid things that happened that day. All that matters is the kid in your arms trying to tell you about his day with that happy/excited tone of voice.

I love my life.

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