Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas, thoughts and sickness... again.

It was amazing. Neil posted some photos here.
and here
Christmas fun!

This photo pretty much sums up the day (this was him at night when he just didn't want to sleep)
Click to enlarge.

We skyped with my folks for a little bit so they could see Ryan open a few gifts. That is why in some of the pictures I am on my laptop.

Ryan loved it. 

It was just an amazing weekend. Friday we had a great time with friends at Chris & Tara's house. Dan, Vanessa, Anand and Ryan M came over. Unfortunately Janet, Mike and the girls were very sick and not able to make it. AND we couldn't stay too long cause Ryan just didn't want to sleep. He went down for a hour and was up at 10 and refused to go back down. Didn't want to miss the party, so we had to go home. However for some odd reason he sleeps GREAT at Robin and Christina's place. Hmmmm maybe cause playing with Lucy (the dog) wears him out.
Love that dog. She is amazing with kids. I think Ryan loves her too.

Real reason I wanted to post was my brother in law Robin sent this to me...

I thought it was so sweet and so true I started to send this email back to him and figure 'fuck it' I will post this on my blog... being that its about having kids and being a parent. Ya know... what my blog should be about.

I love it and really I feel that way now. When I am having a hard time with Ryan I stop, look at him and realize to myself I have to enjoy it... All of it, because it goes way to fast. I find myself looking at little baby pictures of him feeling a little sad because it's going so fast.
Everyone always tells you to enjoy the kid while you can because time flies and it's so very true.
I have never been more happy in my life 
then I have this past year.

I love my little family intensely. 

It's also funny cause parents tried to explain this type of love to me before but you can't explain it. Its like NOTHING you have ever felt before until you have your kid in your arms. It's amazing and scary and exciting all at once.

Also side note. Ryan is getting sick.(good news is that fucking booger thats been in his nose for over a week came out) Started with a cough and now has runny nose. We are going to see the doctor today at 1:45. If it was just the runny nose again I wouldn't go but the cough sounds pretty bad. Thankfully he is not coughing too much but when it does you can really hear it. Gross thing is he coughs up stuff, chews it and then back down it goes. Ew buddy... spit it up!
trying my very best not to get it. My hands are dry and doing my best NOT to touch my face. Much harder then you would think. Try to not touch your face at all for the next hour. Let me know how you do.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We celebrate on the 24th up here with Neils family.
Not sure why... maybe I should look into that so when Ryan asks me why we celebrate on the 24th I can tell him.

Had a nice x-mas morning with the family. I love my small family. I love waking up with my husband (who slept on the couch, was snoring from wine) and my little man (who slept in our bed). I love feeding Ryan breakfast while Neil gets pictures.
This is Ryans first Christmas. I wish I could get him to understand why he should be excited and why mom and dad are excited. We went a little over board on the gifts. We were supposed to get him one each and then Neil went to Toys R Us on his own and got him two more gifts. He got him "little people". When I asked Neil how much they were he said it was on sale and was just a few dollars. The big liar. Then he followed that up with "This is the same one I had as a kid, I can't wait to play with Ryan." How can I fault that!

Ry is down for a nap right now, fingers crossed its a long one. He needs it. He didn't want to sleep last night at Chris & Taras place. Too much going on. Man oh man Tara was cracking the kid up last night. If she wasn't outside our price range I would hire her as a nanny in April. 

First picture of I am sure many to come of Ryan on Christmas. Neil rented 4 lens for this weekend... expect some good shots later.

May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday and may it be filled with pure joy.

Sure wish it would snow though. :P

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Snow and 8 months old today.

Its Saturday morning (my morning to get up with the kid).
I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee and eggs while I watch soft fluffy snow blow round outside. The kid is squeeling in the background happy as can be. Oh, not because of the snow but because there is a kitty near him. I don't think he will enjoy snow until next year.

Now trying to convince Neil to go to Port Credit with me for Christmas Family fun will be hard with snow out. Then again maybe it will make it easier.
One thing Neil and I agree on, doesnt feel like Christmas without snow. Even more so this year because we can not have a tree in our tiny place with the baby. Once again, next year will be more fun because we will have our own place. Either Condo or the townhouse we really want. By god I will have a tree next year.
A real one.

Also check out this picture of Ryan with Santa. It was great cause there was no line and Ryan was amazing. He was smiling and looking at the camera. Our little Ham. Neil got Video of it.

Click to enlarge

Off to do a Skype test run with the folks. We are going to video skype next Saturday for Christmas so they can watch Ryan open gifts.

I forgot Ryan turned 8 months old. Changes in him.
 He is full on crawling. He can pull himself up to standing super fast and does it a lot. He loves to mimic and will do it endlessly. Small things like if you smack the table once he will do it once, you do it twice he will do it twice. Other day Neil was going "roar!" like a lion and Ryan did it back to him. And he does it with a huge smile. He wants to eat everything. I mean everything you eat. I can not eat around him without him booting it over to me and trying to get into my food.
Neil gave him a taste of coffee and he loved it. (yikes). He still flirts with all the ladies and some guys. Anyone can hold him. He doesn't care who you are. Even strangers are okay but he does prefer people he knows.
He will put his forehead on yours as a sort of hug/kiss. He does try to kiss but does it open mouth on your face (he did it Rita the other day). He loves when I kiss the palm of his hands. He also loves to have his hands washed after eating.(which I am trying to do after every meal)

If I am tickling him and try to pull his arm up to get to his arm pit he will giggle and try to hold it down so you can't. He is obsessed with teeth and touching peoples teeth right now, it's so weird. When I smell his feet and go "ohhhh smelly feet!" he giggles like crazy.
I think right now is my favorite time for him. He is such a little sponge and he is just getting to be more and more fun to be around. He is super stubborn though. If I try to put him to sleep he HAS to have the boobs. The other day I tried not giving it to him and he screamed for 45 minutes. Then I let him play a little and just gave him the boob and he passed right now. I am thinking about trying to introduce pacifier again so he can get that sucking calming effect without needing me. Self sooth and all that crap. He still wakes a lot at night. Sometimes I can get him to sleep without the breast. Sometimes Neil has to do it and sometimes I just nurse him back to sleep if its really late (like 2am and I am tired). Trying to break that habit this week, it's gonna SUCK.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Such a big boy, changes and Christmas.

I know I write this a lot but Ryan is changing so fast and growing up too quick!

He can sort of walk if you hold his hands. He needs the help balancing but he takes the steps himself and holds his own weight (about 90% of it).
See the video below.
Neil found this out Sunday morning when I was at Zumba Tone. I am a little sad I missed the first time but Neil was so happy to be here for this milestone. And I was very happy he was the one that discovered it.

Tonight Ryan feed himself some pasta I made. He got it in his mouth not just smooshed it around like he did with the bananas in Florida.


When I hide a toy behind me or something I don't want him to get he knows it's there. Little monkey. I put him on the floor while I cook or do dishes and he always comes into the kitchen to get me or one of the cats. He also likes to go toward the edges of walls and our new shoe stand that has pointy ends, perfect for a seven month old eye ball.
I pick him up, move him to the safe zone (aka away from bad things on his foam mat) hand him a toy and go back to what I was doing. Then he tosses the toy and comes after me again.

I can not eat anywhere near him unless he is eating as well or he just sits there with his mouth open. Most of the time if I am on the floor with him trying to eat a snack or lunch he will attack me trying to get my food. I'll give him a little of what I am eating if I can.
He loves big people food. Gabi says Neil did this when he was little too.

Today I made Banana Bread muffins and was trying to enjoy one. Well Ryan wanted to enjoy as well. I tried what Neil does which is letting him taste with his tongue but not letting him eat it. I put the muffin in Ryans mouth on his tongue and then took it out. Well on the second time of doing this the little monkey tried to bite down and turn his head so he could eat some! I stopped him though.
It has sugar and chocolate in it and I want to avoid him having that till his first birthday.

After lunch the other day... I call this look "sleeping with his eyes open."


Its pretty cold out and we need hats in Canada in December!

Saturday afternoon Cookie Decorating (Christina holding both kids!).
Ary was tickling him and he was trying to pull her hair.

Saturday early evening we went over to the Parks house and it was funny as hell watching Chloe and Ryan play. He hasn't really played with any kids close to his age since he has become so aware. He had a great time! They were sitting there yelling at each other and both talking. She would grab his hand and he would touch her face or hair. I saw him rub her back. He would try to crawl on her as well. It was super cute. I wish I got a video of it. We will have to go over there again soon for a play date.

We also dumped him on Joe which was funny.


Enjoy some of the many faces Ryan makes now. You can really see his personalty coming out.

 Concentration, he will stick his tongue out like Neil does, its pretty cute.



This kid is super stubborn. I wonder where he gets it... NEIL.

Yah that's right it's all Neils fault. :)

Neil and I got some awesome stuff for Ryan for Christmas tonight at Toys R Us. It was so much fun to look around at all the cool stuff. It was hard to pick but Neil picked something and I picked something. I hope Ryan likes them. Neil was getting all excited about the "little people" world toys and how he had it as a kid and wanted to get it for Ryan (1+) so its too early for Ryan. And I am excited about Lincoln Logs for Ry. 
Neil and I went to the bigger kids toys, 3+ and were getting super jazzed about how much fun it will be when he is bigger and can really play. I told Neil to not get ahead of himself and to enjoy Ryan now while he little.
Before we know it he will be off to collage and married and having kids of his own. Neil and I will look at each other and wonder where did all the time go and who replaced our baby with a man.

Now I made myself sad.
I'm gonna go hug my sleeping baby now.
night night.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Slacker mom is a slacker

I have really slacked off on this blog since being home. Been pretty busy with lots of running around. (and Harry Potter Lego 5-7).
I do however plan to make my next blog about all the food I ate in Florida and will include pictures. (and I lost 7lbs while there WTF?)

I just wanted to write really quick that yesterday at Neil's work Ryan was crawling. Full on crawling. I think it was the help of the fleece pants on carpet but it was very impressive.

He is getting so big and it's happening so fast it makes me a little sad and a little proud. I know I should not get too excited but he is a fast developer. I hope its because he is a smarty pants. He has always reached milestones before the typical age.

This mom is a proud mom, a slacker, but still a proud mom.

Crap he is up. Gotta jet!