Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We celebrate on the 24th up here with Neils family.
Not sure why... maybe I should look into that so when Ryan asks me why we celebrate on the 24th I can tell him.

Had a nice x-mas morning with the family. I love my small family. I love waking up with my husband (who slept on the couch, was snoring from wine) and my little man (who slept in our bed). I love feeding Ryan breakfast while Neil gets pictures.
This is Ryans first Christmas. I wish I could get him to understand why he should be excited and why mom and dad are excited. We went a little over board on the gifts. We were supposed to get him one each and then Neil went to Toys R Us on his own and got him two more gifts. He got him "little people". When I asked Neil how much they were he said it was on sale and was just a few dollars. The big liar. Then he followed that up with "This is the same one I had as a kid, I can't wait to play with Ryan." How can I fault that!

Ry is down for a nap right now, fingers crossed its a long one. He needs it. He didn't want to sleep last night at Chris & Taras place. Too much going on. Man oh man Tara was cracking the kid up last night. If she wasn't outside our price range I would hire her as a nanny in April. 

First picture of I am sure many to come of Ryan on Christmas. Neil rented 4 lens for this weekend... expect some good shots later.

May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday and may it be filled with pure joy.

Sure wish it would snow though. :P

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