Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas, thoughts and sickness... again.

It was amazing. Neil posted some photos here.
and here
Christmas fun!

This photo pretty much sums up the day (this was him at night when he just didn't want to sleep)
Click to enlarge.

We skyped with my folks for a little bit so they could see Ryan open a few gifts. That is why in some of the pictures I am on my laptop.

Ryan loved it. 

It was just an amazing weekend. Friday we had a great time with friends at Chris & Tara's house. Dan, Vanessa, Anand and Ryan M came over. Unfortunately Janet, Mike and the girls were very sick and not able to make it. AND we couldn't stay too long cause Ryan just didn't want to sleep. He went down for a hour and was up at 10 and refused to go back down. Didn't want to miss the party, so we had to go home. However for some odd reason he sleeps GREAT at Robin and Christina's place. Hmmmm maybe cause playing with Lucy (the dog) wears him out.
Love that dog. She is amazing with kids. I think Ryan loves her too.

Real reason I wanted to post was my brother in law Robin sent this to me...

I thought it was so sweet and so true I started to send this email back to him and figure 'fuck it' I will post this on my blog... being that its about having kids and being a parent. Ya know... what my blog should be about.

I love it and really I feel that way now. When I am having a hard time with Ryan I stop, look at him and realize to myself I have to enjoy it... All of it, because it goes way to fast. I find myself looking at little baby pictures of him feeling a little sad because it's going so fast.
Everyone always tells you to enjoy the kid while you can because time flies and it's so very true.
I have never been more happy in my life 
then I have this past year.

I love my little family intensely. 

It's also funny cause parents tried to explain this type of love to me before but you can't explain it. Its like NOTHING you have ever felt before until you have your kid in your arms. It's amazing and scary and exciting all at once.

Also side note. Ryan is getting sick.(good news is that fucking booger thats been in his nose for over a week came out) Started with a cough and now has runny nose. We are going to see the doctor today at 1:45. If it was just the runny nose again I wouldn't go but the cough sounds pretty bad. Thankfully he is not coughing too much but when it does you can really hear it. Gross thing is he coughs up stuff, chews it and then back down it goes. Ew buddy... spit it up!
trying my very best not to get it. My hands are dry and doing my best NOT to touch my face. Much harder then you would think. Try to not touch your face at all for the next hour. Let me know how you do.

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