Thursday, 29 December 2011

Christmas, thoughts and sickness... again.

It was amazing. Neil posted some photos here.
and here
Christmas fun!

This photo pretty much sums up the day (this was him at night when he just didn't want to sleep)
Click to enlarge.

We skyped with my folks for a little bit so they could see Ryan open a few gifts. That is why in some of the pictures I am on my laptop.

Ryan loved it. 

It was just an amazing weekend. Friday we had a great time with friends at Chris & Tara's house. Dan, Vanessa, Anand and Ryan M came over. Unfortunately Janet, Mike and the girls were very sick and not able to make it. AND we couldn't stay too long cause Ryan just didn't want to sleep. He went down for a hour and was up at 10 and refused to go back down. Didn't want to miss the party, so we had to go home. However for some odd reason he sleeps GREAT at Robin and Christina's place. Hmmmm maybe cause playing with Lucy (the dog) wears him out.
Love that dog. She is amazing with kids. I think Ryan loves her too.

Real reason I wanted to post was my brother in law Robin sent this to me...

I thought it was so sweet and so true I started to send this email back to him and figure 'fuck it' I will post this on my blog... being that its about having kids and being a parent. Ya know... what my blog should be about.

I love it and really I feel that way now. When I am having a hard time with Ryan I stop, look at him and realize to myself I have to enjoy it... All of it, because it goes way to fast. I find myself looking at little baby pictures of him feeling a little sad because it's going so fast.
Everyone always tells you to enjoy the kid while you can because time flies and it's so very true.
I have never been more happy in my life 
then I have this past year.

I love my little family intensely. 

It's also funny cause parents tried to explain this type of love to me before but you can't explain it. Its like NOTHING you have ever felt before until you have your kid in your arms. It's amazing and scary and exciting all at once.

Also side note. Ryan is getting sick.(good news is that fucking booger thats been in his nose for over a week came out) Started with a cough and now has runny nose. We are going to see the doctor today at 1:45. If it was just the runny nose again I wouldn't go but the cough sounds pretty bad. Thankfully he is not coughing too much but when it does you can really hear it. Gross thing is he coughs up stuff, chews it and then back down it goes. Ew buddy... spit it up!
trying my very best not to get it. My hands are dry and doing my best NOT to touch my face. Much harder then you would think. Try to not touch your face at all for the next hour. Let me know how you do.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

We celebrate on the 24th up here with Neils family.
Not sure why... maybe I should look into that so when Ryan asks me why we celebrate on the 24th I can tell him.

Had a nice x-mas morning with the family. I love my small family. I love waking up with my husband (who slept on the couch, was snoring from wine) and my little man (who slept in our bed). I love feeding Ryan breakfast while Neil gets pictures.
This is Ryans first Christmas. I wish I could get him to understand why he should be excited and why mom and dad are excited. We went a little over board on the gifts. We were supposed to get him one each and then Neil went to Toys R Us on his own and got him two more gifts. He got him "little people". When I asked Neil how much they were he said it was on sale and was just a few dollars. The big liar. Then he followed that up with "This is the same one I had as a kid, I can't wait to play with Ryan." How can I fault that!

Ry is down for a nap right now, fingers crossed its a long one. He needs it. He didn't want to sleep last night at Chris & Taras place. Too much going on. Man oh man Tara was cracking the kid up last night. If she wasn't outside our price range I would hire her as a nanny in April. 

First picture of I am sure many to come of Ryan on Christmas. Neil rented 4 lens for this weekend... expect some good shots later.

May you and yours have a wonderful Holiday and may it be filled with pure joy.

Sure wish it would snow though. :P

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Snow and 8 months old today.

Its Saturday morning (my morning to get up with the kid).
I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee and eggs while I watch soft fluffy snow blow round outside. The kid is squeeling in the background happy as can be. Oh, not because of the snow but because there is a kitty near him. I don't think he will enjoy snow until next year.

Now trying to convince Neil to go to Port Credit with me for Christmas Family fun will be hard with snow out. Then again maybe it will make it easier.
One thing Neil and I agree on, doesnt feel like Christmas without snow. Even more so this year because we can not have a tree in our tiny place with the baby. Once again, next year will be more fun because we will have our own place. Either Condo or the townhouse we really want. By god I will have a tree next year.
A real one.

Also check out this picture of Ryan with Santa. It was great cause there was no line and Ryan was amazing. He was smiling and looking at the camera. Our little Ham. Neil got Video of it.

Click to enlarge

Off to do a Skype test run with the folks. We are going to video skype next Saturday for Christmas so they can watch Ryan open gifts.

I forgot Ryan turned 8 months old. Changes in him.
 He is full on crawling. He can pull himself up to standing super fast and does it a lot. He loves to mimic and will do it endlessly. Small things like if you smack the table once he will do it once, you do it twice he will do it twice. Other day Neil was going "roar!" like a lion and Ryan did it back to him. And he does it with a huge smile. He wants to eat everything. I mean everything you eat. I can not eat around him without him booting it over to me and trying to get into my food.
Neil gave him a taste of coffee and he loved it. (yikes). He still flirts with all the ladies and some guys. Anyone can hold him. He doesn't care who you are. Even strangers are okay but he does prefer people he knows.
He will put his forehead on yours as a sort of hug/kiss. He does try to kiss but does it open mouth on your face (he did it Rita the other day). He loves when I kiss the palm of his hands. He also loves to have his hands washed after eating.(which I am trying to do after every meal)

If I am tickling him and try to pull his arm up to get to his arm pit he will giggle and try to hold it down so you can't. He is obsessed with teeth and touching peoples teeth right now, it's so weird. When I smell his feet and go "ohhhh smelly feet!" he giggles like crazy.
I think right now is my favorite time for him. He is such a little sponge and he is just getting to be more and more fun to be around. He is super stubborn though. If I try to put him to sleep he HAS to have the boobs. The other day I tried not giving it to him and he screamed for 45 minutes. Then I let him play a little and just gave him the boob and he passed right now. I am thinking about trying to introduce pacifier again so he can get that sucking calming effect without needing me. Self sooth and all that crap. He still wakes a lot at night. Sometimes I can get him to sleep without the breast. Sometimes Neil has to do it and sometimes I just nurse him back to sleep if its really late (like 2am and I am tired). Trying to break that habit this week, it's gonna SUCK.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Such a big boy, changes and Christmas.

I know I write this a lot but Ryan is changing so fast and growing up too quick!

He can sort of walk if you hold his hands. He needs the help balancing but he takes the steps himself and holds his own weight (about 90% of it).
See the video below.
Neil found this out Sunday morning when I was at Zumba Tone. I am a little sad I missed the first time but Neil was so happy to be here for this milestone. And I was very happy he was the one that discovered it.

Tonight Ryan feed himself some pasta I made. He got it in his mouth not just smooshed it around like he did with the bananas in Florida.


When I hide a toy behind me or something I don't want him to get he knows it's there. Little monkey. I put him on the floor while I cook or do dishes and he always comes into the kitchen to get me or one of the cats. He also likes to go toward the edges of walls and our new shoe stand that has pointy ends, perfect for a seven month old eye ball.
I pick him up, move him to the safe zone (aka away from bad things on his foam mat) hand him a toy and go back to what I was doing. Then he tosses the toy and comes after me again.

I can not eat anywhere near him unless he is eating as well or he just sits there with his mouth open. Most of the time if I am on the floor with him trying to eat a snack or lunch he will attack me trying to get my food. I'll give him a little of what I am eating if I can.
He loves big people food. Gabi says Neil did this when he was little too.

Today I made Banana Bread muffins and was trying to enjoy one. Well Ryan wanted to enjoy as well. I tried what Neil does which is letting him taste with his tongue but not letting him eat it. I put the muffin in Ryans mouth on his tongue and then took it out. Well on the second time of doing this the little monkey tried to bite down and turn his head so he could eat some! I stopped him though.
It has sugar and chocolate in it and I want to avoid him having that till his first birthday.

After lunch the other day... I call this look "sleeping with his eyes open."


Its pretty cold out and we need hats in Canada in December!

Saturday afternoon Cookie Decorating (Christina holding both kids!).
Ary was tickling him and he was trying to pull her hair.

Saturday early evening we went over to the Parks house and it was funny as hell watching Chloe and Ryan play. He hasn't really played with any kids close to his age since he has become so aware. He had a great time! They were sitting there yelling at each other and both talking. She would grab his hand and he would touch her face or hair. I saw him rub her back. He would try to crawl on her as well. It was super cute. I wish I got a video of it. We will have to go over there again soon for a play date.

We also dumped him on Joe which was funny.


Enjoy some of the many faces Ryan makes now. You can really see his personalty coming out.

 Concentration, he will stick his tongue out like Neil does, its pretty cute.



This kid is super stubborn. I wonder where he gets it... NEIL.

Yah that's right it's all Neils fault. :)

Neil and I got some awesome stuff for Ryan for Christmas tonight at Toys R Us. It was so much fun to look around at all the cool stuff. It was hard to pick but Neil picked something and I picked something. I hope Ryan likes them. Neil was getting all excited about the "little people" world toys and how he had it as a kid and wanted to get it for Ryan (1+) so its too early for Ryan. And I am excited about Lincoln Logs for Ry. 
Neil and I went to the bigger kids toys, 3+ and were getting super jazzed about how much fun it will be when he is bigger and can really play. I told Neil to not get ahead of himself and to enjoy Ryan now while he little.
Before we know it he will be off to collage and married and having kids of his own. Neil and I will look at each other and wonder where did all the time go and who replaced our baby with a man.

Now I made myself sad.
I'm gonna go hug my sleeping baby now.
night night.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Slacker mom is a slacker

I have really slacked off on this blog since being home. Been pretty busy with lots of running around. (and Harry Potter Lego 5-7).
I do however plan to make my next blog about all the food I ate in Florida and will include pictures. (and I lost 7lbs while there WTF?)

I just wanted to write really quick that yesterday at Neil's work Ryan was crawling. Full on crawling. I think it was the help of the fleece pants on carpet but it was very impressive.

He is getting so big and it's happening so fast it makes me a little sad and a little proud. I know I should not get too excited but he is a fast developer. I hope its because he is a smarty pants. He has always reached milestones before the typical age.

This mom is a proud mom, a slacker, but still a proud mom.

Crap he is up. Gotta jet!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Seven Months

Happy Seven months Ryan.

He can sit up alone, still trying to crawl and does that army shuffle along the ground. He lifts himself up on knees and arms and will rock back and forth. He is faster, so any week now.
He does this open and close wave thing with his hand. I am hoping he is learning the sign language I have been trying to teach him. Food and Drink are the only ones now but soon I want to teach Mommy, Daddy and tired. (neil thinks he is)

He is turning into a bit of a brat. He whines a lot at nap time and bedtime. He is starting to whine when playing too. I ignore him until he stops then I will pick him up or cuddle him. Got to break that habit soon. Still not sleeping through the night. Last friday he slept 5 hours and then 4 hours. Which was GREAT but the past few nights have been bad and back to the 1-2 waking.

His hair is getting long! He has curls now but only on top which is super cute.

He still liked strangers, mostly women, but now he is starting to duck his head into my shoulder to hide. I hope he doesn't go through the stranger fear stuff. I love having a happy friendly baby.

Oh also he is awesome at going out for lunch as long as I have some food for him to eat so he doesn't feel left out. The past two days I went to lunch with Emily and he was awesome both days (he hit his head on the table one day and cried a little). He just likes to be out looking at stuff. I worry he will be bored when we go back home. We have been going out so much since I have been in Florida. I guess we will have to have play time and meet up with Janet and the girls while she is on Mat leave since Tara is back working now. :(

I just wanted to do a quick update on Ryan on his seventh month birthday so in the future I can remember all these fun and crazy times.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Neil gone back home.

Neil flew home this morning. He said it was awesome he had a row to himself, I hope we are that lucky when Ry and I fly home.

I went out to eat without him for the first time, it was hard. My mom took Ry and I to Olive Garden.
He was pretty good until the end and was crying a lot. I took him outside and he was fine. I am so used to Neil being there and we have a good routine. I take him so Neil can eat about half his meal and then he will take him so I can eat half my meal and we switch back and forth. Pretty much hold him and play with him till your arms get tired (he is 23lbs!) and hand him off.
It sucked not having Neil to hand him off too!

I don't get Olive Garden.The past few times I have been there I didn't really like the food and its not that cheep either. Breadsticks are good but I don't get the love people have for it. Mom got soup and salad for $6 which is a great deal so maybe I would feel different. I got seafood pasta. It was okay but heavy. Much heavier then I thought it would be. 

Maybe I am just a HUGE food snob now. Gee thanks Neil for turning me into a food snob!

Ryan ate bananas sliced up tonight on his tray. He tried to get it to his mouth and didnt do that good a job but understood when I gave it to him. He got super sticky but had a great time. Gonna introduce chicken to him soon. Exciting stuff.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Florida trip thus far

The flight was great. Ryan was amazing. He was so good in all the line ups (ticket, customs, security) and when we were at a pub grabbing food he was super good too. When we got on the plane the guy next to Neil made a face when he saw Ryan. A "oh great a fucking baby" face. Normally I wouldn't give a shit but Ryan had yet to even make a peep. The stewardess saw this and offered the guy a new seat once we were in the air and the seat belt light was off. Funny enough the new seat was behind a baby that WAS crying. As we were taking off I put Ryan on the boob and he was fine. No crying or fussing at all. HE even passed out after eating and slept the whole way. I woke him a little while landing and put him on the boob again. He was great in the line up waiting for the car (about midnight now).
Once we got to my folks house all hell broke loose. He had a rough night and around 4am we got him back to sleep and put him in bed with us. The next night was a nightmare as well.
Halloween was very disappointing. Dressed him up in his batman oneise and the awesome cape Christina made and went outside to hand out candy. Before the first kid came a mosquito landed on Ryan's head and after that he started to cry. We had to go inside and I didn't even get to show off Ryan or look at the other kids outfits (all three batches that came).

Neil was sleeping by 630 on the couch and was out there all night till 5am. Ryan and I had the bed in my moms room. Dad was sleeping by 7 and mom went to bed at 830 after helping me give Ryan a bath in his super cute duck bathtub. 
I was in bed around 930.

Next night we were out shopping a lot and in the evening after dinner with my folks we went out to visit Delaney and her family. Ryan lost his shit. I mean really lost it. Was screaming and crying for about 35 min straight. Neil got some burps out of him and he was okay. On edge but okay.

Last night and the night before he slept great though. He slept in his bed all night and in 3 hours stretches which was nice for Neil and I. He even slept in, 10am the other day and 915 today. Normally he is up at 7-730. I wonder if going out so much is making him tired or just being someplace new.
I made him some food and he is doing a bit better. He had a fever last night which worried me and his pee was a little smelly but he is better now. Just keeping an eye on him.

I was super freaked about Neil leaving Saturday and me being here with Ryan for over 2 weeks without him. This week really hit me how much I really rely on Neil to help me when it gets tiring or hard or Ryan is in a mood. I worry about stressing my folks out. I hope they will help me if it gets bad. I have an all new respect for single moms. I couldn't imagine it. My mom is out of shape with a bad back so its limited what she can do and dad has a bum heart and really shouldn't hold Ryan too much cause he is heavy.

Back to taking nighttime showers when Ryan is sleeping. :P

Weather is HOT here. Well compared to Canada. We turned on the air today it was pretty warm with the humidity. Enjoying it while we have it. Though it looks like they are having a nice weather back home.

Funny how Canada is my home now. I miss it. I dont really miss Florida anymore. Doesn't feel like home. I like being here. I love seeing my family and friends but I miss my home.

I think we are adapting well here though. Poor Neil is crippled though. His back is fucked up, along with neck, arms and sides. Soft bed with a kid that likes to bounce and doesn't have a bouncer... he is not used to it.

Tonight was fun visiting with some of our friends. Ryan was pretty good. Got grumpy tired toward the end and just wanted to feed on me non-stop. (it knocks him out). I hope to see them again before I leave.
Next weekend is Jenn and the weekend after that is my sister visiting. Please let Ryan be in a good mood both weekends... please.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Issues on Sleep and Florida!

I was so excited because I thought Ryan slept from 1:30am - 6:30am and he hasn't done that in a month.
No really. It has been a month of him sleeping 1-2 hours and then waking up screaming or crying. If he just woke up we would leave him be to go back to sleep but he will start to scream.
I told Neil this morning I was so excited maybe he is going to go back to sleeping 3-5 hours and I can't wait and Neil confessed Ryan woke up at 2:30am and Neil just held him for a minute till he went back to sleep.

Still 4 hours is pretty good so I am still pretty happy about that. AND he slept in till 8:10 which was nice. AND he slept the whole night in his crib. We have a busy day ahead of brunch with Robin and Christina (we get to meet her parents!!!) and then we have to finish up packing and get any running around done before going to Florida.

Also I am going to brag... its -1 here right now. Minus fucking 1. (29f) In Florida it is 15c (60f). And the high today in Florida is going to be 21c (70f). PERFECT!!! Friday is going to be 25c feels like 31c (76f feels like 86f).
Bring it.

I am looking forward to putting sunscreen on Ryan because we are sitting outside in the grass with grandpa playing. Its gonna kick so much ass.

Of course I am happy to see my mom and I know she will be so shocked how much Ryan has changed but she has come up twice now to see Ryan. My dad hasn't even meet him yet. My dad wanted boys really bad and he got two girls so this is sort of his little boy
Oh and don't get me wrong. I had a blast with my dad. I loved that he rough housed with us, went camping and pretty much raised me as a tomboy. I love it. But boys are pretty awesome. So far I really enjoy having a little boy.

You get less pink stuff which is nice.

Last night we went to Screamers which was a lot of fun. They had this really awesome black light 3D house that was amazing-balls (as Ang would say). We went with Joe, Angela and Ted and really... it's the group you go with and those three are pretty kick-ass. :D

Okay enough blogging and more packing Mary!


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Shots round 3, test results and the home state

Ry got his third round of shots today. He has been pretty good which is shocking. Playful, took a long nap, super playful and was good for Neil and Gabi tonight while I was a Zumba. He was a little moody when he woke up at 1030 but after 45 min got him back to sleep.
We shall see how tonight goes. (edit, just woke up three times screaming in the past 30 min. awesome just awesome.)

say what!?

I really hope he startes to sleep again soon. Almost a month of him waking every 1-2 hours. I celebrate the rare times he has slept 3 hours. So nice. I miss the 3-5 hour stretches so much.
Not only does he wakes up but he will wake up SCREAMING. So its hard to ignore him and let him go back to sleep on his own. He is in our room and Neil has to work and really how can you ignore a screaming baby (one bedroom house we live in)

We got the results that the ultrasound was okay. No scaring on the kidneys which is great! Still waiting for the VCGU results. Hopefully will have them soon.
But the doctor gave us good news today, he gave us the okay to go to Florida!

I am from Florida and my family lives there. My mom, dad, sister and brother in law. 
My dad has yet to meet Ryan and so does my sister Laura. My sis and I are sort of estranged but we are starting to talk again. She is not what I would call a kid person but hopefuly Ryan doesn't freak her out too much with the drool. (I tease he doesn't drool that much, he doesn't even need a bib).

We are going down Sunday the 30th and will get in around midnight. Neil will be there till Saturday the 5th of November and I will be there with Ryan till the 23rd. We leave early in the morning.
Neils dad got us one of the tickets on his air miles which was really awesome of him!
nomnom feet

I called my folks to tell them the good news. Now they were expecting me and Ryan at the END of November not the end of October so they were a little surprised. I could tell my mom was a little flustered. She has been working at getting all the crap we will need for Ryan. Highchair, car seat, play-yard, crib, foam mats for crawling, a walker, diapers, food, change mat... like I said, all the crap. And a place for me to sleep. She got a futon that will come in Tuesday. YAY I dont have to be on an air mattress for 3 1/2 weeks. :P

I know its short notice but I hope there are a few people I can see when we come down.

I always miss my old house when I go to Florida. I want to go across the street from my folks and sit on my porch in the quiet and have a smoke. I don't but I want to. (I used to live in the house across the street that was my grandmothers).

Friday, 21 October 2011

Two teeth, sick parents and Happy Birthday Neil!

Ryan has two teeth now.

Click pictures below to enlarge.

I have been slacking on the blog front.

My brother in law got engaged which is pretty awesome news! Why is it awesome you ask?
Well for the simple fact everyone in our family adores Christina (chris). She is pretty kick ass. She loved Robin a lot (which anyone can see) she is smart, funny as hell, loves Ryan and talks back to Neil. Ya gotta love her. Right now they are looking at a April/May 2012 wedding.
Fingers crossed they both maintain sanity during the wedding planning. Any married couple can tell you it can get crazy sometimes. 

The family gets to meet each other next weekend. I am looking forward to meeting her folks (already met her brother and sis in law). Her parents sound pretty awesome too. I even have a cute outfit for Ryan picked out.

I need to get out more.

So Neil and I are sick. Its not too bad. I have been fighting it with gargles, tea, zinc, trying to nap, hot showers, vitamin C and anything else I can think of. Right now I am super congested. Neil is still in the sore throat phase. I warned him stuffy nose should hit just in time for his 30th birthday (which is tomorrow!) Gonna get him daytime cold meds as his gift.

We are celebrating his 30th at a friends wedding. Should be a good time. At least I hope the bride, groom and Neil have a good time. I'll just pack some tissues and halls in my dressy purse.

This past Monday Ryan turned 6 months old. I celebrated by spending the day out with Tara shopping while Ry had some time with grandma and grandpa B.
Ryan has two teeth now, LOVES to eat food (tries to eat my food all the time) drinks out of his cup and is starting to crawl. He even had Yogurt today for the first time (plain).
Big Boy cup!

He is also reaching for our iPhones now which is a BIG no no. And our laptops.
The other day he was on the floor crawling and wiggling his but around and I was on the floor with him on my laptop looking at the beautiful venues Robin and Chris have been checking out. And the little monkey starts to chew on my computer.
I guess it doesn't help that it has a green sticker on it. Neils has an orange one. And when the lap top is open the apple logo glows. Pretty enticing for a 6 month old.
Everyone knows frogs are yummy.

Also we went for a walk today since there was no rain for a bit. Holy hell it was cold and windy. I had to improvise because it was way too windy for little Ryan. I only had a fleece hoodie over his long sleeve shirt. I put the rain cover over him to try to block the wind.
Let me out! I can't see!!!

We really need to cave in and get him a winter coat and real hats soon. Maybe some mittens as well.
Bah. He is gonna HATE mittens.

Okay I should really get some sleep. Saturday is going to be a long day. However at least we will be Ryan free and able to get more then 1-2 hours sleep at a time. SCORE! I dont care if my boobs explode while I sleep. I am going to sleep at least 6 hours straight damn it. Hear that boobs? You better be nice and let me sleep!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ryan update on UTI and a new tooth!

Ryan is doing much better. More wet diapers and not smelly. Also no fever for almost a week and we have just a few more days of medication left. YAY!
He is one happy baby. He is still waking a lot at night but its because that second tooth is popping out.

We still have yet to hear from his doctors office for the appointment at sick kids but because we went late Thursday and everything was closed for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Also the office is closed on Tuesdays I figure if I don't hear from them by Thursday I will call them Friday.

I am just happy my little monkey is pretty much back to his normal super happy self. 

(Click to enlarge)

 Happy Baby
 Useing the new travel highchair at Dan and Vanessa's (Vanessa took this photo)

Sleeping just like daddy!

And here is a link of Ryan saying MOM. (he says it all the time)

Neil said I only hear what I want to hear because he is too young to understand what he is saying. I think he does know cause he looks right at me and says MOM and he also says 'nomnomnom' which is what I say to him as I feed him food. Sorry the video is facing the wrong way but you get the jist of it. He says it more but I trimmed the clip to get it on youtube faster.
Also our son is a genius. (and sorry for breathing into the mic at the end. Opps)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Diets? (little TMI about breast milk as well)

Thinking about doing a modified south beach diet. I hate the word diet but was inspired but a friend doing that and lost almost 3lbs in 4 days. I figure if I eat less BAD carbs and move hopefully it will work. She pretty much doesn't eat bread all day and will have a little carbs with dinner. I am still breast feeding so I have to be a bit more careful but figure it couldn't hurt.
It worked GREAT for me before... until I went on a cruse and ate like a huge pig.

I just feel like I am stuck. I know I need to work out more and with winter coming its super important to get a jump on it. However I figure it couldnt hurt to go phase two of south beach with a little phase one thrown in.
(I do have to be careful because I don't want my milk to get thin but I am sort of hoping I will produce a little less. Ryan isn't eating as much as he used to and my body is being pretty stubborn and not getting the hint to make less milk. I hate pumping but I have to do it almost every day or I swell up at night.)

I wanted to be 30lbs lighter by the time I go back to work in April. I have 7 months to get my shit together. Now I am aiming for 25lbs.

Time to wake up the baby from his morning nap and walk to the store. Holiday weekend up here and I have to get some stuff for the weekend.

I will be good this weekend but Monday starts my diet. And don't get me wrong I am not going to be strict like I was before the cruise and Rita's wedding so the weight loss wont be as dramatic. It's more a long term health thing then a fat thing. The CPR class went over heart health and she scared Neil and I a little. With the history of heart disease in my family and my mom has type 2 diabetes (which means if I don't get my weight under control I am more at risk) I want to be healthy for life. Not just for me and Neil but for my kid.

Bread is my weakness. I could live off bread, cheese and milk and be happy. Never poop again but still be happy. So time to cut out the bread. And just to give you and idea of how MUCH bread I eat.
1 slice with an egg for breakfast
2 slices sandwhich for lunch
2 slices toast for snack before dinner (after nap)
sometimes 1 slice at night for a snack before bed.

That is 6 fucking slices a DAY. Of white bread by the way... not good.
No wonder my butt is huge.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update on Ryan and his UTI

Ry is doing much better today. Other then the medication still upsetting his tummy he is good.The Doctor said to keep giving it to him. Its better then an IV and I agree. Plus he is just pooping and farting from it, not vomiting.

We have an ultrasound Oct 19th to check his kidneys. I tried a few places and that was the soonest we could get in, one hospital told me JAN was when they were booking!
Trillium did tell me November but when I told her again it was for my BABY and his kidneys she bumped us up to Oct. I think she heard the slight panic in my voice.

He will also have a second procedure done. The doctors office will book that one and let us know when it is. It will be at Sick Kids hospital (bad memories there). Its called VCUG and they are testing for urinary reflux. Pretty much they put a
catheter in him  again and put dye in his bladder. They then check to the dye to see if it is going back UP into the kidneys. Neil and I will be able to be in the room with him the whole time.

I know it will be scary for him seeing us in big lead aprons and in a medical room with bright lights and doctors. So I will have to make sure to choke back the urge to cry and be a super strong mama bear for my little dude with big smiles and a soft voice.

If he does have it they prescribe long-term, low-dose antibiotics to prevent recurring UTIs. Until it stops (which the doc said most of the time happens on its own but if not he might have to have surgery depending on how bad it is). The doctor said its pretty rare but with babies they over test to just be safe with all the testing.

He didn't come off as too worried which was good.
Doc Simone has been around a while and I felt much more at ease after seeing him today.

Ryan does look much better. Last night he slept in his own bed with no problems (past two nights he slept with us) and today he was laughing/screaming/talking in his jumper like he always does.
Also he was good for Neil and Gabi last night. I went to Zumba and they had a good night. He ate some sweet potatoes and even took a bath with Neil. He was whiny but didn't scream like the last two Wednesday nights. It was really nice to come home to a sleeping happy baby, a relaxed looking dad and a happy grandma.

Its still a CHORE to get him to take medication. He CLAMPS his mouth shut so its a struggle to get the applicator in his mouth and then he pushes the medication out with his tongue. Heh, smart little stubborn monkey.

Monday, 3 October 2011

UTI in Ryan.

Yup. Ryan got a Urinary tract infection. He has been off since Sunday morning. He was crying and screaming all day Sunday which is NOT like him.
Even when his tooth was coming through he didn't cry all day. He would have crying fits and then be okay for a while.

I took his temp at noon Monday (today) and he was 38c. I dosed him (Tylenol) and he was okay. I took his temp again at 6 and it was 39c. Not good (102.2f) 

After Neil got home I told him and we ate a quick dinner and took him to the Kid Clinic at the hospital. We didn't have to wait long. No fever when the nurse took his temp but we were still going to see the doctor because he hasn't been himself and his pee was smelly.

Doc did an exam and said he thought it might be a UTI but to be sure we needed some pee. Well that was going to be unpleasant.
Poor little peanut got a catheter in his penis. Oh he screamed. (which is understandable).

The nurse took the pee to have a quick look and she said it did look like a UTI.

I gave Ryan a little breast to calm him down and the doc gave us the information on the medication we needed to give him. Also told us we will have an ultrasound to make sure there is nothing else wrong. Ryan cant say to us "daddy my belly hurts." so we have to be proactive.
They will call me soon with the appointment time. Also need to have a check up with his normal doctor in two days.

I am very happy I went with my mom instinct and we took him in. I was thinking of waiting to see if he was better Tuesday but something told me he wasn't okay.

We have to keep an eye on him tonight with the fever and medication so he will sleep with us tonight. Right now he is sleeping on Neil which is nice. Keeps him happy and gives me a bit of a break because he has been very clinging today. All day he was on me, which ya can't blame him. When I was sick as a kid I wanted to be held. (hence the sleeping in our bed tonight) Comfort couldn't hurt him. 

I'll update in a few days to how he is doing.

bath time peanut.

I see lots of sleeping on mom or dad and A LOT of cuddles.Which is just fine by me!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chewy Chewy CHOMP CHOMP!

Ryan is getting his first tooth! About time with all the drooling, night waking and grumpy periods.
Very exciting stuff.
Poor little guy, its all red and ouchy looking.

(click to enlarge) 

 Neil was reading some interesting stuff about baby teeth. Like did you know a baby tooth can come out and then reseed back in? That's pretty cool and a little gross.

Anywho. I tried to upload a video to youtube of Ry being super chatty but its not working for me right now. Ill try again. I also want to write a blog about memories, strangers touching my baby, and the fact that RY is 5 months old this past Saturday.

Good lord the time is flying.
Soon he will be crawling, walking, hurting himself and eating cat hair balls that always pop up RIGHT after I vacuum. 

EDIT. Got the video uploaded. YAY

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Grandma from Florida visits.

My mom come up to visit us and to enjoy some nice fall weather (Florida is flippn hot).
This is a recount for me to look back and remember. Bit boring so feel free to skip down to Ryan eating beans.

Mom got in Thursday afternoon/early night. Neil picked her up from the airport and we all went out to Jack Astors for dinner. We sat on the patio which was nice and a little dangerous. In Ontario people can smoke on the patio so we had to sit far from everyone else. We had Ryan with us. It was a lot of fun, a little loud but mom enjoyed her dinner.

Friday I took Neil into work and had the car for the day. I had a doctor appointment at noon and after a quick nap with Ryan we hit up Costco. Mom loaded us up with diapers, paper towels, some out fits and meat which was pretty awesome. We had a nice cook out with Rita and Tim that night and just hung outside for a while. Gabi joined us for dinner (Sandor was off to Thailand). Gabi and my mom went to the South Side Shuffle for a show and one of Gabi's favorite singers, Cheryl Lescom.

Saturday we took her to the South Side Shuffle (Jazz fest) in the afternoon. That night we had some grilled steaks and just spent the night outside chilling drinking wine and beer. Ryan had a great time too and ended up falling asleep on Neil, was pretty sweet.

Sunday we went to the farmers market and had family dinner with everyone at night.

Monday we took it easy and just chilled during the day ( mom, me and Ry). When Neil got home we took mom to Spoon and Fork (Thai). She ever had Thai food before which is a big shame, it is one of my favorite foods (along with french). 
Oh who are we kidding, all food are my favorite.
She got the mango chicken and sticky coconut rice and loved it! Neil and I got red curry, its pretty spicy there so we didn't offer any to mom. She can not handle heat in food!

Today (Tuesday) Mom, Ryan and I went for a walk. I was happy mom joined in on our morning walk. We cut it a little short but she had a good time. We chilled around the house and I made Chow Mien for dinner. Robin came over for a visit.

Wend we are planning on going to Cora's for breakfast nice and early so Neil can come and then I take mom to the airport around 2 to catch her flight home. I wish we would have done more but the point of this trip was for my mom to see and visit with Ryan and she did. I think she had a great time. Man she can make this kid giggle!!! (video below)
Today Ryan had green beans for the first time.
I was pretty happy he ate them with ease and didn't spit it out or even make a face. So far he likes and eats apples (home made) sweet potato (premade) and green beans (home made). I have the home made peaches in the freezer still and will add those into his diet next week. I am still really scared to give him carrots since his reaction to them last time was SO BAD. I am keeping his foods really simple till he is about seven-eight months and then I will start putting chicken with broccoli in his diet and mixing foods up. Right now I am keeping it apples and cereal for breakfast and sweet potato (or beans) and cereal for dinner. Sometimes I skip the cereal depending on how many servings of food he gets. NO SALT, NO SUGAR. Everything I have read says no seasoning in his food for a while yet. His little body can not handle salt or peppers.

He is still mostly breast milk and he is slowly going more between feedings which is neat. Sort of hurts me on certain days so I have to pump enough to relieve. Which works out because I use that milk to mix the cereal.

Wow this post is pretty boring. Sorry guys.
Ill make up for it with cute videos & photos

Ryan getting almost his whole foot in his mouth.

(As always click photos to enlarge.)

 Sitting in the cart at Costco and happy about it

 This kid loves to be outside! (south side shuffle in the jogging stroller)

 Neil feeding him... yummy food!

 Watching Roag is so much fun!

 Today's walk with Grandma L! YAY!

ALSO a BIG shout out to my sister on her birthday. Happy Birthday Laura!!!

Monday, 5 September 2011

O.Noir a review of sorts (pretty long and detailed)

Yesterday started off with Burlington Rib Fest with Joe and Angela.
The night before we lost a backup hard drive on our Drobo.
All our videos are on there not to mention the only back up we have of our thousands of photos of Ryan. Keeping that in mind we meet up at the Tiger Direct with Joe and Angela in Burlington and figure we can car pool from there. 

We all pile into our car (with Ryan in the car seat in the back). Good thing Ang and Joe are so thin and we were off.
Yesterday was not the nicest day but the cloud cover and slight mist did help to keep the heat at bay which is important to a certain 4 1/2 month old.
We walked around a bit, got some BBQ and enjoyed ourselves. After we had our fill and the sky got a little darker we were on our way.
Neil and I got some 'bad' ice cream. We got soft serve with pineapple but the pineapple had turned so we had to toss it which made us a little sad. However better to be safe then sick when we had such awesome plans for the evening time.

Side note, it always pleases Neil and I how GOOD Ryan is when we take him out. He was just looking around at everything at the rib fest. Only ate once in four hours (didn't want to eat just wanted to look around) and took a little nap in the jogging stroller. He is SUCH an amazing kid when he is outside and there are new things for him to look at.

Got home, showered, washed down Ryan, got dolled up and off to drop the kid at the grand folks place.

Now those of you whom are not lucky enough to live a block from your parents, I feel sad for you. IT IS AWESOME. Gabi and Sandor are SO amazing with Ryan it really is a blessing to have them so close and SO WILLING to take him! I always tell Neil I feel bad dropping Ryan there because he can be a hand full and he always reassures me his folks love having him. They also reassure me by THANKING us every time we drop him off!
Like I said... awesome.

Neil and I were baby free for the night and feeling good. Made our way downtown to pick up Robin (Neils Bro) and Christina (Robins girlfriend & all and all a pretty kick ass chick).

We make it to O.Noir a few minutes early, its amazing how on time we are without the kid! After getting an email from Gabi that Ryan was taking the bottle and being a great kid I was able to stop being a worry wart mom and enjoy our night.

You go down some steps and into the restaurant. The lighting is very dim. You are greeted and asked if you have a reservation. The lady points you to the left, there are a bunch of closed doors as you make you way down to the end of the hall. At the end there is a large room with a few tables in the center and a few places to sit, also a big bar. You are given menus and asked to select what you want.
We chatted for a bit and decided what we were all having.

Christina & I had
Starter : Grilled Calamari on a mixed Green Salad (I had no starter)
Main : Marinated Shrimp with Herbs, served with dried Tomato Risotto 
Dessert : SURPRISE

Robin & Neil had
Starter : SURPRISE
Main : Five Spice Filet mignon served with Potatoes and Vegetables  
Dessert : SURPRISE

And we got a bottle of wine to share, wondering how they were going to refill our glasses. A bottle of wine pours perfect between four people so the server brought the already filled glasses to our table.

At O.Noir they hire blind servers. Our server was great, her name was Chris.

After placing our order we were taken to one of the doors in the hallway and introduced to our server, Chris. She explained to us that we were going to enter the doors behind her and once those were closed go into another room. We got into a line and put our hands on the left shoulder of the person in front of us. Off we went.

We were seated right next to the door. Neil and I were next to each other. Robin was across from me and Christina was across from Neil. Robin and I had a wall next to us. There was a placemat with texture in front of you with a small plate in the center. The fork was to the left and the butter knife to the right. Chris explained all this to us. On our small plate was a little thing of butter for our bread (which Chris put right on your plate). She put the wine glass to the right of me and put my hand on it. (same with our water). This room was BLACK. No light whatsoever so your eyes never adjust. Its pretty cool, you sort of have static in your vision and Christina even was a little dizzy at first. She said she felt like she was on the boat (movement).

Chris explained everything as she did it and was wonderful!
After chatting and light laughter everyone got starters. Since I didn't get one it was very enjoyable to pay attention as everyone tried to eat. Robin and Neil were trying to figure out what they got and Christina was talking about her salad (not to big a fan of it). The guys liked what they had though.

On to the main course. Neil and I were worried. Almost all the reviews said the food was bad. Some said like bad wedding food and others said cafeteria quality. I am a bit of a food snob as is Neil. 
The guys got the steak first. It smelled amazing. It comes out cut up already. I asked Neil for a peice. After reaching for his arm and slowly making my way to his hand and fork I had a peice. It was pretty damn good. Really nicely seasoned and I could tell it was more on the rare side like Neil asked for.

Christina and I got our food. It smelled awesome as well. I felt it lightly with my fingers on my left hand while I held the fork in my right.
I was able to get some risotto (which was sort of dry like a rice not the normal wet risotto I was used to). It was GOOD. The shrimp was nice and big, not over cooked and had a great flavor. It was funny as Christina tried to give a fork full of risotto to Robin and it ended up on him.
I think we all enjoyed our dinners and cleaned our plates pretty good.

The dessert was a sort of moose like chocolate cake with a thin layer of real cake on top. I got a HUGE fork full and got it all over my face. Christina confessed to us later she ate the cake with just her hands. :D
Neil also confessed he had a huge piece of butter on his nose for almost 10 min before realizing it.
We had some coffe and ordered a little extra sweets and chatted for a while in the dark. (Neil and I shared the Fruit Sorbet and Christina got some vanilla ice cream).

It was nice to just sit in the dark enjoying a coffee. I think I agree with Neil that the best moments where sipping the wine and coffee. However the dinner part was fun and really enjoyable.

After we were done you come out of the room (hands on shoulders again) and go into the hall way. The dim light is very bright and it's hard on you at first. You sort of just stand there blinking for a while.

I would go agian and there are a few people I would love to take there. Sunday is a great day to go. If Liz and Chris (our friends from Virgina) ever visit us again we are going to take them there!

I hoped you enjoyed my long review! 

Now to some from breakfast, dry my hair, go get our son and hang out with Robin and Christina again.
Have a great labor day!