Monday, 18 November 2013

Been forever! (new House, Ryan update)

I am such a slacker. Really should try to NOT start each post with that!
So after being homeless for a month, going on an awesome cruise with my husband and kid (more on that in another post) and visiting family in Florida, staying at Robin and Christians place for a week while Neil traveled (taking care of a sick 2 1/2 year old and a dog is NOT fun alone) and then back to Rita and Tim's for a few days.... we moved into our new place and I LOVE IT.
I think Neil agrees with me on that one. Its perfect. Well if it had a dishwasher it would be perfect but its pretty damn close. We are settled in now that we have been there for 6 weeks and it feels like we have been there always.
I do miss things about the old place. I miss being so close to Rita and Tim and Gabi and Sandor. And I miss our huge window room with the amazing view. However the upside to the new house (town home) is we have a yard and a basement and garage and SO MUCH ROOM. So much storage. So much everything. Ryan loves it too. As a bonus the stairs keep me a little more active too.
I know in the spring and summer its going to be amazing but even in the late fall I love it. Winter will rock because of the fireplace. A FIREPLACE. Love.

Ryan is so grown up so much. He remembers stuff we told him weeks ago.
He moved over at school to the preschool class. I knew it was a matter of time since he was about to be 2 1/2. We don't like it as much. The girls are very nice but we both felt for the money we were spending he should be learning more. So we signed him up for Montessori school. The switch over will happen after new years.
That being said we started the party training for real. No half assing. Last Saturday, after soccer, I put him in underwear. He wet himself almost right away. We talked about it and put new underwear on. The true test was taking him to Ikea and picking up our buddy on the way. Ryan pee'd in the toilet at Ikea (there is where sanitizing wipes are super handy!!!)
I wiped down the potty and had him hop on. Another thing I wish I would have known, SKIP THE POTTY SEAT. Kids can hold themselves up. He did so great. Trick is put them on the potty nonstop every 30-60 minutes. Now we don't really use a potty seat at home anymore. He always says he wants to hold himself up. Another tip is even if your kids is still in diapers if you see underwear on sale BUY IT. In Canada underwear is super expensive. Like $12 for 3 pairs. Just beyond silly. I found a deal at Costco for 6 pairs for $8 of Calvin Klein so right now Ryan is wearing nicer underwear then me. hahaha

OH also Ryan got his flu shot on a Thursday and by the end of the day he was in pain with his arm. Some tylonal fixed that but the next day his arm was red, hot, swollen and in pain. I didnt know but that can be a side effect. He was not himself for Friday and Saturday. By Monday it was back to normal but it was a little scary.

I need to right a post about Halloween and the cruise. Maybe I will do that tonight if I have the energy (still sick)

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

We sold our condo and we have to be out when?!?

So whats new?

Ryan talks in full sentences. "mommy I am so hungry can we have eggs and toast and eggs and melon and eggs?"
He loves cars still and trackers.
He thinks he is batman all the time which is so damn cute. He  has bee hugging on me a lot lately. We are spending a lot of time together. This past weekend Neil had to work a photo event so it was just Ryan and I. He always get a little more attached to me when that happens. Not worried about it,  just trying to enjoy the hugs love and "mommy come here and play with me" while I have it.
Trying too get him to use the potty more. He is a little better at school. He regressed a little and was not going at all for almost a month. I think because of the move… keep reading.

We sold our condo, not for what we were hoping (which was high) but for what we needed and we got a townhouse. I am so excited about moving in. Downside is we have to be out  of the condo nu August 30th and our move in date is Sept 28th (we get the keys on the 27th).
What does that mean? Well it means a trip to Florida from Sept 1st to the 5th. Mini cruise out of Port Canaveral on the 5th-9th then we fly home on the 9th in the evening. I get to see my folks and my sister and a few friends which is awesome AND I get to go away with my boys on a cruise. Ryan hasn't been on one yet so I am very excited to see how he reacts to a huge boat, I think he is going to love it. They have a kids club which he can spend some time in so Neil and I can just have a few hours alone or take a nap on the deck. Or just eat a lunch without cutting up food for Ryan. Most of our time will be spent with him, that is the point of taking him with us but it will be so nice to just go for a walk around the boat just Neil and I. 
I plan on one night just a dinner with no Ryan as well. We got a balcony so in the night time when Ryan is sleeping Neil and I can chill out there and enjoy the night and sounds of water while we relax.

Then when we get back we will be stay with Rita and Tim (aunt and uncle) which is super awesome of them to let us crash there for 3 weeks with Ryan. All our stuff is going in pretty much a POD. They drop the container off, we fill it up, they take it away to be stored for month and then on the 28th they bring it to our new place for us to unpack. THEN my mom is visiting us in early Oct for Canada thanksgiving.

We have a LOT planned.
Fall is looking to be very exciting because Summer was a little unloved due to trying to sell our condo. We missed out on a lot.
We are trying to make up for it. Zoo visit with the Doiron's, picking berries with the Doiron's and Parks was a lot of fun. Trip to St Jacobs market for Gabi's birthday with Christina, Robin and Ellie. Swimming at Lily and Hugh to celebrate Rita's birthday, Ryan went to a Jays game for the first time this summer thanks to free tickets from Mike (awesome seats) tons of BBQ's at the Doiron's new place. Their daughter Sloane and Ryan as super tight. And we started this summer with a trip to Canada's Wonderland with the kids which was an awesome way to kick it off.
Wow after reading this I guess we did do a lot this summer. 
Neil and I just ended the summer with a trip to the EX last Friday which was awesome. First year we didn't take Ryan with us. I feel like he missed out a little but it was good to have some time with just Chris and Tara… no kids.

So that is what is new with us. I am going to try my best to update more. Right now I am doing a photo everyday for a year on my Facebook. I think next year I will do it on here.

Saturday, 6 July 2013


About every 5 min Ryan had been doing something this morning that makes me laugh like crazy. Kid you are one funny dude, from the things you say to how you smack your mouth like an old man before you eat something you like.
He keeps saying "over in the bath time " or sits down in the pomp chair and leans back and goes "okay fireworks go!" at 730 in the morning.
Pushing the seeds out of his watermelon this morning "EWWWWWWW mommy EW!" I give him a piece with no seeds and he offers me the one he has been poking with his fingers to get the seeds out "mommy eats this one."
Um no thanks bud.
I had to go to the bathroom and he is screaming "WOW what a big guy mommy." I says "yes Ryan is a big guy." he goes "NO mommy is a big guy for going tolet. YAY MOMMY!"

See what I mean, so damn funny.
And now he is superman for eating the watermelon with seeds. "in the finger batman, SUPERMAN yeah. In the finger... SUMERMAN dooob doooob doooob, Im making trackers with trackers superman"

Toddlers are a lot of work but so awesome.

Monday, 15 April 2013

Three years ago today

Three years ago today I held you in my arms. Your still little body. I held your daddy as we both wept over the loss of you.
I miss you, I love you and I thank you my daughter.
If it wasn't for the loss of you we would never have had Ryan one year and two days later.

Thank you Abigail, my wonderful little girl.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Teething... again?!

I hate teething, makes my awesome  kid into an evil one.
Though last night was different. The final four teeth are coming out and its taking a while so we will have a few rough days/nights and then back to awesome kid.
Last night was rough. Two servings of Tylenol  numbing gel when it was bad and ended up at 1am putting the spare futon mattress in Ryans room for Neil to sleep on.

What makes this better you may ask? Well when Ryan was crying Neil asked is his teeth hurt and he said yes. Neil asked if he wants the numb goo and Ryan said YES! When it was on he curled up on Neil for a little bit and when Neil asked "Do you want to go back to bed." he said yes.

Not just screaming and screaming and screaming. He communicated with us.

This kid is growing big time.

He knows all his colours. Even White, Pink and Purple. We are working on Black, Brown and Silver now.
He loves to say "Ryan did it" or "mom did it."
He gives me nice kisses on the lips if I ask and if he is feeling goofy he will give a sloppy wet kiss which has become a game if I am holding him and he knows I can not get away.
He asks for people he hasn't seen for a while, like Tim or Aunt Nina (Christina) and even Baby Ellie.
He will try new food if he is in the mood but is not afraid to make a face and let it fall out of his mouth while saying "ew gross."
He sings A LOT (which is awesome)
He reads a lot with us on the sofa. In fact he rather sit down with one of us and read a book then watch TV which makes us (neil and I) very happy. Though he is starting to understand our computers and will grab Neils iPad and ask for Cars (a game or video). He plays a spelling game sometimes but we limit it because he gets mad when you take it away.

Just a quick update before work.
Happy Monday!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

A good blog post about boys

Found this in Pinterest and wanted to remember it. Lucky I hug Ryan a WHOLE lot and even though he is barely 2 I let him pick out his clothing for school sometimes.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Long Easter weekend

Our long weekend was epic.

Friday morning I got up with Ryan. Figure Neil should sleep in, he has been working so much. We had a nice breakfast and then got in contact with Tara and The Parks (mike & janet). I meet up with Tara and Sloane (her daughter who is 8 months older then Ry). Mike, Janet and the girls, Alexandra and Chloe joined up a few min later at the park.

This is a very awesome park. Its near Taras place in Port Credit. It was such a pretty day, sunny and still cool but not WINTER in Canada cool. Toward the end Ryan had his coat off.
He ate a bagel, banana and box of rasins. To be fair we were there for almost 3 hours and we ran around a lot, I was starving by the time we left too. It was so cute cause at one point I had Sloane and Ry and we were running around these three weird small statues of random stuff. A turtle shell, a fish, a fox head and a boat... stuff like that. I was counting them as I ran hitting each one. At one point Sloane asked me to play chase with her. So damn cute. It was super cute to see Ryan and her high-five after going down the slide. hehe
Mike having fun on the TeeterTotter
Ryan getting in on the fun!

After nap we went to see Joe and Ang and went to another park.
Almost got in a fight with a 5 year old asshole. There was a 'big kid' slide and Ryan had gone on it a few times. The last time I was going to let him on it this kid was standing there not letting him up. I say to him, "Will you move please, he wants to go down the slide, thanks." He looks at me and says "only big kids can go on here, you have to be 5 years old."
I look at him and say,"he is big enough please move."
He says, "you have to be a big kid, you have to be five he is not allowed."
I look at him and very serious I say to him. "Move now kid." like no humor no cute tone of voice. I put on my "I will fuck you up" face to a five year old because he told my kid he couldn't. No I am not above getting in a "who is scarier and bigger" match with a 5 year old.

He moved out of Ryans way. >:)

Saturday we both got up early like it was a work day. We had a fast breakfast and we were off to St Catharine's for an easter egg hunt with some buddies, The Parks! (again). What can I say, we like them.
I was a little shocked how great Ryan was on an hour long car ride. He was perfect! We stopped at Tim Hortons since we were early and got some coffees, bagel and apple juice and we were off again.

Got to the park very early so we were able to walk around before the crowd. Easter bunny was super scary to Ryan. Then we saw it.

Princess Leia and Chewbacca with bunny ears. Hmmmm okay. Not really an easter thing but I am game.
The Meaning of Easter?

We meet up with Mike, Janet and the girls. Mat, his wife Chrissy and their boys (X and Caiden).
I have never been to an easter egg hunt before this, especially one with little kids. There was a field roped off with caution tape. We all gather around it and holy wow it got crowded. A group of people went onto the small field and started throwing out chocolate eggs out of these huge boxes. Hundreds of them. We got the go ahead. Ryan was in the 1-3 year age group so we are allowed to go. It was so fun. Ryan was so good at it! He didn't understand what it is cause we dont give him candy but he loved the colours! After we went for a small walk to the trash can, just him and me. I tossed my tissue in and he tossed a candy egg in. hahaha
Go buddy go!
OMG YELLOW EGG MOM!!! Look yellow!!!

While Mat, Chrissy and the boys went home to prepp for brunch we went down to the festival part. WOW it was super packed but all the kids got balloons (Ryans was yellow!) so it was worth it.
Went to the brunch, spent a few hours playing with the kids and had a very good talk with Janet about kids, having more then one, loss of children and so on. It was a good talk and it just made me miss her and spending time with her.
After brunch it was pretty late like 1:30 late. Hmmmm 2 hours past Ryans nap time and he was still being good, a little drunk but good. Started the ride home and after a few min he was OUT (while hugging Neils coat and holding his balloon)
Mmmmm sleep.
We keep it casual at the Bank house.

Sunday was family day. It was a very nice dinner. Robin, Christina and Ellie were missed very much (Ellie was sick). What was very fun though was watching Ryan hunt for easter eggs. He was SO good at it. But again he would break open the egg to get the chocolate out and then leave it. Had no idea he could eat it.
Easter Dinner

OH I forgot in the morning he found his basket I made for him. He was sitting there eating all the goldfish crackers while Neil was making him pancakes (from scratch). hehehe
I got in a little trouble over that when I woke up. Then I did it, I gave him his first Kinder Egg. I was so excited cause I found Hot Wheels Kinder. After he ate it, which he did really fast, I pop open the kinder to find A PUZZLE. WTF! I think I even said "WHAT THE FUCK!" while Ryan was in my lap. Opps. But I was super disappointed. I wanted a car for Ryan, that would have rocked his world, he did like his new books though.

My new favorite picture of Ryan and I that Neil got.

Such a happy family, yay spring!

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Mean Parents?

Are we mean parents? Today was an Easter egg hunt (well chocolate eggs were thrown on a field and the kids got to grab them all). Ryan had the most chocolate out of all the kids. He didn't know it was candy. Hell at one point he saw me throw a tissue in the garbage and he threw an egg in. He gave most of them away to the other kids and he was just excited about the colours. "Look yellow mommy, BLUE!"

However when I told him I had a Banana he went craycray. "NANA! BANANA MOMMY YES PLEASE PLEASE!" and ate it all down while I was carrying him, just so super happy. He was also very worried about getting a balloon (which we did, a yellow one).

He has had sugar before, we have cake sometimes at family events and he has had chocolate before (halloween & Christmas). I don't want him to know what it is, I don't want him to WANT it. I really dont want him to demand it or expect it.
That being said are we mean? He will be 2 in 18 days. I have always been a little... careful about what he eats. I did get lazy for a bit and let him eat a lot of empty carbs (goldfish/graham crackers.)

He was 34 pounds at 18 months old. That's really big. Yes he was tall but the doctor told us he might be an obese child if we are not careful. Well I am happy to say he is going to be 2 very soon and he is still 34 pounds. I stopped giving him crackers and gave him cucumber to hold him over till dinner was made. The past month Rasins has been his big thing. Which is fine with me, helps him poop. Oh and berries. Holy wow this kid can eat a pint of blackberries in 3 minutes and with a purple stained mouth and fingers ask "please mommy more tank you."

So are we mean parents? Are we setting him up to only want to eat sugar sweetness when he is older? Who knows. All I know is I breastfeed him for 14 months, made all his baby food (other then carrots cause I always burned them and prunes) and tried to make sure he eats a good amount of healthy foods.  I really dont want to mess it all up now!!!
I also get super pissed at daycare when they give him those damn cheese doodles things or juice and have told them DO NOT give them to him. Made me happy when I caught the teachers giving him orange slices.

Wow really hard Easter egg hunt. :P
Star Wars Easter? Sure WHY NOT!
After brunch he was very fast to pass out, like 3 min later fast. Helped it was 90 min past nap time.
Oh on that note time to make his basket (a new book, colouring book, Kinder Surprise eggs with Hot Wheels car in them and plastic eggs with Goldfish crackers). Then time for this mom to take some cold medication and pass out. Two nights up coughing. Antibiotics are working just taking some time and I really could use a good night 'sleep'.


Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Bye dad!!!

Neil is traveling for a few days for work. We carpool and when I went to get Ryan from school we go out to the car and soon as I open it "HI DADDY!" and then Ry starts looking around. I tell him its just the two of us for a few days and we will see daddy on the phone tonight.
We get home Ryan goes running inside after I take off his boots "Daddy!!! NNNEEEEIIIILLLLLL!!!!" (Ryan has started to call Neil by his name which he is not pleased with). I had to explain again, daddy is not home but he will be back soon.
Neil facetimes with us a little, its pretty spotty but Ryan was so happy. After his bath he was calling again for Neil. Our routine is I give Ry a bath, Neil preps the milk for bed. I told him again it's just the two of us and to keep being nice to mom. He nods and asks for his milk.

Ryan slept all night till 5:50am which I count myself lucky for since he was up the night before at 3am, 4am, 530am and out of bed at 6am. Not to mention he went to bed at 7pm last night which is pretty early.
I gave him a bottle of  milk and took a shower. I get out of the shower to him crying. I go in and his diaper leaked pee so he is cold. I get him on the change table and I ask him if he would like a new night shirt. "yes mama" we do that... 
"ryan would you like some pants for your cold legs?" 
"yes mama"
"Okay buddy we can do that. After we get dressed we can say hi to cars."1

I open the blinds in his room and we look out the window and Ryan right away "Mama a bus".
I go over there and say "Lets wave at the people on the bus Ry."
Ryan comes back with "hi people, lots of people on the bus mama, lots."

We do into the livingroom he begs for a box of raisins. As I sit down with my computer to check email he is eating raisins at his table looking out the window.
 I say, "Hey Ryan, that is the only box you get today, THATS IT for raisins, yes?"
He looks right at me nodding "thats it mama, thats it."

WOW he has grown.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Tomorrow I become a Candian Citizen. Crazy.
Well I will have dual citizenship (U.S. also).

Ill write out how it went. I am pretty excited.