Friday, 20 April 2012

Day care update

Ryan slept from 8pm till 6:30am. Almost 11 hours!
I think he was just so worn out.
I am watching him on my lunch break now. Neil sent me this this morning...
He said he thinks Ryan is the responsible party.


Right now he is just playing on his own and being a good kid. I sure hope they try to get him to nap soon.
You can sort of make him out in the orange shirt.

See you in a few hours little man.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Birthday and day care

April 17th was a lot of fun. We hung out, cleaned, went shopping, played, went on the swings, slid down the slide and after we got home from getting Neil Ryan had a cupcake. This time it was rainbow chip and I put a tiny bit of frosting on it.
He loved it.
 Forget broccoli, give me cake!
 Hey dad, try this out!

April 18th Neil took me into work and then was off to the doctor with Ryan.
He got his 12 month shots, in his arms, poor kid. We also found out he is 27.5lbs and 78cm (30.7inches). He is in the top 90% (which means he is a big dude)
He should drink whole milk (not 2%) No peanuts till 2 years of age (or peanut butter) and he had a rash (which might be athletes foot) on his feet so we have to cream him up at night and try to leave shoes off.
Neil and Ryan had a great time together while I was back at work. Neil gave Ryan a piece of twine while he was on the phone with Revenu Canada about our taxes.
Its pretty damn funny and it made my first day back to work go better.
My guys picked me up a little early and Neil had a frosty for me as a treat. It was awesome.

Today... today was the first day of day care. I was so 'butterfly belly' this morning. Ryan had no idea what was going on. We went into day care and after asking about the sign in for video over internet we took him to class. I let the ladies know Ry has a rash on his feet and to try to keep shoes off him and the milk was in the bag (breast for now, we really need to go grocery shopping). The young black lady (really need to learn her name!) took Ryan from me and told me "go have a good day." She put Ry in the middle of the room and he had his back to me and started playing. Neil took my hand and lead me out of there. I was crying. Not much just a few tears. Neil grabs my hand, puts it up in the air and turns to me and says "Lets celebrate, lets go to mexico! Ryan is their problem now!" I couldn't help but laugh.

I was pretty busy at work and trying to get into the swing but I did go online a few times to spy on Ryan. I saw him playing, being rocked, being hugged and cuddled, I saw him do the tired lay down and thought to myself "Oh they better put him to bed soon." I saw him step over another kid, play with a ball, eat, drink, walk around and have a good time.
The lady Rita told me he had two servings of tacos at lunch. LOL. And it also looks like he drank his whole bottle of breast milk at 4. Maybe I should give them two bottles? He ate pita, tzatziki, oranges and the fruit I gave them. Damn... kid can eat. I guess it's all the playing with other kids.
I am trying to get him to drink only from cups so we shall see. I will have to talk to them about that and what they think.
He was covered in boogers which was super gross. It was nice to bathe him tonight. Lets just say all the kids there have runny noses and its hitting my gross out factor pretty hard.

This is his report card.

(click to enlarge)

 I get one everyday.
 I fill out the small section to the top left and the ladys fill out the rest. They were really happy with how much he ate and drank but he didn't sleep. The 30 min nap he did take was on a hippo pillow in the main play room. Rita said he went to sleep in her arms around 11 (which I saw) but when they put him down in the crib room he woke up. She said they left him there and he chatted and cried a little. Hopefully he will sleep for them Friday. He was in a GREAT mood on the drive home and tonight while he ate dinner and played. He had a nice bath (a fast one though cause he kept trying to lay down in the water). Now he is sleeping. I am doing some wash and then time to make lunches for Neil and I. (and a shower)
I will confess tonight after bath, after saying goodnight to daddy and kitty Roag, after breast feeding and teeth brushing I let him sleep on me. I sat in the chair in his room while he slept on me just staring at him while the sun was setting. I was in there about 10 min longer then I needed to be. I wanted to hold him longer but we need to sleep train him again, he is getting bad. I just sat there cuddling him looking at him and smelling him and kissing him. Trying to engrave in my brain how he feels in my arms.

I know I am being dramatic... I also know other moms reading this blog will get this and nod in agreement to that feeling. The old cliche is true, they grow up way to fast.

Love you little man.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Happy Birthday my love.

(Sorry for the lack of posts. Been busy trying to get the house in order before the big day and to get ready for work and Ryan ready for day care... sad mom is sad.This is my last day of mat leave. Ryan gets shots Wednesday morning with Neil and then off to day care Thursday.)

This time last year Ryan was 2 1/2 hours old and all Neil and I wanted to do at this point was stare at him, hold him and sleep. I was struggling to breast feed Neil was struggling to not pass out. Also it was snowing last year... this year it is sunny, 9c and green is growing on the trees.
This 8lb 12oz ball of screaming love was ours.
Now he is just such a monkey. He walks and is starting to get really good at it, he loves to hug and he kisses you too. It's a big open mouth with a lot of tongue but he means well. Ryan that is, not Neil. heh
He loves to play, go on swings, car rides (thank god for front facing) dances to music, plays the piano with Neil and for the most part sleeps all night. He takes baths in the big tub (without me in it) and loves to play in the water. He still chases after Roag (kitty) like crazy. Not such a fan of the tv when we do have it on anymore. (thank goodness). 
I think he is really enjoying this large house. Last week I was in the kitchen and he comes walking in (my mom was watching him in the living/sunroom) he grabs my dish towel and goes running down the hallway toward the bedrooms with me chasing him giggling (both of us that is). He looks up at me while playing and just gives me this HUGE grin. Every night when Neil comes home he is so thrilled to see daddy.
I also think Ryan is trying to talk. (god help us).

Saturday we had a birthday party for him. It went great! We had a lot of people over and I think they all had a good time. Ryan was napping for the first part of it so when Neil brought him out of the bedroom into the living room area FULL of people he cried for a minute, a little overwhelmed. Once he got his barings he had a great time. 

 Before the party started

What the hell is going on?!

 Lets play!

 Baby feet are so cute.

The banner I made from birth to 11 months.

 What should I do with this?

Its all good honey, eat the cake, it's good!

Christina thought he was too neat so she helped out a little...

She painted a Van-dike on him with icing. hehe

Eat the cake!

Outfit change after cake, looking like a pimp son!

 Such a cute kid

Tired dad is tired. (but did an awesome job cleaning while I was getting Ry to bed!)

Now that Ryan sleeps it's hitting Neil & I how LUCKY we really are. Ryan is a pretty easy going kid. Yeah he is a little attached to me and to the boob still (about 3-4 times in 24 hours but I am hoping to just be morning and night when day care starts). He gets nasty when tired or hungry but really, who doesn't?
He is such a happy kid that smiles at everyone, he is outgoing and loves to play. He is not shy, a brat or mean. Everyone loves him, strangers comment on him an how happy he is all the time. He LOVES other kids. Neil and I really got lucky with Ryan. I can not wait to see what the next year holds for us and how much more he will change. 
This past year has been a blessing and I will miss my little man Monday-Friday 8:30-5pm like crazy. I know he will have fun, I know this is healthy for him, I know I have no choice, I know I will be out that door at work at 4:58 everyday to get to him, I know I am very lucky to have had a year off work to be with him. I wish I had more, I wish I could have done more. This kid really is the center of my life and I love being his mommy.
Alas its time for me to work and bring home the money so maybe one day we can put this kid through med school. 

Little dude, one day if you read this, know that I love you with every fiber of my being. You are a physical representation of the love I have for your dad. For that I thank you everyday. Also you are so awesome. Keep being a kick ass baby/toddler/boy/man and know I might one day be your friend/confidant/sounding board/leaning post... but I will always be your mommy. I hope you always will look up to me like you do now. I really hope I never let you down. It can be a lot of pressure being a mommy and I will not always be perfect but I promise, for you, I will try.

Yeah I cried a little. So what?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

New home

Lack of updates have been due to moving into the new home, trying to unpack and get ready for the kids first birthday.
It's been an insane past two weeks.
Super insane past week.

In less then a week I will be back at work and Ryan will be in daycare.
Sad mom is sad.
More on all this later when I am not tired and busy trying to get everything ready for party and work and my house.

In good news Ryan sleeps almost all night. He sometimes wakes up around 3am and cries but he has been going back to sleep on his own. He does wake at 5:30 for some boob and then goes back to sleep till 6:30-7am. Perfect!
I love him having his own room. I sort of miss us cuddling at night or at nap time but I know this is best for us all! Just means we have to have more cuddles and hugs during the day.

Stupid work getting in my way.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

101 posts... how many are about sleep?

Neil had enough of crying waking kid last night. (waking up every 2 hours or so the past three weeks)
He slept on the floor next to Ryan's crib and we just let him cry it out. I would hear Neil every few minutes tell Ryan he is okay and start to hum a little. I worry that Neil will have a mental breakdown from the lack of sleep. THANK GOD Gabi is taking him Wednesday night so we can work on the condo and get a good night rest before the move Friday. Also hurray for earplugs. Note to self, find another pair for Neil.
I have my fingers crossed tonight is a little better. Neil said one of the times crying was because he pooped. Ryan does not like poop in his diaper.

Mike made Neil (and me) feel better cause he said he spend most of his night in Chloe's room. They put a bed mattress on the floor to start bed training her and with her teeth coming in Mike sleeps in there with her. I think the bed on the floor is brillant. That way is the kid gets off they just roll onto the ground and can make the way back onto the bed, they don't fall out of the bed. I know Alexandra had a guard on her bed and then those foam mats around her bed. Or at least she did about 6 months ago when I saw her room.

Move is starting to feel more like a move. Our kitchen is pretty much done. I had to leave some stuff so I can cook but that will take about 10 min to pack. I have created a wall of boxes up stairs in Tim's living room. Ryan was very kind and let me pack a lot yesterday. I am going to try to pack a bit in the bedroom today and then off to the condo to meet the carpet cleaners.
Not sure how to do that. Should we hang out while they clean so should we leave for a bit?
 I had Neil take our pressure gate with him last night and some foam mats. I think I will gate Ryan into the kitchen. I will clean a bit before the carpet people come and then just spend my time cleaning the kitchen with my Hydrogen, water and lemon cleaner mix I made. Baby friendly and works pretty good to cut grease and clean water spots. Neil said Gabi got most of the stuff out of the kitchen but I know how busy they are so I will just pack up the rest of it for them.
They spent last night moving the rest of the stuff out of the condo. I can't wait to see it now. Neil said he loves the big open space so much he sort of doesn't want to put anything in there. Thankfully we dont have that much. Most of it we got the past few weeks off Kijiji. I am sort of excited to see how the carpet cleaners do, if they get the furniture dents out of the carpets so we can put new ones in. heheh

Christina came by last night as well (meeting with the DJ) and dropped off some NumNum crackers, the cupcake stand and those cute sock shoes I wanted from the states. I will try them on Ryan today and see how they fit. Tiny bit worried the size 6 might be a little big. We shall see. I have no doubt he will grown into them.

 This is the view from the sunroom, you can see part of the living room, dinning room and into the hallway.

This is the tree in Ryans room. Neil and I got a little carried away cause we finally have a nursery for the kid. Joe and Ang did most of it and Neil outlines the leafs. We are waiting to finish it till later cause this would be the easier part to do. My job is the baseboards on Wednesday. Dan is coming over tonight to help and Tara said she might be able to come over Wednesday for a bit depending on when Chris gets home. Gonna put them both to work painting.

I think we have spent about 1,500 at home depot so far. This house better look amazing when done darn it.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Neil is awesome

After having a retarded fight with Neil this morning about who gets to sleep today and why we each should do it Neil took the kid out of the house. This was after we both realized we are only fighting because we are both tired and apologized to each other. Neil from working all day then coming home and working on either packing, moving or painting or cleaning (condo) for the past few weeks. Me from having the kid all day and night alone while he is teething and stressing about not being able to pack (apartment) and trying NOT to stress cause when I do it makes Ryan super grumpy.
I am so excited I didn't know what to do. Neil wants me to relax and watch tv on my butt. For me I feel this is a big chance to pack and clean! I was so excited I didn't know where to start.
Moved some packed stuff upstairs, started some wash, packed up to huge bags of sweaters, packed up donated stuff, packed up Ryans stuff. I cleaned out some large tubber wears so I can pack up my nice work clothing when it dries. Now I am sitting down to eat an egg I don't have to share with the kid... I even was naughty and put salt on it today. YUM.
If I had the car I think I would run around but I will take it Monday.

Now after my egg should I pack up the kitchen? Cook for Ryan? Clean? Pack up more of the bedroom? Laundry room?
This is me relaxing. I sit a lot with the kid playing so to be able to do stuff feels SO GOOD.
I think the extra strong coffee Neil made is helping too. hehe

Like I said Neil is awesome and I have to think of something kick ass to do for him. OH OH I know... mini pies. Maybe I will make him some and leave it at the condo one night as a surprise. :D
I left Peanut Butter Cups for him and those were inhaled.