Monday, 23 March 2015

Wait... what... you can do math now?!

Ryan has been learning math at school. Now since he is not yet 3 and sometimes still struggles with his shapes I thought maybe they were just teaching him numbers and what math is.
Nope. He busted out last week with "hey mom did you know if you put 2 and 1 together they make 3.
They sure do buddy...
This morning he busts out with "hey mom 2 and 2 make 4."

He has this huge interest in time as well. Now I remember when I was kid not understanding WHY adults said it was 11:30 when the hand was pointing at 11 and 6. Why was it not 11:06? Once I understood how a clock worked I got it but I remember struggling with the idea of time and the 5 min increments.
I am trying to help with him and I think next trip to Ikea we will get him a clock for his room. But he loves to run around the house yelling out the placements of the clock hands. hahaha

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

School update

I am insanely proud of my son. He is doing so well in his school.

He is doing great learning his letters and numbers but now he has moved on to reading (language) and math (basic). This is crazy, he is not even four yet (will be in April).
I feel so proud and lucky to have a healthy kid who (I already knew but its nice to hear from his teachers) has a hunger to learn and he kind and respectful. Such a change from last year at this time.
Oh man, last year we had so many behavioural issues at school and at home, it was brutal. We were so lost on what to do and kept trying to help him but nothing was working, or so it felt.

Right now is amazing. He wants to help set the table and make dinner, he likes to vacuum and help with Roag (cat). When Sarah (his new cousin) cries he runs over to calm her. This kid has a huge heart. When we do disagree or one of us gets mad about something we talk. We talk about how we should treat each other with respect and love. And HE GETS IT!

Ever day I am so grateful for my little family.

If you are having a hard time with your kid please be a supportive and patient parent. The kid will not always be this way. Put yourself in the place of the child. Is there something going on at daycare/school? Something at home? Are you as a parent taking time for yourself, having time to unwind and relax? This was a huge thing for me! I needed time alone to be myself. Not a mom, a wife, a designer, a friend. Just ME.