Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sickness again

Why oh why did we go to the birthday party on Saturday. I think Alexandra infected us with her coughing and face sneezing. I know she didn't mean too but darn you kid with your cuteness, cuddles and mucus.

Monday Neil started feeling ill early afternoon by night my throat was on fire and someone turned on a hose in Ryans nose.
Monday night was rough, Ry was in bed with us and woke up A LOT because the poor guy can not breath. He wants to cuddle a lot and he really wanted to sleep but he is a nose breather and when he can't breath from the nose he gets very upset. It's a sad sight really.

I woke up covered in boogers and damp. This was from Ryan. Ew. (clean sheets tonight!)
He went through 4 clothing changes and I had 3 shirts today.  We put him in the hot shower with me tonight before bed and hopefully that helped. I think so because its 9:45pm and he has been sleeping since a few min after 7. Much longer then last night. 

Neils nose has started tonight. I am wondering if Ryan had it first and passed it on to us. Neil said Ry was odd on Sunday. Maybe it was the sore throat. OH crap that means I will have a lot of mucus in the morning. BAH! Ill take a sore throat but I HATE runny nose to much. Last time we had a family cold I had to mop because my nose would just drip. So gross.

Oh well, fingers crossed in a few days this passes and we are all back to our healthy selfs and Ryan can go back to sleeping well. Hopefully.

Shit he is starting to wake. Oh well time to cuddle!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Sleeping, crazy birthday party and hair lines.

So the past two nights Ryan has been sleeping pretty easy. Saturday night when he woke up at 1:30 Neil just went over and put his hand on him and he went back to sleep. Sunday night he woke up at 2:30 and 4:30 and I did the same thing. I put my hand on his belly or I flipped him on his back and put my hand on his back. Let me sort of squirm around a little but DO NOT pick up. He was back sleeping in less then 10 minutes.
I am trying something I read about online, do not pick up baby. Lay them back down and put your hand on the kid so they know they are okay and you are there. Even if they cry DO NOT pick up. It has worked the past two nights. At 530 when he woke I put him in bed with us and gave him boob. It was nice to not be up for 2-3 hours with a screaming kid.
I forgot what that is like. Good lord I hope it stays this way. Could we be getting a break from teething? Is the kid just so tired he doesn't want to fight anymore? Is it just a fluke two days in a row?

Saturday we went to Chloe's 1 year birthday party. So much fun but it wore Neil and I out. There were six kids there ranging from ages 9 months to little over 3 years old.
I was in the play room with all six kids at one point and it was very overwhelming. Ry had a lot of fun but I could tell it was a little much for him but he kept looking at me so I kept on smiling while playing with other kids. Its funny, Chloe just sat there, I guess she is used to it since she has an older sister around all the time. All the other kids were only children.
By the time we left I just wanted to go home, that was about 7:30. We stayed past Ryan's normal bed time. We took him to the grand folks place with no plans in motion. We ended up going to Joe and Angelas for a few hours. After a coffee we were ready to hang, chat and play some dominoes. We were home by midnight with Ryan. He was happy as could be.

Sunday morning I rushed to Zumba, rushed home got ready and went to a wedding open door thing at Robin and Christina's venue. I was happy I went and got to see it. I love it. The reception area was like the Old Mill Inn but not snobby or overrun. Sort of Hogwarts meets a British Bar (with good food). By the end of the day I was worn out and a little grumpy.
I asked Neil how it went when I got home. He said Ryan was really good and they had a lot of fun but he thought Ry missed me. He said he was sort of a little sad all day and when I got home he was back to his normal self. It was very sweet to hear.

I love that right now he is getting very comfortable standing on his own (not holding anything) and taking steps a bit better. For me he has gotten up to five steps before falling, I think Neil said he did six or seven for him. I love that when Ryan does the 'walking' toward me he will come in for a hug and after the hug I clap (he joins in) and I tell him how great he is doing! Neil thinks he will be full on walking in 2 weeks, I think by end of March. Time will tell.
Getting sad its almost the end of Feb, when the hell did that happen?

I have been cooking a lot the past few days, I made Butternut Squash soup, Chicken/Black bean/Zucchini Enchiladas, Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken, Cake Pops and Rice Krispie pops. Oh and all the food for Ryan I normally make. Today is another Ryan food day.
 (cake pops after cooling in the fridge)

 Wrapped up in bags (after dipping in melted chocolate and sprinkles)

 Butternut Squash soup (slow cooker) and a pita with ham

Rice Krispie Pops dipped in dark chocolate.
Drying on a styrofoam block.

I found an awesome website that inspired me. I am trying to find some new recipes that don't take too much time or that I can prepare before hand for when I go back to work and am to tired to cook. I don't want to eat out like we used too.

I did the math and since I had Ryan I have lost 47 pounds. Pretty good I think. (20 of that was just at giving birth so I have really only lost 27lbs)
I want to lose 10 more before the wedding at the end of April. I think I can do it. Zumba like always, adding a Water Boot Camp tonight (or at least trying it out) and I have kickboxing I need to do (once I find my gloves). That's 4 work outs a week and walking everyday with Ryan again now that it's a bit nicer out. I guess fitting into pants I have not worn in years really motivated me. My one pair of jeans are even getting a bit to big which has me excited. 

So Neil pointed out to me Ryan has a weird hair line. Now I can not stop noticing it. He is pretty cute head on but when you look at the side his hair sort of looks like a bad wig because the hair line starts so far back. I hope this changes in the next year when more hair comes in. :P
Hmmmmm weird kid, it's okay you are still my favorite little dude.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

He walked today and fun with Lucy.

Ryan walked today. We were on the floor and he stood up (using me to get up) and I pushed myself back and let him stand on his own. He then took three steps to me and fell toward me. I caught him and I was so proud I started clapping and tell him how great that was and how hard it must have been but I was super proud. He sat there smiling clapping with me.
I love this kid so much... during the day.

Last night was super nasty again. I looked at his teeth this morning and the one little on on the top right is super red and looks inflamed. Poor kid. Poor Neil. He was up with Ryan a lot last night. We are still weaning him and its going pretty good. He wanted to feed last night because its a comfort thing for him but we stuck to it till, I think, 6am.

We had Lucy this weekend. Good lord we are not ready for a dog, she is a pretty well behaved dog. Well minus the jumping on our futon and humping Ryan's head. 
Yes you read that correctly. 
 Look mom, a puppy and dad!

 Watching The Incredibles Sunday night while I cooked cookies for Neil. 
He woke up and we figured 'eh let him have some fun with us.'

 NOMNOMNOM Peanut Butter

Best friends forever enjoying the window

Ryan was very happy to see her and she was super excited too. After Robin and Christina left she calmed down a bit. After Ryan's nap we let them play together. She is so good with him but when she would get excited and hit Ry with her tail he would get so annoyed it was hilarious.
They play pretty good together. She was letting him 'pet' her aka pulling in her hair around her mouth. She was just letting him do it. Such a good girl. Don't worry we stopped him and try to get him to pet her belly/sides.
The first day we had her (Sunday) we went for a walk around our neighbourhood with her and Ryan. They enjoyed it and both were worn out afterwards. Monday we went to a park near us and had a nice walk. Lucy is so amazing in the car! She just plopped down in the back seat with Ryan. Didn't try to lick him or anything. Such a good girl.
She got into everything she could though. It was sort of having a 4 year old kid that shed a lot and sleeps great. Now I SORT OF know how it is to have two kids, its hard! Neil and I both were saying NO a lot Sunday and Monday.

I am happy we don't have a dog right now. Ryan puts everything in his mouth, including hair balls and we have enough of those with the one kitty.
Speaking of which. After Robin and Christina picked Lucy up Neil and I vacuumed and cleaned. I was in the bedroom putting Ryan to bed and I hear Neil laughing like crazy. Roag (our kitty boy) found a ball of Lucy hair I missed... well he ate it. He sat down, took a smell and then ate it.

Weird cat.

Sunday, 19 February 2012


I found this and I want to make sure I do this with Ryan.
love it.


Always carry love in your heart when you have children.

Friday, 17 February 2012

10 Months old

Ryan is 10 months old today. I have two more months of fun before work. Boooooooo

Things he can do:
Stand on his own, he did this today for 6 seconds while clapping his hands! He started clapping his hands Tuesday. I have been trying to teach him this for a few weeks now. He is starting to wave and I am trying to teach him to say 'hi' while he does this. He can feed himself but still misses his mouth sometimes. He hides stuff from me! He is very adventurous and loves to get into stuff he shouldn't. 
He knows what No is and will stop and look at me to see if I am serious. I am still waiting for him to sign back to me 'drink' or 'food'. I have been trying to teach him this for four months now. He talks a lot but not really words we can understand or if they are I think it's just how they are formed. Not that he understands what the mean yet. He sings and dances also. He loves when I use the vacuum or blender. Today he was chasing the vacuum and I had to put him in his playard while I finished up. He just stood there dancing and talking.

Things he eats / drinks:
He eats about anything he can get. I have not really noticed if he has favorites or not. He pretty much loves it all. I have noticed he doesn't like warm food. He makes a face and then rubs his face with his hands like its super hot. I think I caused this because I never heat up his food. I wanted him to get accustomed to room temp or cool food to make it easier when we go out. I got him a fork and spoon so tonight we can start letting him feed himself. 
He drinks from a no spill cup or bottle. I am trying to get him to have a cup during the day and a bottle of water or weak tea at night (chamomile or fenil, black no sugar or milk). It helps him sleep and pass gas (my mother in law taught me this and I swear by it now!)
I am also trying to get him into more texture food and have been experimenting this past month. He likes it. (big shocker!)
I can not eat anything without letting him have some. He has climbed over stuff to get to me and will try to climb me to get it! He LOVES hummus and pita. I have hunted down whole wheat pita with no salt in the ingredients which are perfect.
We are still super strict about him having salt or sugar (refined or added) I know he gets enough sugar from the fruit he eats. That is when Neil is not eating his strawberries and pears with cinnamon. heh

Sleeping last night:
Last night was pretty great. He slept from 8pm-3am no waking. When he woke I gave him breast because I was swollen and lumpy. (ouch!) I followed it up with the tea so no milk would sit in his mouth. He cuddled in my arms for a bit while I hummed. I had my eyes closed and when I looked down at him he has his eyes closed with a big smile on his face. Happy baby was happy. I put him in his crib and sat on the floor. I put my arm through the crib and rested it on his belly while I hummed Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Did this for about 20 min. By 4am he was sleeping in his bed and was there till 6am. Then he came into our bed till 7 cause no way in hell I was waking up at 6am. Neil did pretty much the same thing the night before (no breast obviously) and got him to sleep in his crib till 6:30am.
I dont know if it was a fluke but I was so happy he slept till 3am. Hopefully we are nipping that 11:30pm wake up. Next up is the 3am wake up. (sometimes 4am).

He has two more teeth on the top coming in (next to the big ones on either side) they are starting to cut through. He has four on the bottom all cut out and still pushing. The one on the left top is out and the right top is pushing out. He will have eight teeth soon, crazy.

He loves to chase his ball. We have three one them. A easy to grab one we got from Jenn and Craig at his shower, a plush soccer ball Sherry got us and last night we picked up a bouncy textured one from BRU. Tara and Chris has the same one and Ryan loved it so much we had to get it. Not a bad investment for $3. He was playing with it forever last night with Neil. I think that helped wear him out.

It's so cool to see how much he has changed. I love to go back and watch old videos of him when he was a month old and how excited we were about him lifting his head up on tummy time. Now he is almost walking! Well he walks if we hold a hand. We have been practising holding only one hand and he is getting better. He can crawl like a champ and stands up super fast. 

At the hospital about to go home. He was so small! 8lb 9oz

 Playing with Dad this weekend.
Today looking out the window. 10 months old! 25.6lbs!!! and 30" tall

Still trying to teach Ryan how to be gentle when petting Roag.

This weekend is a three day one so we get Neil for three days! Ryan loves playing with dad. And we get Lucy Sunday morning till Monday late afternoon. We are doing a play day with Tumbler (Joe and Angelas dog). The weather is supposed to be nice so we are planning on some walks with Lucy and Ryan. Ryan loves Lucy so much it should be fun. And its a good test to see how crazy it would be with a dog in our life (in a few years).

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

New stuff Ryan is doing

I made the huge mistake of teaching Ryan how to tickle our feet. Opps.
He is obsessed with it. He will chase me down to tickle feet. I was playing on the floor and I laid down and put my feet in the air. He tried to climb my legs to get to them.

Also yesterday for the first time he was clapping his hands together! I was so proud of him. I have been trying to teach him that and waving. He sort of waves (open and close hand). He is also getting better at walking while only holding one grown up hand and standing without any help (nothing to lean on or hold) he can do it for a few seconds now before falling. I think he will be walking on his own by 11 months old. He is almost 10 months now.
Video of him clapping while I feed him.

He kept rubbing his face because his teeth are bugging him big time still.

He is pretty good about leaving stuff alone. I tell him no, leave it and then explain why. AKA "NO leave the iphone alone, that is mom's toy and you have all your toys you can play with. Thank you."

Sleep is still a huge issue right now. Though the teeth on the bottom are almost out. The one on the right is out all the way and almost done, the one on the left has cut through the gums but still coming out. The left big top one is cut out and almost done and the right big top one is just cutting out now. There is also a small one on the left top coming out. (this is on top of the two on the bottom he already has) Hopefully he will have the seven by April.
I guess its good they are all coming out now so fingers crossed in April when I go back to work we can have a few months break of teething so he sleeps.
Last night I was so worn out I just didn't even care to fight with him on sleeping. I fought at 12:30 and gave him bottle only (weak chamomile tea) and at 1:45 I put him in bed with us and got him to sleep with no drink or boob. At 3am I just didn't give a shit anymore I was so tired and I wanted Neil to have a good night of sleep I gave him boob. He was also up at 4:30 and 5:30 and then up for the day at 6:30. Tired of people telling me to 'stick it out' easy for you to say when you are not the one up all night for a week straight.
I was supposed to take the car and go grocery shopping but I am so tired that was the last thing I felt like doing today. So it is laundry and clean the house a bit day and sleep cause I have Zumba tonight.

Here is a video of Ryan dancing while I blend up some cantaloupe for him. He is now dancing when I use the blender or vacuum. Its pretty darn cute...
Dancey dance dance.

Ya know what, if all we get is a kid that has sleep issues I will take it. He is healthy and a pretty happy kid over all. It could always be much worse as we know first hand. Now to remember this at 3am when I am so tired I have a hard time walking.

Also Neil was super sweet last night and got me chocolates (the expensive kind!) and my favorite cinnamon hearts YUM! We had a great dinner out Monday (the 13th) with no kid. Went to Milestones. Sooooo yum.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sleep issues and evil child

Our doctor at our last check up asked if Ryan was sleeping through the night, I laughed and told him no. Ry goes down about 7-8pm wakes up around 11:30, wakes around 4am and then wakes up at 7am for the  day. Lately it's worse, a lot of crying and shifting in his sleep. It's those god damn teeth.
I guess if I had five coming in I would also sleep poorly but really I just want him to sleep. Almost 10 months old (next friday) and STILL not sleeping all night.
I digress, doc said no more nighttime breast feeds. Water only. It can hurt his teeth. I checked with our dentist as well because I read some stuff online that said this is not the case for breast feed babies, only bottle kids. Our dentist said its a crab shoot. It might hurt his teeth it might not, but why risk it.
I have horrid teeth genetics. I just do. I brush and floss like crazy (even used to do it at work after lunch) but I still get cavities and I am 34. Neil has amazing teeth, almost never flosses and he has no cavities. Hope Ryan gets his teeth.

Thursday night was a living nightmare. He was up at 12am. Now normally I can rock him and hum for about 10 min and he is back out. Well not that night. Oh no. He wanted none of that shit. I had him till about 12:45am. We rocked, hummed, singed, changed diaper, tried the water, put him in his crib, left him for a few minutes at a time, put him in bed... everything. HE would just scream. Not cry, if he was crying I would have stuck with the crib and just checking on him every 3 min to let him know I was there and he was okay (read online to do this) but he SCREAMS.

Neil told me to put him in bed. Neil put his arm over Ry and was trying to sooth him. This works... as long as I am not in the room. So Neil picked up Ryan and took him in the living room to walk around. Then once he was calm put him back in bed. Screaming starts as he is looking at me. This went on till 2:30 when I caved and gave him breast.

Last night we did not cave. Tried all the crap above but instead of taking him out of the room I cuddled him in my arms rocking back and forth. He took the bottle (weak black chamomile tea) and drank almost the whole thing. Which for him is a miracle. I can get him to almost drink a bottle through the WHOLE DAY, not in one sitting. I rocked him for an hour and when my back felt like it was going to spasm I put him in our bed. Fuck the crib, lets break one bad habit at a time. Neil had to cuddle him to sleep. I think it was 3 something when he passed out. He woke at 5:30. I tried the bottle first and he started to ramp up.  I just gave him the breast. I was so tired I didnt even care to fight anymore. I figure we can kill that midnight (2am) feeding and we can work on the second one next week. I think its important we stick to our guns though. Don't cave in. Neils co-worker Liz (has 3 kids) gave him some good advice. She said Ryan doesn't remember being up for 2 1/2 hours Thursday night all he remembers is he got the breast in the end.

We have to be mean, well not too mean I dont want him to scream so hard he gets sick (he did that when he was an infant). We have to stick with it and just try to nap as much as we can during the day.
Books say the kid should sleep solid at night 10-12 hours and be taking 2 naps a day at 1 hours each. yeah right. In my fantasies. We were talking about having a second. I told Neil I don't think I want one and no way in hell we are having the talk for real until Ryan sleeps through the night. OR at least only wakes up once.

In happier news I made Butternut Squash Ravioli the other day for Ryan.
 I can feed myself?
Hey this is pretty good!

I used Wontons and it was so easy! Ryan loved it but he doesn't have enough teeth I had to cut it up. It took a while for him to eat. I ate half of his food. I just saute it in a little sun flower oil, no sauce. I also made meatballs but they are a bit dry. Gabi gave me a great recipe for home made sauce. SUPER easy to do and very plain so I am going to give him that for lunch today

Ryan loves to tickle us now. He was doing it to Neils feet the other night and Neil kept giggling. Now when Ryan touches my feet I giggle and bounce them around. Holy crap this kid loves it. He laughs like crazy! He will crawl across the house to get to my feet to tickle me. I guess that is what we get for tickling him so much.
Ryan also loves walking and pulling himself up. He does it on everything and the past few days he will pull himself up and then stand on his own. When we 'walk' him around the house and we will only give him one hand to hold. Before he would stop and look for the second hand and then either grab your clothing or stop let go and crawl. Now he is walking with just the one hand but he is a little shy about it. Every time he stands on his own I clap and tell him how great he doing. He loves it.
Bushy eyebrows and looooong lashes.

OH Gabi came over yesterday. Ryan hadn't seen her in a week. Soon as he heard her voice he lit up. HUGE smile and he did this flapping arms thing he does when excited. It was so cute. He really missed her, now to take him to visit Sandor (grandpa) as well. I know they miss each other.

I was playing with Ryans hair, I did the "Squiggy" if you dont know who this is I feel bad for you.
Mom... for real, stop it.


Its snowing outside, so pretty. I want to take Ryan out in it but its -12 feels like -21. Maybe not the day for snow play even with the snow suit.

Side note, I know the kid the tired because its 9:30am and he is napping already. Normally he naps between 10:30-11:30am for 1/2 hour. Lets see how long this nap is. Poor Neil is still in bed. I think this is taking a beating on him. He is so used to me taking the night shift cause he has to work so I think the sleeping in today and Monday (he has off) will do him some good. Silly man needs to go to bed earlier, silly mom should too!!!
I think we just get so excited about having the house to ourselves we stay up too late. There is a lot of things I can do only when Ryan is sleeping. I want to make my wall-dwellers again and no way I can play with Sculpty clay with Ryan awake!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Random update

Five teeth coming in SUCKS. 
Two at the bottom and three on the top.  I feel bad for the kid, I feel bad for Neil and I feel bad for me.

As most things this too shall pass.

Today we signed up for PeekABoo Day care Center on Traders Blvd. Made me sad. I hate that we have two months and a week tillI have to work and I cant spend all day with my little dude. I think it will be good for him though. He loves other kids so much and it will be good for him to play with some kids.

This morning/afternoon Ryan enjoyed some pita and hummus with me. Kid was in love. He really likes hummus.

He is also obsessed with his ball. Neil was kicking it to the wall while holding Ryan and he was laughing like crazy. I got a video, I will have to upload it later.
Its starting to get a little harder to care for him cause he is crawling like crazy, trying to walk and gets into everything. Its awesome. I am so happy he is doing so great. Not to mention still amazingly cute.

I sure do love my little man, even when he bites me heard enough to bruise.

DAMN teeth!

Monday, 6 February 2012

Skiing Adventure with Neil

 Yes a few weeks late but this is all about our skiing adventure.

 Neil and I went Saturday the 21st to Blue Mountain. Neil found a deal for $99 each that included lessons, lift tickets and equipment for skiing and snow boarding. Neil has ski before but never snow boarded so it was perfect!

 We dropped off Ryan very early (with grandma/grandpa) and were on our way. We made it to Collingwood. As we were trying to figure out where to go to get the classes and equipment we got pulled over by a cop. Our license plate was still on Oct 2011 plate. Opps. So we got a ticket. Not a great way to start our day but we were NOT going to let it poop on our parade!
 We made our way over to the correct place and got dressed in the car. Once we checked in and got our ski/snow board boots. Holy cats it is a weird feeling. I was walking like I stepped out of a western movie, a cheesy one. I had this swagger and couldn't walk very fast in the boots. Neil had no issues cause snow board boots are just like normal boots. I found the ski boots were very stiff and could not bend my ankle which I assume is a good thing. heh

 We got our skis, board, and helmets and we were on our way. Neil went into his class area and I went into mine. I put on both skis and started my class. I learned how to do ski postion. Sort of like a squat in Zumba or any other work out class. You stick your butt out and make sure your knees do not go over your toes when you squat. You slide out your heels to the side and then slide then back in with equal weight distribution so it doesn't cut into the snow. I found this to be pretty easy to do. I really think Zumba classes helped with this!

 Once I got that down we took the left ski off and lined up to go in a circle with the one ski on and our poles. I would say it was more like a round edged square. This was KILLING my shins but I didn't want to give up. I did pretty good. We switched to the left ski only. This was a little harder for me but still was okay. Then BOTH skis on. That was super hard. I had no idea how to get going. We were not on a hill. Just going around in this little round square.

 Once you were good enough you got sent to the test hill. It was about 20 feet maybe.
You learned how to walk up the hill sideways on your skis. Then you go down the hill with your skis together and stop. I got it on my second try. I felt good because there was only adults in the classes and there were a lot! Some of the people were really bad. Just had bad balance. One lady ran right into me. I felt so bad for her cause she took her skis off and looked defeated. The instructor told me I was good to go on the small real hill. ACK!
 This is the smallest hill there so you dont get on a lift you get on this sort of escalator, like they have at the airport. You ski onto it though. I fell over the first time I went on. heh
 Once at the top of the hill I found the instrutor and he taught me how to stop. I went down the hill stopping every few feet. It was just to practice. I did this a few times (and fell a few times). Then they taught me how to turn. I got this pretty good with only a few fall downs. Neil got a pretty good video of it.

 Neil was getting pretty frustrated at Snow Boarding. He was falling A LOT and it looked super hard to do. Didn't look like much fun. We took a lunch break which was a great idea. My ski boots were on wrong and it was cutting into my shins which is why I had the bad pain when I first started. DOH!
 After lunch it was fixed thanks to Neils help and I felt so much better! We did the small hill a few more times and I told Neil I was ready for the big hill.

Lets do it!

 Neil confessed he was not, he was not comfortable on the snow board yet. He went to switch out for skis which I was very happy about! I wanted him to go with me because I was a little scared.
 We found an instructor and told her I was ready for the big hill... EKKKK

 The three of us got on the lift together. She taught me about lift safety and how to land. Well that went out the window when we got off the lift. I was supposed to go right, I went left into her and she stopped me from going down a VERY steep hill.

 On the top of the real hill it was much larger up there. I was freaking out and trying my best NOT to show it. The instructor and Neil were great. We would go down the hill a little and stop. We stopped a lot. However there was one part I freaked out and feel down. I feel pretty good. I ripped up my leg pretty bad. I was shaking I was so scared to get back on the skis. I don't think it helped that the snow was starting to get icy.
 We made it down the hill and the instructor was on her way to help another person. She was kind enough to tell me she was proud. She said about 6 new people out of the whole day go on the big hill. :D
 Neil all day kept telling me he was proud of me. So when he asked if we could do the hill one more time I said okay (after sort of crying saying I didn't want to). He said "please?" and I thought to myself. "fuck it Mary, man up. You have given birth, twice... this, this is nothing."
I tell myself that a lot when I am doing something I don't want to do or something hard. Also I didn't want to end the awesome day with my husband on a sour note. Though at this point I was feeling pretty beaten up and my leg was on fire.

 So we go back up, just him and me. I am so happy we did. Neil taught me a lot. I pretty much went parallel down the mountain the whole way. I did wipe out but only once in a bad icy patch. I felt a little bad Neil babysat me but he said he had a great time. He said he was shocked how fast I learned how to do a "c turn". What he calls a type of turn when skiing. 
 It was also nice to see all the little kids doing it, I can't wait to take Ryan. He can go as early as three but I think I will wait till he is almost 4 before we go. The kids were just so darn cute.

 We ended the day with dinner out with Joe and Angela and then picking up the kid.

 It was an awesome day. I love skiing and I can't wait to try cross country if we get any darn snow this winter. I am so happy I tried it and I didn't let fear stop me.
 I think since going on rollar coasters with Neil I have made up my mind to try more things. It really started when we went to Budapest. I told myself I would try anything and eat anything there. I want to be more adventurous. I want to be a person my son can look up too instead of a fuddy-duddy mom I was becoming. 
yeah sometimes it's scary, sometimes you get hurt (see below) but most of the time you just have fun and feel sort of like a bad ass.
You can't tell in the picture but it was a HUGE bruise. I thought it was very pretty (and lumpy).