Tuesday, 21 February 2012

He walked today and fun with Lucy.

Ryan walked today. We were on the floor and he stood up (using me to get up) and I pushed myself back and let him stand on his own. He then took three steps to me and fell toward me. I caught him and I was so proud I started clapping and tell him how great that was and how hard it must have been but I was super proud. He sat there smiling clapping with me.
I love this kid so much... during the day.

Last night was super nasty again. I looked at his teeth this morning and the one little on on the top right is super red and looks inflamed. Poor kid. Poor Neil. He was up with Ryan a lot last night. We are still weaning him and its going pretty good. He wanted to feed last night because its a comfort thing for him but we stuck to it till, I think, 6am.

We had Lucy this weekend. Good lord we are not ready for a dog, she is a pretty well behaved dog. Well minus the jumping on our futon and humping Ryan's head. 
Yes you read that correctly. 
 Look mom, a puppy and dad!

 Watching The Incredibles Sunday night while I cooked cookies for Neil. 
He woke up and we figured 'eh let him have some fun with us.'

 NOMNOMNOM Peanut Butter

Best friends forever enjoying the window

Ryan was very happy to see her and she was super excited too. After Robin and Christina left she calmed down a bit. After Ryan's nap we let them play together. She is so good with him but when she would get excited and hit Ry with her tail he would get so annoyed it was hilarious.
They play pretty good together. She was letting him 'pet' her aka pulling in her hair around her mouth. She was just letting him do it. Such a good girl. Don't worry we stopped him and try to get him to pet her belly/sides.
The first day we had her (Sunday) we went for a walk around our neighbourhood with her and Ryan. They enjoyed it and both were worn out afterwards. Monday we went to a park near us and had a nice walk. Lucy is so amazing in the car! She just plopped down in the back seat with Ryan. Didn't try to lick him or anything. Such a good girl.
She got into everything she could though. It was sort of having a 4 year old kid that shed a lot and sleeps great. Now I SORT OF know how it is to have two kids, its hard! Neil and I both were saying NO a lot Sunday and Monday.

I am happy we don't have a dog right now. Ryan puts everything in his mouth, including hair balls and we have enough of those with the one kitty.
Speaking of which. After Robin and Christina picked Lucy up Neil and I vacuumed and cleaned. I was in the bedroom putting Ryan to bed and I hear Neil laughing like crazy. Roag (our kitty boy) found a ball of Lucy hair I missed... well he ate it. He sat down, took a smell and then ate it.

Weird cat.

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