Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bad days and good

Saturday was so bad. It started off great but after Ryan had lunch (some cereal and carrots) it got so so bad.
 He loves to sleep on his side

He went down for a nap so I used this time to shower. I turn off the shower to hear Ryan screaming his head off and Neil trying his very best to calm him down. Neil told me he has been screaming for about 10 min. I ask what happened. Nothing, he just woke up and started to cry.
So we try everything to calm him, try breast feeding, bouncing, walking, I held him, tried a shower, held him under the fan, tv, music... nothing helped. Rita came downstairs because she was worried and it distracted him a little bit.
Got him calm enough to feed him and get him back to sleep for about an hour.
We think it was gas. He farted a little and felt better after his nap.

I think I gave him too much food too fast. We are going to try again but this time just one or two baby spoons, not as much as we gave before. I gave him too much because he was so happy to eat it. He didnt turn away and once he did I would stop. I have to control it and make sure to start off slow.

Sometimes we forgot how little and how young he is because he acts like a big boy. He can sit up, he is so aware of everything. But he is still a baby. Only 4 1/2 months old. You can really tell he is a baby when he cries.
Poor guy got hives he cried so hard.

I was happy he was happy at Sloane's party though. Didn't cry or fuss at all. Which I was really worried about but the kid LOVES going out and being around people. AND he slept great that night. Almost 7 hours after his night feeding. My boobs hurt so bad when I got up because I am used to him eating every 2-4 hours at night. I woke him up to eat after 2 hours of sleeping in the morning. I hate pumping.

Sunday was a chill day and we went out for a bit and had a nice dinner with Rita and Tim. We put Ryan in his feeding chair so he could sit with us. But his arm kept getting stuck in his side so he kept getting fustrated. 

Neil is showing him pictures from Sloanes party and Ryan is very interested.

 Gotta love $2 hats from Joe Fresh (on sale)

 Nomming on his fish teether on our walk today (fish heads fish heads rolly polly fish heads...)

Saturday we are supposed to go on Robins boat to see the fire works but the life vest Christina let us borrow is a little tight on Ryan. I think the plan is to boat out to center island and hang out there. So far the weather looks shitty. 37c and thunderstorms. We shall wait and see how it turns out. Mike invited us to his house for a party so if the weather is shit we might hit that up.

I would like to go on the boat at least once this year and I would love to see how Ryan handles it. I have read that babies love boats (its a sale boat not a speed boat!) 

Also we are going to a new place with Rob and Chris on Sunday... O.Noir 
You dine in complete darkness. It sounds pretty fun.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

WTF Mom! (Ryan eats carrots)

Ryan had carrots last night.

His first real food.

When I put the spoon in, I think he was expecting cereal and did this sort of BLECH face when the carrots went in instead. However he warmed up to it pretty fast and did a good job eating. I tasted it, they were so sweet I double checked the ingredients that there was no sugar added.

As always click to enlarge photos

 (wide angle)

He blew a few raspberry's which figures. He had never done that before when I was feeding him cereal so it figures he would do it with orange food. heh 
Good thing is I wear shitty clothing around the house. (as seen above)

We also got some pretty awesome photos last night. Neil rented a few lens for this weekend (Sloane's 1 year party).
He got a wide angle and a telephoto lens.
Sadly enough one of the very few photos of the three of us together.

Wide angles are FUN

 Neil and I new favorite picture of Ryan

We also met up with Joe, Ang and her brother for dinner at the Spoon and Fork thai place in Clarkston. It was pretty good and not expensive, even though it was a nice place. I should take mom there for lunch when she visits.

Also the past two nights Ryan had a rough time. So I did not get much sleep last night. I see a nice long nap in my future today darn it. :D

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Shots round two and 1 year ago yesterday...

Ryan did very good on his second round of shots today.
He was very brave. Didn't even cry until the second needle went in. He did jump a little at the first one and he gave me this sort of WTF(whatthefuck)look.
However after the second one was done and band aids were on I picked him up and he stopped crying and a minute or two later smiled at me.
Poor legs.
He is having a second nap now.
No fever yet.
37.6 c which is good.

Something that shocked me is my doctor told me to not make the cereal runny and its okay to give him real food (mashed veggys and fruit for now). I was shocked. He said make sure to give Ryan one thing at a time and wait a few days before introducing another food to double check he doesn't have allergies.

I am a tiny bit sad we can give him food. I love the easy to clean poops and how easy it is to breast feed. Nothing to clean up after unless Ry spits up a little. Its nice. Now with real food I will have to clean up bowl and spoons (easy enough) the high chair, the floor, him, me, the cats... heh anything and everything the food gets on. We will have to start with a schedule as well. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will have to keep track of what I feed him (encase he gets sick) at first. Also remember what he likes and doesn't like so I can try to get him to like stuff later on (it can take up to 14 times on a new food before a kid will eat it). I also want to make my own food so I need to start batch cooking that and freezing it.

It's exciting because its something new for us both but I am just a little sad.
I need to get Neil to feed him at night. Which means I will have to start making dinner for us as well to free up the early evening for Neil to feed Ryan. Right now Neil makes most of the dinners. But he cant feed Ry and cook dinner.

On to sad things. 
Yesterday was the one year mark of Abigale's due date. One year ago she was due. April was harder because that was the one year of her loss. It still make me think about her. I think about her a lot but every month less and less. When we first had Ryan he brought back a lot of memories and feelings about her.
Sometimes I even dream about her. This time was made a little easier by the celebration of Sloane. Watching her grow and get stronger makes it a happy month for me. Not one of sadness. I am hoping Ryan's birthday being in April, so close to the date of our loss, will do the same.
Still everything we went through with her makes me love and appreciate Ryan even more. I really think unless you have lost a child or came close to losing one you can not understand this. No offence to anyone but its a unwanted club no one talks about or wants to join.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Happy 1 Year Sloane and reflections.

Today Sloane is 1 year old. WOW.
Our good friends had a daughter 1 year ago today. It's amazing how much she has changed.
Taken Aug 22, 2010

How much she has grown and how much she has experienced already in this world.
Sloane also has so many more new things to look forward too. The life for a baby is insane so many things going on. No wonder sometimes they get cranky.

(Sloane is the one on the left)
Taken Aug 11th 2011, also why is my four month old almost as big as Sloane?

Now she is walking, full on walking! And as I have she seen getting into everything she can. Can you blame her? All this new stuff she can see now that she is standing and shiny new things to get into. Poor Tara must be getting tired of chasing her! I think its Tara's new work out routine, chase the baby.

Now Sloane can look forward to bike rides, running in a park, swimming in the ocean, chasing butterfly's and falling leafs, apple picking, trick or treating, opening her own Christmas gifts this year, snow ball fights, eating real food and so many more things.

I find having a kid now I am experiencing new things and not just poopy diapers. When you do stuff with a kid its all new to you as well. Seeing the wonder and excitement though them.
Watching Ryan at the EX he was all wide eyed and he didn't even know what was going on. It was just from the lights from the games all around us. And the new smells though he doesn't know what they mean yet. Mmmmm the smell of popcorn or cotton candy. I get so excited when I think of all the things he gets to explore.

Even putting him in his highchair was exciting because it was new.

Kids are a lot of work and sometimes its really hard but seeing Sloane now 1 year old and knowing what is in store for her it's so worth it.

I never fully understood a lot of things about kids and how parents dealt with it until we had Ryan. Drooling was so gross to me before as were poopy diapers. I remember almost screaming when I changed my friend Jenn's daughters diaper. Now Rayna is going to be 9 in December, friggn' 9 years old. Where did the time go?! Now if Ryan is drooling and I don't have anything to wipe it away I use my hand and wipe that on my pants or shirt. Its better then him staying wet and getting a rash.

How I have changed as well. Neil told me the other day if I saw myself 10 years ago now I would have laughed. To be fair I was wearing a tank top, little black shorts and a white hair band doing the dishes while Ryan was playing in his bouncer. I think Neil is right. I didn't want kids 10 years ago. Things have changed.

I like it.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Ex and Brillant Dad

Friday Ryan had a really bad day.

He spent a good amount of the day screaming, not crying but screaming. Or sleeping. One point he screamed like he was in pain from 1:30 to 2:15 when he finaly ate and passed out. I felt so bad there was nothing I could do to get him to calm down.
 Poor little guy.

So it was understandable I was a little worried when Neil suggested we go to The EX that night.

However Neil made a good point that it might be good for him to get out of the house since he loved being out doing stuff with us. Might distract him.
(for teeth pain)

We were able to meet up with Robin and Christina at the marina, Ontario Place. Which is right across from where The Ex is held. We got to park for free. YAY. After a quick trip to Robins boat we were on our way.

We walked around and we started on the junk food.
I got poutine for dinner. Neil got a peameal bacon sandwhich. While I was feeding Ryan outside Neil went in for Deep Fried Twix bar. SO GOOD.
Robin and Christina came outside with a Burrito, deep fried mac and cheese, perogies and went back in for poutine.

After everyone ate (the food court closed at 10) we walked around for a while.

Christina was determined to win a prize. She just kept getting ripped off, but the games were fun at least. 

We spoted a Tiny Tom Donuts and they had a wheel you could sping and win either a free bag, buy 1 get 1, buy 2 get 1 or buy 3 get 1. I spinned it and got a free bag YAY! And Christina for got a buy 2 get 1 (well Robin got it but passed it on to her) Which she was sweet enough to give us a bag. So Neil and I got two bags (12 mini donuts per bag) for free.

It was a really fun night and I am really happy we went out. Ryan had a great time and other then him getting a little upset outside the food court for like a minute he was great. He also was fussy in the car on the way home but that was him being tired and lasted two minutes before passing out.

Neil noticed something cool. We were worried about the loudness for Ryan so Neil kept the 'hood' part of the car seat up around Ryans head. When I went to move it back so he could see more Neil told me to stick my head in there to see what I could hear. You hear less then 1/2 of what we could hear which was GOOD because it got really loud there.

It was great we went opening night because it was 1/2 price to get in and it was much cooler at night. Also it wasn't very crowded which was good. I think over all it was very successful and a lot of fun.
Side note, we didn't go last year because of my 'morning' sickness. The smells would have had me barfing in all the trash bins.

So onto why Neil is a friggn' brillant dad.

We live in a one bedroom right now. Ryan is four months old and we wanted to not be sharing a room with him for much longer. We were planning on moving our bed into the livingroom and giving Ryan the bedroom (and making it his play area and computer room) However Neil had a good idea to make a sort of wall between our bed and Ryans crib. We would put the dresser and these four drawer things we have up. it dampens the sounds as well.

Taken from the door way. 
There is a little space for us to get to the crib. Last night was our first night and it worked out really great. Neil also put the air flitter on Ryan's side so it makes some nice white noise and keeps the air clean. I think it works great since we had to fit a king size bed, crib and dressers in the room!

We bought a new place, two bedroom two bathroom but our rent will more then double so we are trying to wait as long as we can before we move in there. Great thing is his folks live where we will be moving so there is no real hurry to move in. (we bought their old place) 

Neil got great photos of the ex, I will ask him to share on his journal so everyone can see them. Right now they are on facebook only. Should be able to see them on that link even if you dont have a facebook.

A few teaser photos.
Oh all the lights! (notice the 'hood' on the stroller?)

Ryan and Neil on the dock at Robins boat

Me and Ryan on the dock. Ryan makes some goofy faces!

Well he is our kid. 

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Rice Cereal Mush

Last night we gave Ryan his first Rice Cereal mush. 

We don't have a high chair yet so we put him in the Bumbo chair with tray. (thank you again Wendy!!) Which, by the way, is getting to small for his fat legs!
I mixed one spoon of rice cereal with 6 spoons of breast milk. Nice and runny. I had a little blue cup and a soft spoon and we were ready to go.

As always click on the picture to enlarge.

Hmmm what is this?



We were both getting the hang of it... I think.

Its hard to record with my phone while feeding with one hand he was distracted by his dad.

However by the end I think we are getting the hang of it.
In this video you can see he is interested in it but not sure how to eat it. I think it just takes some time.

However we really need to get the high chair. I am keeping my eye on Kijiji because why pay full price if I can get a used one?

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

4 months today

Wow four months have already passed. It's insane how fast it has gone. And it's insane how much Ryan changes every day.
He smiles when I smile, he gets a little upset when I leave the room, he LOVES to smile at Neil, he gives all the family huge smiles too, is enraptured when I read to him, he loves to hear his own voice, he laughs when you get his belly and he enjoys being outside. He also grabs his feet and lifts his butt when you put him on the change table. So helpful till he pees on you and laughs about it. heh

 A few days old, so little.

Four months old, so big!

This past weekend was nice. We were supposed to meet up with some of the family on Toronto Island but I was worried it would be too hot for Ryan. The heat alone is not too bad, it's bad trying to feed him in public. I get hot and he is hot and then he is drinking hot breast milk and I have to use a feeding cover...

However Saturday was way too nice to stay inside so Neil, Ryan and I headed to Bronte Harbour to enjoy 'harbour days'. Well it was a lot smaller of a festival then we thought it would be so we were there less then an hour. Just walked around the water front.

After that we headed home for a quick lunch and then headed to Hugh and Lily's pool. They were out with Rita and Tim so we had the pool all to ourselves. The three of us swam around for a bit and when Ryan had enough we went to T&T to get sushi for dinner and dumpling wrappers to make Sundays appetizers. 

We ended Saturday night with home made chow mien, red wine and Wipeout. 
It was a very relaxed and awesome day.

I was chatting with my mom the other night and I convinced her to come visit us before Ryan's first birthday. I worry her and my dad are missing out on so much. I doubt I will get my dad to visit which is a shame but mom is coming up September 8th - 14th. I am so excited. This visit will be a lot more fun then the last visit. (she came up for the birth of Ryan) I was over due and after Ryan was born I had a hard time for the first few weeks adjusting to the lack of sleep, lack of alone time and he had a tongue tie so it was really hard for him to eat.
However things are SO amazing and awesome now I am thrilled for her to come up and experience it. I just hope the heavy little bugger doesn't throw out her back!

I posted a video for my dad to see just how LOUD Ryan can get.
Figure I should share it with you guys and hopefully cause a good laugh.

Also last week was nice chilling outside with Tara, Sloane, Janet and Chloe. The weather was perfect and I can not wait for more cool sunny days. The hot ones are getting tiresome. Just a nice 25c and FEELS like 25 would be great. (about 76f)
Here is a video of Ryan and Chloe going after each others hands. Sorry it is laying the wrong way. Not sure how to fix that.

Here is a bonus video of Ryan in his exerciser thing. I told my dad I would put a video up for him so here it is.

Also my dad inspired me to get out and go for a long walk every morning with Ryan. However because I have so much weight to lose I am also walking at night with Neil and Ryan. Shorter walks at night though.
Tonight we are picking up a jogging stroller (used) for 65 bucks which is a great deal because those things go for $200. And really why get it new? It's not a car seat or mattress.
Its good because I can roller blade with it or Neil can jog while I bike and we can have Ryan with us. He loves being outside so much there is no point to leave him at home!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Videos of Ryan and Worried Mom

Ryan has been spitting up a lot as of Sunday. Monday was the worst. He didn't want to eat that often and was spitting up A LOT after every eating (sometimes as much as 1/2 a cup) 
I tried laying him down right after a meal, burping him, having him sit up, having him sort of slouch, taking off his pants, making the diaper loose... everything. However he just kept tossing his cookies. He was in a great mood though and still peeing. The poops were not as much as normal but I don't think anything to be worried about and he had no fever.
Neil thinks he just had a slight tummy bug. He is a little better today. He only spit up once.
Sometimes it would be just breast milk, or clear liquid and milk (spit) and sometimes the milk would be a little digested so it would be a little cottage cheesy. It didn't bother him so I think he is okay.
We gave him Gripe water last night because he was SUPER fussy and I think his tummy/teeth were bugging him really bad at night.

Ill make sure to make notes and mention it to the doc on the 24th. (second round of shots).

Also I dont want to jinx it but the past two night he has been sleeping great. 
5 1/2 hours the first stretch, 2 hours and then 2 hours. Yesterday we woke up at 10am. Today I was up at 8am and he woke up a little after 9. He is sleeping now.
I love these 40 min naps. It helps that today is very rainy and dark. I am sure he will nap more today. I think his late afternoon nap I will join in. :D

I love maternity leave. So far today we had breakfast (both of us) he had a big poop, we did tummy time when he rolled over, I read him two books and he had a mid morning snack (breast) and now is resting.

Mean time, enjoy some videos of Ryan.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A new first!

Ryan flipped over last night! His first full flip over.

I was upstairs showing Rita and Tim how Ryan pushes himself up on tummy time on the carpet and he just pushed himself over.
All three of us yelled YAY and started to clap. Then Ryan started to cry. I think we scared him and he scared himself. It was awesome.
The flipping over not crying...

He is almost 4 months old. (15 weeks)

And we weighed him on Tim's scale. He is almost 19lbs. Holy hell. No wonder my back is messed up and size 2 diapers don't fit him anymore AND he is in size 6-9 month clothing. Which makes me sad, we didn't get to use the 3-6 that much. This kid is gonna be huge. (tall)

Also here are some pictures to enjoy of last nights bath.
Both hands in mouth! He was teething pretty bad last night.

What colour are those eyes?