Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A new first!

Ryan flipped over last night! His first full flip over.

I was upstairs showing Rita and Tim how Ryan pushes himself up on tummy time on the carpet and he just pushed himself over.
All three of us yelled YAY and started to clap. Then Ryan started to cry. I think we scared him and he scared himself. It was awesome.
The flipping over not crying...

He is almost 4 months old. (15 weeks)

And we weighed him on Tim's scale. He is almost 19lbs. Holy hell. No wonder my back is messed up and size 2 diapers don't fit him anymore AND he is in size 6-9 month clothing. Which makes me sad, we didn't get to use the 3-6 that much. This kid is gonna be huge. (tall)

Also here are some pictures to enjoy of last nights bath.
Both hands in mouth! He was teething pretty bad last night.

What colour are those eyes?

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