Sunday, 21 August 2011

The Ex and Brillant Dad

Friday Ryan had a really bad day.

He spent a good amount of the day screaming, not crying but screaming. Or sleeping. One point he screamed like he was in pain from 1:30 to 2:15 when he finaly ate and passed out. I felt so bad there was nothing I could do to get him to calm down.
 Poor little guy.

So it was understandable I was a little worried when Neil suggested we go to The EX that night.

However Neil made a good point that it might be good for him to get out of the house since he loved being out doing stuff with us. Might distract him.
(for teeth pain)

We were able to meet up with Robin and Christina at the marina, Ontario Place. Which is right across from where The Ex is held. We got to park for free. YAY. After a quick trip to Robins boat we were on our way.

We walked around and we started on the junk food.
I got poutine for dinner. Neil got a peameal bacon sandwhich. While I was feeding Ryan outside Neil went in for Deep Fried Twix bar. SO GOOD.
Robin and Christina came outside with a Burrito, deep fried mac and cheese, perogies and went back in for poutine.

After everyone ate (the food court closed at 10) we walked around for a while.

Christina was determined to win a prize. She just kept getting ripped off, but the games were fun at least. 

We spoted a Tiny Tom Donuts and they had a wheel you could sping and win either a free bag, buy 1 get 1, buy 2 get 1 or buy 3 get 1. I spinned it and got a free bag YAY! And Christina for got a buy 2 get 1 (well Robin got it but passed it on to her) Which she was sweet enough to give us a bag. So Neil and I got two bags (12 mini donuts per bag) for free.

It was a really fun night and I am really happy we went out. Ryan had a great time and other then him getting a little upset outside the food court for like a minute he was great. He also was fussy in the car on the way home but that was him being tired and lasted two minutes before passing out.

Neil noticed something cool. We were worried about the loudness for Ryan so Neil kept the 'hood' part of the car seat up around Ryans head. When I went to move it back so he could see more Neil told me to stick my head in there to see what I could hear. You hear less then 1/2 of what we could hear which was GOOD because it got really loud there.

It was great we went opening night because it was 1/2 price to get in and it was much cooler at night. Also it wasn't very crowded which was good. I think over all it was very successful and a lot of fun.
Side note, we didn't go last year because of my 'morning' sickness. The smells would have had me barfing in all the trash bins.

So onto why Neil is a friggn' brillant dad.

We live in a one bedroom right now. Ryan is four months old and we wanted to not be sharing a room with him for much longer. We were planning on moving our bed into the livingroom and giving Ryan the bedroom (and making it his play area and computer room) However Neil had a good idea to make a sort of wall between our bed and Ryans crib. We would put the dresser and these four drawer things we have up. it dampens the sounds as well.

Taken from the door way. 
There is a little space for us to get to the crib. Last night was our first night and it worked out really great. Neil also put the air flitter on Ryan's side so it makes some nice white noise and keeps the air clean. I think it works great since we had to fit a king size bed, crib and dressers in the room!

We bought a new place, two bedroom two bathroom but our rent will more then double so we are trying to wait as long as we can before we move in there. Great thing is his folks live where we will be moving so there is no real hurry to move in. (we bought their old place) 

Neil got great photos of the ex, I will ask him to share on his journal so everyone can see them. Right now they are on facebook only. Should be able to see them on that link even if you dont have a facebook.

A few teaser photos.
Oh all the lights! (notice the 'hood' on the stroller?)

Ryan and Neil on the dock at Robins boat

Me and Ryan on the dock. Ryan makes some goofy faces!

Well he is our kid. 

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