Wednesday, 27 April 2011

First day alone...

Yesterday was a bad day. I didn't get much sleep that night and I got maybe 45 min nap all day. Ryan was just up all day eating (aka breast feeding) and wouldn't stop. However good thing was I got LOADS of sleep last night and woke up feeling better then I have in over 10 days (since he was born) I felt refreshed.

So far today we have taking a 35 min nap together, went for a walk, had tummy time, I did some dishes and I took a shower. My first shower without anyone to keep an eye on him. Granted I think I still have soap in my hair but I did it.

I also put on my NON preggo jeans. THEY FIT. Well they are tight, I wouldn't try to sit in them but I got them on. Also they have a little stretch but still, I got them ON and went for a walk in them! Belly is flabby but I don't think freakishly so. As Neil said I just look a little fat, not pregnant which is fine with me. (considering how HUGE I was before I popped)

 38 weeks and 1 day (no photos of me over 40 weeks which makes me sad)

I have dinner defrosting in the sink (lets see if I can cook it before Neil gets home) and I am about to enjoy some cantaloupe before I wake the monkey up for more food. I think I learned the trick is to NOT let him have 2 hour naps during the day. To try to wake him up and only let him have 45 min naps.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Six hours.. say WHAT?!

Last night the kid went on an eating spree again. Around 12:30am we got out the formula to top off. (after him eating for almost 3 hours on my boobs) He ate a FULL 40ml which is a lot and then had a chaser of mom boob for 8 min and passed out. He slept for 2 1/2 hours and I woke him to change a diaper. Had a little boob and then passed out for 3 1/2 hours. SO NICE. He woke up around 7am with Neil and I. (he is napping right now, spent a lot of time eating this morning poor guy.)

It was perfect because today is Neils first day back to work. Well not really first day cause he went in last week for a few hours, but first full day. I was pretty happy we were able to get some real sleep. Well that Neil was able to get some real sleep.
Granted his co-workers have kids but I think they might get annoyed if he took at nap at his desk. :P

Yet another milestone reached!

Sunday, 24 April 2011

The Birth of Ryan

Lets see if I can get this all written out before the little guy wakes.

Today is the 1 week marker of Ryan's Birth.
Where to start?
Last Saturday night, the 16th of April we went over to Mike and Janet's to hang out for a bit and enjoy some apple pie. Mom went with us. Alexandra I think helped to start my labor by climbing on me like a monkey and having me pick her up, so a BIG thank you to her (I was late and looking at the 20th being our induction date).
We get home, say good night to mom and Neil and sit down to enjoy some homemade burritos. I get the urge to pee and as I sat down on the loo I had a massive cramp and next I know my water broke. (at 11:10pm Sat night) There was no big POP or anything just a steady stream. 
I freak out. I yell "Neil ohmygod ohmygod my water broke!!!" 
Neil comes in very calm and tells me this is what we have been waiting for. I smile and get excited.
After taking a shower and telling the family we head off to the hospital. Oh a side note. I called Robin (brother in law) to tell him. I say "We have to cancel plans for Sunday because my water broke." Robin "OH WHAT DO I DO?!?" I tell him to go home and go to bed and we will call him when it's over. It was very sweet. Funny thing was he was over earlier that day asking if I felt today was the day and I told him no!
Also another side note. When your water breaks it doesn't stop. It just goes and goes and goes. And when you think its over you get another gush. It feels really odd and pretty gross. 
Anyways, we get to the hospital get admitted and there were no rooms. So they put us in a temp room.
Had a bed that doesn't work (wont go up) and a huge heater in it for biological samples so the room was HOT. Labor pains started around midnight. Thankfully we got into a real room after not long after that.
They checked to see how far I was and I was at 3cm around 1am. Wow this was going fast. After I get into the room we try to get comfy and ready for the big show.
I got my real nurse, Allison, and she told me I can have the epidural at any point now. I tell her I will wait a little longer, 10 min later I said screw that and get it now. I was about 4cm almost 5cm and I think it was around 2am.
I can not explain how contractions feel. Its very painful and they come to close together. Its almost vomit inducing. I really thought I was going to be sick. But I took deep breaths and focused on getting oxygen to the baby during the contractions.
After the doc came and gave me my epidural all was right with the world. Trying not to move in pain with a needle in your back while you have a contraction is really hard. I went through two of them while the doc was doing his thing. Almost three but he was pretty fast.
About 5 min later I felt much better. I was shocked I could still move my legs around. I couldn't get up or pick my leg up all the way off the bed but I could still feel them and shift them around. 
We watched on the monitor the heart rate for the baby and the contraction thing. It was cool to see the contractions come but not really feel them.
We had a little scare because there was a point when I had a contraction the heart rate would drop to the 80's. Which is bad. They gave me some oxygen and it got better. Allison did mention a c-section which scared Neil and I but after monitoring it they figure it was just that the cord was getting squished when a contraction would come and cut the flow of oxygen to the baby. Ryan was fine, he wasn't in real danger.

We tried to get some sleep which is hard to do. Poor Neil really tried but the chairs in the labor room are not that comfy. He was starting to look pretty worn out around 7am.

So around 7:30am they told me I was 9cm. They started to lay out all the stuff they would need. I didn't notice but Neil told me they had a sort of crash cart for him just to be on the safe side because of the dropping heart rate.
At 8:30am I started to get the urge to push and told the nurses. They called the doc in, we had two doctors and two nurses.
At 8:45am legs went up and the action started. Neil held my left leg up and my neck for me and I pushed with all my might. I was ready to meet this kid and see what he was like. 
Side note, after each pushing session the nurses would lift me up and clean the paper under me and put a new one. It was awesome how clean they kept such a messy thing.
All the nurses and doctors were very encouraging as was Neil. I remember at one point Neil looked a little green and I asked if he was okay. He smiled and said he was. I said "lets do this." and pushed and pushed. The nurses and doctors kept reassuring me Ryan was okay. One of the nurses told me he has dark hair and Neil said he could see him coming out I started to cry I was so happy. I pushed with everything I had in me and he came out. He came out screaming at 8:58am.

I cried, Neil teared up a little bit too. I never thought I would hear such an amazing sound. They put him on me and I was trying to hold him but it was hard at my angle. He had BIG open eyes and he looked right at me. He was perfect.
The nurse took him away and put him to my left in a warmer and Neil went over to be with him. Poor guy was screaming his head off. They looked him over, cleaned him off better. Gave him a Vitamin K shot and put the goo in his eyes. I looked down at what the doc's were doing and I saw my placenta (ew) and it was intact and whole (thank goodness). I asked the doc how bad I tore and he said barely a 2 (which is not bad at all).
I looked back over to Neil and Ryan. I asked for Neils camera and I tried to get some pictures while the doc sewed me up. Gave me something to focus on cause when I looked back down there and saw the doc pulling a bloody string I almost barfed. Got a good shot of Neil with Ryan though.
After I was stitched up and thanked the doctors they put Ryan back on me and I breastfeed him for a bit. OR tried too at least. I think we did okay since neither of us had done it before. :)
After that Neil took him and was able to hold him for a bit.

We got moved to a semi private room. All the private rooms were taken but it was okay cause after a few hours our roommate was moved to a private and we had the room to ourselves. Just sucked for Neil cause yet again he was sleeping in a chair.

Family came to visit us in our tiny area for a little bit around 1pm. I took a shower after that. Then a few friends came by around 5pm.

We had some issues feeding Ryan. He has a slight tongue tie so he can't get his tongue under the nipple so I have had a lot of pain and some blisters. But lotion and use of a shield at times are helping. Also helps my milk came in, the first few nights we were using an eye dropper and formula on top of my colostrum. He was just so hungry all the time. It's gotten much better.

We celebrate odd milestones. When his poo went from black to green/black. Then when he has mustard yellow poo with seeds in it I was so happy I almost cried. It meant he was eating and everything was working the way it should. Then his gross cord came off which was good. All signs of a healthy baby.
There are times he makes me think of Abbey and the loss of her and every time he does something normal or marks a healthy milestone I am so happy and grateful I can not put it into words.
To lose a child and then to be blessed with a healthy one is just such a remarkable feeling.
There have been times I feel over whelmed (lack of sleep really gets to you) and I have a little cry but overall things are going great. I think soon we can get in a good routine and with a little luck he can sleep more at night soon also. Poor Neil goes back to work Monday so I hope he is a good monkey tonight.
Last night Ryan feed on me for almost 3 hours and just wouldn't stop eating. I gave him a bottle (about 20ml) and he was out like a light for over 3 hours. 

I don't know what I do without Neil. He has been such a huge support for me. A few times while I was feeding Ryan Neil would feed me. It is beyond sweet and I cherish seeing Neil with Ryan. He is just an amazing father and it blows me away.

Neil has been getting some good photos of Ryan. OR trying to. Ryan doesn't make it easy on Daddy. 
You can see the photos at

I am really looking forward to getting into a steady routine with the little guy. I think it will be good for all three of us to have some normality back in our life. Just like watching Neil play Portal 2 yesterday while Ryan napped in his swing and I napped on the futon made me feel like life was getting to normal.

We made it through our first week. Now to make it through the next one and the one after that and the one after that...

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Ryan Charles Bank

He was born Sunday April 17th 2011 at 8:58am at 8lbs 11oz.
I will update more later but all I have to say is never have I felt such love.
Also Neil is a KICK ASS husband and dad. He just blows me away everyday with how amazing he is.

Little guys is doing good. We are trying to get into the swing of it. If you dont hear from us dont get upset its the first week home so we are trying to get food in him and sleep for all three of us. Should get better soon and we should be more social in a few more weeks.

Each day gets a little better. I know we will have set backs but thats okay too. Being new parents is not an easy thing. I have an all new repect for parents I never had before. Cause WOW its super hard at times!

Saturday, 16 April 2011

False Labor my ass

'False labor' makes it sound so pleasant. Well I am here to tell you it sucks a big one.
Take period cramps make them about 5x more painful. Yup that's false labor.
And it radiates through you back and your belly gets SUPER hard. Fun times.
Still not as bad as REAL labor but since I have had false labor pains for almost a month now I am here to tell you it sucks and it should be called something else.
Like "not real labor but still really painful and annoying because it goes nowhere"

Then after the the false labor the baby gets super pissed and will push and kick you. Which is understandable. It can't be that comfy for him.

I know it's my body practicing but it's like rehearsing lines before a big play. Only so much rehearsing until you are just ready for the big night and you just keep getting more and more nervous about it as the date gets closer. 

By this point when my real labor finally kicks in it should be a breeze and go super fast. Or at least that's the lie I tell myself to make it worth while. heh

Let me have my lies.

Friday, 15 April 2011

I made it through today. GO ME.

I made it through today. Cried only three times and one of which was in front of my mom, which if you know me is embarrassing. I am not a public crier. I like to be sad alone. Little grumpy and a lot moody but I made it.

Today was the 1 year we lost our daughter.

Abigale Bank was stillborn at 20 weeks into my pregnancy. She was very sick with a defect called CDH. (Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia) She also had some issues with her genetics. It was just a slip of nature, not genetic from our family or make up. We were tested. (which is why we are pregnant now)
I love her very much and I miss her. And I think that is all I have to say about that.

We have a lot of hope with the little guy I am currently carrying and are beyond thrilled he is a healthy little guy. I can't wait to meet him. We are so excited about all the things we get to do with him, Halloween outfits, summers playing in the water, teaching him about the ocean and stars, all the trouble he will get into.

We had dinner at Neils folks house tonight and we were showing mom all the pictures of Neil when he was little. SO CUTE. Every picture he is making some sort of face or looks like he is talking or laughing. It was a little glance into the future which got me super hyped. I can't wait to see who he looks like and watch his personality come out.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

alone time

Really in the mood for some alone time but I think it would be rude to tell my mom to go away.
Feeling down and grumpy today. Just want a quiet house right now and to be alone with my moody-ness.

Does that make me a bad person? I feel like it does.

CN Tower 360 Restaurant with mom and Neil

Last night Neil and I decided to surprise mom with a dinner at the 360 Restaurant at the CN Tower. It went over so well with Liz and Chris when they visited in November why not try with my mom. Also it's the best way to get a view of the whole city.
It didn't start out so great. Little did I know mom had a fear of heights... oops. And of elevators. Double Oops.
But the elevator trip is a minute (for real) to get up there and once she saw the restaurant she was okay. I told her there were no glass floors, they don't want people to get sick while eating!
We got an awesome table right near the glass so she had a great view. She didn't want to sit near the glass though so she sat next to Neil and I was across from them. We were able to get there while the sun was up, so we saw the sun set and the city at night. Neil pointed out parts of Toronto to her and talked about the city and I think she enjoyed learning about it.

Neil and my mom went for the price fix menu. (four course)

Mom got 
1. ROASTED SQUASH BRUSCHETTA with Toasted hazelnut pesto 
2. 360 CAESAR SALAD Hearts of romaine, pancetta, vinaigrette and Parmesan cheese 
3. SLOW ROASTED, AGED, CANADIAN AAA PRIME RIB OF BEEF Rosemary bread pudding, roasted root vegetables, natural jus 
4.PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE WITH BUTTERNUT SQUASH ICE CREAM Gingered orange couscous, maple English cream

Neil got 
1. PULLED CHICKEN MOLE Sweet corn polenta tart  
2. KING COLE DUCK THREE WAYS Duck Prosciutto, Duck Galantine and Duck Rillette Beamsville sour cherry chutney, fennel mustard  
3. SLOW ROASTED, AGED, CANADIAN AAA PRIME RIB OF BEEF Rosemary bread pudding, roasted root vegetables, natural jus 

I got
Appetizer of  
Dinner was  

I ate some of Neil and Mom's dessert. SO YUMMY.
I can not begian to explain how wonderful my dinner was and how AMAZING the cheesecake mom got was. I will have dreams of it.

We had a wonderful time and mom really enjoyed her meal. Neil told her he hopes she enjoyed it cause she is going to get water and bread the rest of the time she is up here. hahahaha  

And now for the pictures. 

 Neils Duck three ways.
My sweet potato fries. 
My pork yummy-ness (so moist)

Neil and my mom had the same thing, Prime Rib. Perfect!

The cheesecake sent from heaven. I wanted to order one for home. hehe

Neils chocolate tower, very light moose

Over all a very successful night!



Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Still no baby...

My mom got in yesterday. Neil was kind enough to pick her up and Rita was kind enough to cook dinner for us.
I hope she is going to be entertained enough while she is here until I have the kid.

Speaking of which...
Doc said yesterday everything is still looking good. Blood pressure, weight gain and baby heart rate are all good. Since yesterday was my due date, I will have an appointment at the hospital on the 20th. (they wait till 8 days past the due date in the hopes you will go into labor naturally) They are going to assess me for induction and based off a few things (dilatation, position of the kid, effacement) they will either start the induction (which can take a few days) or have me come back later. 
They will monitor the kid for about an hour to see if there is any distress and do an ultrasound to check the level of the amniotic fluid, size of baby and a few other things.

If they do start to induce depending on a few thing, they might use a gel. If that's the case they put the gel in and send my ass home and after 24 hours if labor hasn't started I come in for some more gel and to be assessed again.
The point is to help the baby get started in order to avoid a c-section.

So at the very least on the 20th we will have some information.

I have a date to look forward to now that the due date has come and gone which is good, gives me something to aim for and not just waiting and more waiting with no end in sight. Wow that is a long sentence. 

I think I am sort of shocked the kid hasn't come yet because I have SO MUCH false labor. I get period like cramps like crazy and they have started to go through my back as well which is a sign of true contractions. They are still irregular and if I get up and walk around a bit they slow or stop. So I know I am NOT in real labor, but its been WEEKS of this. Its a sign of my body preparing for labor and it surprises me it hasn't started yet.

Also I was hoping the kid would come before the 15th.
The 15th is D day... it will be the one year since we lost our daughter Abbey. I am a little worried how I will handle it. I am a pretty strong cookie but I think I will be a little depressed. Maybe I will ask Gabi to take my mom out for a bit so I can have some time to mourn alone. Not wallow, just to have downtime with my thoughts.

Try not to focus on that but the upcoming joy in our life Mary. Man up. 

Monday, 11 April 2011

Early morning scare and other lame adventures.

I got up at 6:30 to pee this morning and when I laid back down I had crazy intense pain. I started to cry out (which is not like me) and Neil had to help me get out of bed. My belly got super hard (which its been doing a lot the past few weeks) and it just was PAIN. Not the normal pain I have gotten used to of the false labor but wow just ouch. Neil and I came out into the living room, I had a glass of water and was walking back and forth. Neil laid down on the futon, poor guy. Then Neil mentioned maybe the baby is in duress so I sat with a cranberry juice and waited to feel him move. (he is okay and active) After a few minutes the pain stopped and my belly went to normal.

I got my hopes up this was it and nada. I don't know what it was. Maybe I just needed the water, or maybe it was just an intense false contraction.
Little disappointed it didn't start today. I thought for sure it would. I just feel like the kid is going to come this week.
Maybe its just me being hopeful.

I know I will look back on this and remark about how stupid I was to want him out and how I should have enjoyed the quiet before the storm. But with the pregnancy of Abbey and this guy I feel like I have been preggo forever and I am really ready to be a mom.

I killed today by cleaning like crazy because my mom will be here tomorrow afternoon. I also made a super awesome dinner and banana bread. I sure am getting the hang of being a house wife. I just figure if Neil has to get up and go into work and I get to spend my time napping and watching movies, and later spend my time bonding with our son... I can a least clean the house and make some food. I say that now knowing once the kid is here that will stop for a bit. So I am enjoying my home cook food and clean house while I have it.
And the weather was so awesome today I had the windows open. 
Mmmmm breezy.

Not too entertaining of a blog update but not everyday is going to be super awesome or full of funny antidotes.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Holy awesome night Batman!

Yesterday was just great!
Neil picked up the headphones for the PS and then we headed over to Joe and Angela's... a bit late as always.
After chilling, AKA Joe sketching on our iPad and Ang and I chatting, we went for a walk around Lake Aquitaine. It was so friggn' nice out. Walked the whole lake, pretty proud of myself (with no pee breaks!) It was cracking me up to see all the kids go ape shit over Tumbler. DOGGY!!!!
After that we headed out for dinner. I had duck at a Chinese restaurant for the first time (not Peking just normal) it was pretty friggn' good.
Angela mentioned this movie called The Room. We went on a hunt to get it because it just sounded so awesomely bad we couldn't pass up on. After deciding to get it no matter what, we hit the booze store. The guys were gonna drink and we were gonna watch the movie. (I had some cola, such a rebel).

Oh my god. SUCH an awesome movie. I think we all almost got sick from laughing. One part these strangers come into the main characters house and start making out with chocolate, eating bonbons out of each others mouth very messily and the movie froze right as a guy was making a 'pleasure' face. And it was awesome! He was eating candy and trying to look like he was enjoying himself but it was so over the top we all just died laughing. Our tummy's all hurt SO BAD. The movie froze a few times but every time it was at such funny moments we just couldn't stop laughing!
(don't let the cover scare you)
Just check out the Quotes from the movie! said "Borat trying to do an impression of Christopher Walken playing a mental patient." If that doesn't make you want to see it I don't know what will!

Neil, Angela and Joe did a drinking game. When you see Tommy Wiseau's name in the credits, when he laughs at the end of a sentence, when they toss a foot ball, when the chick says she doesn't love the main character, when the main character makes a chicken sound... you drink. And a few more I know I have forgotten. They had to pause the movie to make another drink and they finished before the movie was over but I don't think it was wise to put more liquid in the belly's because of the intense laughter. Oh a side note, they mixed cola, malibu and a little vodka. They all said it just tasted like Pepsi so maybe we found out the secret to Pepsi VS Coke.

I Neil was a little sore from the laughing. And when we got home I was changing into my jammies and Neil noticed the baby had dropped. A lot. Just from this morning. The kid DID NOT enjoy my laughing. He was kicking me like crazy the whole time, enough for Neil to be able to see my belly shifting while I was in the papasan chair and he was on the couch. Hurt but it was so worth it. (I was a little worried my water was going to break last night!)

I have to say yesterday was a pretty fucking awesome day.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spring maybe? Hopefully!

WOW what a pretty day today.
Its 13c / 55f and sunny.
I find now that I am home I really get excited about going out. Last night Neil and I went for a long walk at a park (even swung on the swings) we went to Winners to look around at baby clothing (pricing) and got some Pho. It was a really nice night.
Today we will be chilling with Joe and Angela. Neil wants to get some headphones to use with the PlayStation (so the kid doesn't hear all the gun fire from Call of Duty) and we are gonna watch True Grit.
I really want to go for a walk around Lake Aquatine. It's just so pretty outside and it's starting to feel like Spring. Perfect timing for when my mom comes to visit this Tuesday. I was hoping the kid would be here but if not, at least the weather will be nice for walks!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Liz, Chris and Owen.

Friends of ours are going through a hard time right now. One the the hardest things a parent can go through. Their son was born at 24 weeks. Owen has a long road a head of him but thankfully he has amazing care and two parents that have passed on their fighting nature and passion for life. He sounds like a stubborn strong little guy. Great news is he has reached his two month birthday and is now 3 1/2lbs! (he was 1lb 7oz at birth)
Chris and Liz are trying to raise money for a run to bring attention to premature babies and what causes early labor.
I find it inspiring that they are finding positive in such a negative situation. Liz and Chris both never stop amazing me and how strong they both are.
PLEASE donate, it is for an amazing cause.

You can donate to Owens dad Chris here.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

What to say/ask and what NOT to say/ask a pregnant woman.

So for those of you that have not been preggo before and maybe even for those of you that have here are some things you should NEVER ask/say to a pregnant woman.

1. Is this your first?
I suggest not asking this because you might not like the answer. A lot of women have miscarried, had still birth or lost a child before and this can lead to painful reminders or just uncomfortable situations. I always have a second to decide if I will be open and say no this is not my first, we lost our daughter or if I will just nod politely and be on my way. It still surprises me when health care people ask me this you would think if anyone knew better it would be them. And if someone does say no its not my first DON'T ask what happened. If we wanted you to know we would have told you.

2. WOW you are huge
No one wants to hear this ever. We know we are huge and we know our belly's are round and stick out very far, we know we walk funny (hip displacement is a lot of fun) we don't need strangers or even friends commenting on this. You wouldn't like it if we said it to you.

3. You look tired. (goes with you look huge)
Yet another shock to hear from people almost everyday while I was at work. You wouldn't tell someone that isn't pregnant they look tired because its rude. But soon as you have that round belly people love to tell you how tired you look. Oh of course I look tired I am growing a living being in my uterus that likes to use my bladder as a pillow at night. You would look tired too if you were up every 90 minutes peeing.

4. Laughing
Never laugh at a pregnant woman walking (if you do hide it). Yes it can be hard not to but guess what, we are walking that way cause we are in pain or our hips have shifted and we can't help it. You laughing doesn't make us feel any better about it. My co-worker thought it was just SO FUNNY even though that day the baby dropped and I was trying not to cry the pain in my left hip was so bad. I wanted to punch her out. I think the pain made me grumpy because up till that I didn't really mind too much when people pointed out I was walking like a duck.

5. Horror labor stories.
The amount of horror stories I heard made me second guess if I was ready for this. Unless your story is this "my water broke, I had an hour long labor and then the baby just came out no pain, no tearing and he was perfect and clean" I don't want to hear it. Don't want to hear about a 12lb baby and a 36 hour labor. Don't want to hear about how your friend tore and she had to use a POOP bag for six weeks till she healed. Come on that's just mean. I know its going to hurt and I know there are some risks but I don't need to hear them all the time. Let me have my lie that my labor 'wont be that bad.'

Suggestions for what you can ask/say

1. Do you know if its a boy or girl?
Some people know and some people like to be surprised but this question is safe, and non-offensive to anyone.

2. How far are you along? Wow you look great! (or when is the due date)
No matter what the answer is telling a 8 month preggo woman she looks great will make her feel better. Unlike what happened to me when I was 6 months a sales lady asked how far I was, I said 6 months and she looked at me with her mouth open and said I looked more like I was 8 months. Gee thanks. Why don't you just call me a huge fat ass and be done with it. Jerk.

3. Can I touch your belly?
I had no strangers touch me which was nice. I think the fact that it was winter and I wore a coat helped. I know some friends that were preggo in the summer had a lot of strangers touching them. I actually didn't mind when co-workers touched my belly. And I love it when family or friends do it. I find it very comfy to have my belly rubbed. But its nice to ask before touching someone, it's just polite. Some women might not like it so be prepared to hear NO.

I am sure I missed a few things. Feel free to comment on questions you hated and loved when you were pregnant. I hope this helps non-preggo people understand a bit better why sometimes we will get grumpy with them.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stubborn Baby

I am feeling a little down in the dumps cause I was hoping the kid would be a little early. Based off the 36 week ultrasound we all thought he would be.
I know I am only 39 weeks and 1 day but the doctor didn't give me much hope today. He didn't drop much. We talked about induction and how they wont even check till 8 days past due could be as late as 11 days past due. They don't like to induce because it can lead to c-sections.

Maybe Neil and I will walk tonight and have a little 'alone' time. Everyone keeps telling us to do it. Something about the sperm helping the dilation. I just think our friends are perverts. heh It really is disturbing how many people keep telling us to have sex. Really disturbing.

Also feeling the pressure to have him because every day that goes by is worse timing for Neils work and my mother is coming here on the 12th. I am not really feeling up to entertain and I want her to help us with the kid. Not sitting here bored with me waiting for the kid to come! 

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

First post (way to state the obvious Mary...)

Little back info on me. A Florida native born and raised I met my future husband Neil Bank at Full Sail in Winter Park Florida in Sept 2000. After being close friends and study buddy's we noticed we liked each other.  We were both newly single and started to date (in 2001). I use that term date just on the off chance my son reads this blog one day. He moved back to Canada after school and then after long distance torture he moved back to Florida for more schooling. He worked in Miami after that for a year and then once the visa was up he proposed on St Patricks Day. I said yes. (like I said trying to make this a LITTLE back info). After over a year of paperwork I moved up and we got hitched. It was an awesome wedding. (32 tight knit close people taking over a small B&B in St Marys Ontario for a long weekend in Sept 2007) He is my best friend and a constant source of support and laughter.
After that we grew even closer to each other, had some up's (cruise, traveling, camping) and had some downs (loss of our daughter).
We lost our daughter at 22 weeks gestation April 15th 2010 (she was very sick, she was a stillbirth not a miscarriage). Can you tell it's a sensitive subject to me?
So the timing on this little guy is a bit odd and can be thought of as perfect for a new hope and beginning since his due date is April 12th 2011.

 Our Engagement 2006
 Our Wedding Day Sept 1st 2007
 ATVing in Aruba 2008 (adventure time)
 Budapest (Lake Balton) 2009 at a winery.

So there ya have it. As little back story as I can give.

I am the Senior Graphic Designer at Orchard International and I love my job.
Friday April 1st 2011 was my last day of work for the next year. I am 39 weeks preggo today just sitting here on my sore butt (tale bone) waiting for the baby to stop being lazy and come out.
Everyone keeps asking when I am going to have the baby, like I have a say so in it. Alas he will come when he is ready.

I figured while I am waiting might as well start a blog about it and about the next year of my life. I can not promise once he does come I will have time to update too much but I will try.
I will try my best to share funny happenings with you all, well right now no one follows me, so I will share with future me and do my best to chronicle the adventures.
Me preggo at 34 weeks.