Sunday, 10 April 2011

Holy awesome night Batman!

Yesterday was just great!
Neil picked up the headphones for the PS and then we headed over to Joe and Angela's... a bit late as always.
After chilling, AKA Joe sketching on our iPad and Ang and I chatting, we went for a walk around Lake Aquitaine. It was so friggn' nice out. Walked the whole lake, pretty proud of myself (with no pee breaks!) It was cracking me up to see all the kids go ape shit over Tumbler. DOGGY!!!!
After that we headed out for dinner. I had duck at a Chinese restaurant for the first time (not Peking just normal) it was pretty friggn' good.
Angela mentioned this movie called The Room. We went on a hunt to get it because it just sounded so awesomely bad we couldn't pass up on. After deciding to get it no matter what, we hit the booze store. The guys were gonna drink and we were gonna watch the movie. (I had some cola, such a rebel).

Oh my god. SUCH an awesome movie. I think we all almost got sick from laughing. One part these strangers come into the main characters house and start making out with chocolate, eating bonbons out of each others mouth very messily and the movie froze right as a guy was making a 'pleasure' face. And it was awesome! He was eating candy and trying to look like he was enjoying himself but it was so over the top we all just died laughing. Our tummy's all hurt SO BAD. The movie froze a few times but every time it was at such funny moments we just couldn't stop laughing!
(don't let the cover scare you)
Just check out the Quotes from the movie! said "Borat trying to do an impression of Christopher Walken playing a mental patient." If that doesn't make you want to see it I don't know what will!

Neil, Angela and Joe did a drinking game. When you see Tommy Wiseau's name in the credits, when he laughs at the end of a sentence, when they toss a foot ball, when the chick says she doesn't love the main character, when the main character makes a chicken sound... you drink. And a few more I know I have forgotten. They had to pause the movie to make another drink and they finished before the movie was over but I don't think it was wise to put more liquid in the belly's because of the intense laughter. Oh a side note, they mixed cola, malibu and a little vodka. They all said it just tasted like Pepsi so maybe we found out the secret to Pepsi VS Coke.

I Neil was a little sore from the laughing. And when we got home I was changing into my jammies and Neil noticed the baby had dropped. A lot. Just from this morning. The kid DID NOT enjoy my laughing. He was kicking me like crazy the whole time, enough for Neil to be able to see my belly shifting while I was in the papasan chair and he was on the couch. Hurt but it was so worth it. (I was a little worried my water was going to break last night!)

I have to say yesterday was a pretty fucking awesome day.

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