Monday, 11 April 2011

Early morning scare and other lame adventures.

I got up at 6:30 to pee this morning and when I laid back down I had crazy intense pain. I started to cry out (which is not like me) and Neil had to help me get out of bed. My belly got super hard (which its been doing a lot the past few weeks) and it just was PAIN. Not the normal pain I have gotten used to of the false labor but wow just ouch. Neil and I came out into the living room, I had a glass of water and was walking back and forth. Neil laid down on the futon, poor guy. Then Neil mentioned maybe the baby is in duress so I sat with a cranberry juice and waited to feel him move. (he is okay and active) After a few minutes the pain stopped and my belly went to normal.

I got my hopes up this was it and nada. I don't know what it was. Maybe I just needed the water, or maybe it was just an intense false contraction.
Little disappointed it didn't start today. I thought for sure it would. I just feel like the kid is going to come this week.
Maybe its just me being hopeful.

I know I will look back on this and remark about how stupid I was to want him out and how I should have enjoyed the quiet before the storm. But with the pregnancy of Abbey and this guy I feel like I have been preggo forever and I am really ready to be a mom.

I killed today by cleaning like crazy because my mom will be here tomorrow afternoon. I also made a super awesome dinner and banana bread. I sure am getting the hang of being a house wife. I just figure if Neil has to get up and go into work and I get to spend my time napping and watching movies, and later spend my time bonding with our son... I can a least clean the house and make some food. I say that now knowing once the kid is here that will stop for a bit. So I am enjoying my home cook food and clean house while I have it.
And the weather was so awesome today I had the windows open. 
Mmmmm breezy.

Not too entertaining of a blog update but not everyday is going to be super awesome or full of funny antidotes.

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