Monday, 21 May 2012

Mothers Day

I have been so bad about writing on here since being back to work. Bad Mary.

Mothers day weekend was awesome. I got to sleep in BOTH days which was super of Neil to do. I know how much sleep means to us both. (we had a few rough nights with Ryan). Its funny, when you have a kid that doesn't sleep for a year you get sort of used to it. Then when the kid starts to sleep its really hard when he regresses and has a few rough nights.
Sunday I woke up a little early though. I come out in to the main part of the house and Neil sees me. I get "What are you doing up! Go back to bed you are going to ruin your surprise." (this coming from the kitchen) I see Ryan walking toward me with a charger cable in the living room. I start laughing and tell Neil its all good I will hang out with Ryan in the living room while he works on my breakfast surprise.

Neil brings me a cup of coffee while I play with Ry. We all sit at the table as Neil brings out maple syrup and his pancakes he made from scratch. YUM.
Plain ones, blueberry and chocolate chip!
Some of them are a little crispy around the ends but they are so so yummy. Ryan ate about 4 of them. (small ones) I think we both liked the blueberry ones the most which shocked Neil and me. I am not a fan of stuff in my pancakes but the blueberry ones were so yummy. Got an awesome picture of Ryan with blueberry all over his face which was funny. He shoved a blueberry up his nose and was laughing but by the time I got the picture he had pulled it out and set it to the side.
I got a super sweet card that Neil signed and helped Ryan to sign. Put a crayon in Ryans hand and helped him write it. I also got a $25 gift card to Tim Hortons which is pretty cool. The night before Neil got me Batman Arkham City. SCORE!

We ended the day at Rita & Tim's place for a really nice family cook out. Mothers day and Sandor's Birthday (grandpa). Lucy was even there (doggy).

All and all it was a pretty sweet mothers day. I think my favorite part was either the card or having pancakes with my two favorite men in the whole wide world.

 Saturday before mothers day we had a BBQ at Rita's house, just the three of us.
 Mmmmmm blueberry pancakes (nose blueberry in the lower right corner)
My super awesome fantastic kick-ass card. :D

Update on the stuff Ryan is doing now that he hit 13 months this week.
He sleeps all night about 90% of the time and wakes up between 530-7am.
He walks with no issues, though he had a rough time yesterday in Milk & Janets yard with his new sandals on.
I am pretty sure he can say 'thanks' and Gabi will back me up on this. He LOVES milk, finally he is drinking cows milk and when he sees an empty bottle he will go crazy till you give him milk. We are trying to wean him off breast feeding at bedtime. Trying to get it down to only morning boob and then hopefully in a few weeks none.I think around 18 months we will wean from the bottles of milk.
He loves bath time still. We found he also loves sandboxes. I saw a little of it last week when we were at the park playing but yesterday and Mike & Janets he really got into it. They have an awesome sandbox with a lid on it in the shape of a crab. Its on sale right now at TRU.
Neil and I are going to get him one for the grandfolk's place.
He still doesn't talk much. He says daddy and mom no problem but I have not noticed any other words just yet (other then thanks). We were looking up developmental milestones and on talking he is a little behind. Other things he is super ahead. Like turning the pages in his book, running after a ball, bending over to pick up stuff, sharing with you... using everything as a phone but knowing the phone really is a phone.
He is such an active kid. I am so happy he is back to being my happy guy again. For a little bit he was super whiney and just in a bad mood. Maybe he had tummy pain like I did this past friday (felt sick all day and then come home and barfed everything up). If he has the sick feeling like me no wonder he was grumpy and not wanting to eat. Poor guy.
Hopefully we will be tummy bug free for a bit. I can handle the boogers thanks to day care but the tummy pain SUCKS and Ryan having a tummy bug super sucks.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Virus of doom

Tuesday Neil came home from work and passed out on the futon. Then around 8 went to bed. He had a fever and felt sick to his stomach. Wednesday he stayed home with a wicked case of the runny-butt. I got a call from the day care Ryan vomited around 3pm. When a kid vomits they have to go home ASAP.

He vomited on me in the elevator up to our condo, twice. After eating a few sweet potato fries for dinner he barfed those up as well. Caught that in my hand. After he went to bed, barfed around 3am. Neil heard that one, go dad go (just a light cough and Neil knew)! In the morning he took four bites of apple sauce and a lot of liquid, he barfed up on me twice. I went to work and Neil was at home.
Visit to the doctor in the early afternoon which was a waste of time. Ryan has a tummy bug, give him liquids, watch for dehydration and try to get him to eat a little bit. All day and no barfing on dad. Gave him a lot of Pedialyte and some of grandmas chicken. He kept it down with a lot of breast milk too! THANK YOU. bath and some crying and now he is sleeping. Fingers crossed we go without any vomits and it really was just a 24 hour bug and not the 72 hour one Neil had.
I ran to the bathroom and almost horked tonight.
For Day Care it has to be 24 hours before he can go back of no vomits. Last barf was around 7am.
If I keep feeling like this I hope with all my might he can go to day care cause taking care of him feeling like I do right now does not sound like fun.
Man I hope I get Ryans and not Neils sickness.

Feeling like poop warmed over. Gonna go to bed. Night folks.
Sick peanut is sick. :(

I really feel like a mom now. Something about your kid barfing on you over and over just really makes me feel like a mom. Maybe it's because I remember doing that to my mom and she would just clean us up and then comfort me. I get it now. I SOOOOO get it. A huge thank you to my mother for not going "HOLY SHIT EWWWWWWWW" and then dumping me on the ground. As a mom I understand why she couldn't do that as much as she might have wanted to.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Flowers... for me?!

Yesterday while we were cleaning up the old place Gabi was watching Ry for us. She took him to the park. When they came back she brought him downstairs to us and he had three flowers in his hand.
It was amazingly sweet. Gabi and Ryan picked daffodils for me. He would hand me three of them, take one back, give it back to me, take it back, try to get Gabi to eat one, take it and give it to me and so on. It was something small but it made my day.
Gabi told me it was mothers day in Hungary. I wish I would have gotten a picture of the flowers or Ryan with the them or something.
Come on brain, do not forget this awesome sweetness from Ryan.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

So many things in my brain.

So many things to write about so little time.
The wedding last weekend went off without any issues. It was beautiful, amazing and filled with love and fun. I might write more detail later. (with pictures!)

Today was spent cleaning the old place. I think we made a great dent. Could not have done it without Gabi's help. She took care of Ryan from 1:30-6pm. I really dont know what we would do without Neils parents.

Makes me a little sad I got so little time with Ry this weekend. Saturday was The Avengers which was AWESOME and today was cleaning. Trust me when I say I much rather have spent the day outside with Ryan and Neil playing in the park or going for a walk them cleaning our old apartment.
I digress, we got a lot done which feels great.

So stuff with Ryan. He has had some hard days. Just when we think the runny nose is better it gets worse. Thats the crappy thing about day care. Bonus is the sleeping. He sleeps much easier. I do wish the day care would give him more naps. I hate when he only has one nap and goes super crazy pants when we get home because he is so tired. He is a 1 year old. HE NEEDS TO SLEEP.
However, for now, he is still sleeping through the night, mostly. Sometimes he will wake, we think he has teeth coming in soon. God help us.

Today he grabbed his dirty shirt off the floor and tried to put it on himself, it was pretty cute. He does this open and close hand thing when he wants something really bad, normally its when he wants me. He acts up a lot more around me then anyone else. Day care says he is perfect. I was also warned this might happen. Its all normal. We spent all day and all night together. Now we have a two bedroom so he has his own room and he is in day care from 815-515. Neil and I try to spend as much time as we can with him. Ryan helps with this by waking up at 530 in the morning. :/
He is walking on his own all the time now, he even does this sort of running jog thing when he is excited or wants to get somewhere. I think he likes the condo. So much more room for him to run around in and explore and man, does he ever. He holds his own cup (this is a brand new things!) and knows what to do to drink from it. Somehow he learned about straws and can drink from that as well. He started Whole milk but he is not a fan of it. When he eats food he doesnt want he will ether pull it from his mouth and let it fall on the tray or floor or he will just open up his mouth and push the food out. Both are very funny and its super hard to refrain from laughing when he does it.

I found out my mothers day gift today from Neil. He is taking all my blog posts from the first one till Ryan hit one year, that is about 100 posts, and putting them in a book. He is having it done through apple which we are fond of using. (Rita and Tim wedding, Ryans albums, Sloanes first year album) they are a little pricy but so nice. This is a book I will always have. I can let Ryan read it when he is old enough to understand, I can re-read it and hold it in my hands. The pictures from me pregnant, ryan just born, apple picking, zoo, his shower, swimming for the first time, bath time, eating, sleeping, breast feeding, smiles, crying... so many memories in this past year to enjoy. It's awesome. Even more so since Ry is growing so much every week he is changing and becoming a little kid not a baby.

Now I need to come up with something for fathers day other then what I had planned. though to be fair he did get an iPad. :D

Work is hard. Neil thinks I lost my thick skin. I think I agree with him. I am offended and hurt much easier then I used to be. Some women have even commented about how happy I am now and smily. Most of the time this is true, why wouldn't I be. I have an amazing family and life, we are extremely lucky. Some women are mean, for the sake of being mean and I have no idea WHY they are. I do not understand or know what I did to upset them so since I have been away for a year, I dont think I did much to them. I often wonder if sometimes I did something and am just unaware. Maybe me coming back upsets the power or something? I mean come on, I am a graphic artist. Yeah I used to have a little more pull there before leaving so long but that will come back with time. Dont get me wrong, I enjoy my job, a lot, (when bitches are not being catty bitches) but I don't make it my main focus when I go home. I go home. I enjoy being home. I dont think about work at home anymore.
I hope things go back to normal. Though Neil has been telling me these mean women were mean before, I just didn't care as much before I left. I used to say "fuck those bitches" Now I say "I wonder why they dont like me." So lame I have become.
Thicken up skin, I am tired of being sad at work.

I miss my son. I will watch him on my break sometimes online and sometimes it makes me smile or laugh. And sometimes it makes my day even harder to get through. Helps we are super busy but watching him cuddling the ladies at his day care hurts and gives me a little relief. Unless you are a mom you will never understand this battle of feelings.

I have changed so much. I used to hate women that said that to me. "you are not a mom, you dont get it" but sorry ladies, its true.
Something changes in you, or at least it should. 

Okay enough, go to bed Mary. I keep staying up way to late and getting 5-6 hours sleep and then working all day and then running around like a crazy lady at night trying to prepare and clean.

I have yet to find my working mom groove. Hopefully that will come with time as well.
Any hits or tips for me?