Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Walking Baby

Ryan started walking today on his own. More then just once. All day he was walking back and forth with no help like it ain't no thing.
Check it out.
I am a very proud mom. He was super happy today too. I hope it lasts in the night time. He woke up 5 times last night. 5 flippn' times. One of the times he was fake crying from 5-6am on and off.
Drove me insane. I can take his real crying. When he is hurting (teeth) or cold, thirsty, scared and so on. The fake crying annoys the crap out of me.
8 more days til he has his own room and he can fake cry all he wants. Real crying I will go in there fake crying he is on his own.

In other awesome news we have a new sofa and chair. The sofa has a chaise lounge that can be swapped with the chair. So that way when we move we can make the chair into a chaise and then the sofa can just be normal. That was pretty expensive. Marked down from almost 3k though. We also got a real wood kitchen table and four chairs off Kijiji for $80. AND we have a bed frame. We got the Henmes Ikea one in dark wood for $70. The guy is delivering it to our house Thursday. So excited. That is normal $429!
I love Kijiji so much.

Carpet cleaners are coming to the condo Tuesday and this weekend is painting as much as we can. We thought it would be just the bedrooms and one bathroom but the hallway needs love. Now we think we are going to paint the living room too. Hard to tell right now cause there is still some stuff and it was pretty dark when we went over today. There are some holes in the wall (from frames and stuff) we need to patch up so looks like we will have to paint.
Oh did I mention we are moving in NEXT Saturday ACK!
Friends are helping us paint so hopefully we can get most of it done. 

Happy to report Ryan is eating like crazy again. Hard to get him to eat much but he loves everything else. He is even trying to feed himself with a kid fork. He got mad at it and tossed it and then picked the food up with his fingers but he is trying.
Ryan having fun this morning with Neil and I. He was pretty happy to see his dad since Neil has been busy helping pack up his folks he hasn't been home much at night. They should have fun Saturday while I am celebrating the soon to be Mrs Robin Bank. :D

The shots are blurry cause this kid doesn't stop moving and lets face it, its a camera phone people, doesn't get the best shots. 
 AHHH! Stop tickling me dad!
 My boys making doofy faces. This made me tear up I was laughing so hard.
Cute little ham.

Friday, 23 March 2012


For over a week Ryan has been not wanting to eat. Which scared me a little. Yes he is a big kid and has a little padding on him so he would be fine but still. It worried me because he also had a bad fever earlier this week as well.
Turns out he just didnt want baby mush anymore. He wants big kid food.
Shit, this is a lot harder to make. Seasoning it more and how to cook food that a kid with only 8 teeth can eat and not choke on. This is harder then it sounds. Cook the fruit and veggy enough so it is soft but not soft enough to be mush, cook meat enough so its cooked all the way but not dry.
Well today at lunch he has baked pears (perfect!) sweet potato fries (amazing recipe I enjoy them as well) and turkey meatballs. Thankfully he is eating all of it. He is going for the sweet potato fries first, then the pears and then the meat. hahaha
I have to limit how much I put on his try cause he put everything in his mouth and started to gag. He eats fast like his daddy.

 Mmmmm pears (sweet potato in the closed hand)
 Where did that pear go?
It's okay I have more!

Happy he is enjoying food again. Now to finishing making his Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Nuggets for dinner.

Turkey Meat Balls here.
Broccoli Nuggets here.

Follow that with lots of water!

Thursday, 22 March 2012


So we are moving in two weeks. April 6th 9am-12pm.
Shit. I really need to pack.

We have been hunting for a sofa the past two nights and I think we found one we liked. Just have to double check one more time.
So after assessing what we have (its not much) we figure the condo will be very roomy and open. We are hoping to keep it that way. Downside is there is not much storage space. Upside is we get two bathrooms, TWO bedrooms, a den (aka guest room) a dishwasher (never had one before ever!) and not living with any family at all.
Neil and I were talking last night and Neil pointed out since we have been married we have lived with family. I pointed out that even in Florida when we lived together it was across the street from my folks.
We will be a block away from Rita and Tim but they can not see into our windows so it's pretty private. heh
When I first moved up we shared an apartment in Port Credit with Robin (brother in law). I think he would agree with me that we should never ever ever live together again... ever. We fought a lot. I hated it and I am pretty sure he did too. Oh we had some fun too, it wasn't all bad but we both are difficult to live with. Maybe me more so... I leave my crap all over the place but if you leave a dirty dish in the sink I will break you face with your own foot. Yeah maybe it was mostly me. 

Anywho, to save money we rented the first level (basement) of the townhouse Rita and Tim own. 700 bucks a month is not bad. Full size washer and dryer which I missed a lot living in the apartment. So though we didn't live WITH them it was still sort of with them. Though Neil and I will always be grateful because if it wasn't for this place (which was 1/2 the rent in port credit) we would still be in debt pretty bad. However I will NOT miss the stomping, or screaming at 8am when a football game is on. Or the tiny 'closet' in the bedroom, or sharing a bedroom with my almost 1 year old son. 
I think that will be best thing ever. Ryan will have his own room. HIS OWN ROOM PEOPLE.
The weekend of the 31st we are going to try to paint a few rooms. Ryans room is an almost black purple and our bedroom is a dark forest green. Yikes. So we have both bedrooms to paint and the master bathroom (which is dark purple). We rather not paint while Ryan is there. Then we run the issue of who will watch him? Gabi will be busy trying to get her house in order, Rita is in Budapest. Maybe we can take Robin and Christina up on the offer to watch him but the 31st is Christina's bachelorette party. Hmmmmmm

Neils folks are moving out of the condo (oh I forgot to mention we bought the condo from them) the 28th. Hopefully most of the stuff will be out. They have A LOT of stuff. A LOT.
The reason I am pushing so hard is because we are moving in April 6th. Then my mom comes into town the 10th (that Tuesday). Saturday the 14th is Ryan's 1 year birthday party, the 21st is Robins Bachelor party and the 28th is the wedding... see how the timing is just shit?

Anyone out there want to watch a super cute baby for us or help Neil paint the 31st and 1st of April? 
Just for a few hours...

Sherry is watching him for us April 6th which is super awesome of her and Roland. They like having Ryan around and he likes them a lot too!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Worst dream ever

Just woke up to a phone call telling me no Zumba today due to March Break. Perfect timing of a phone call.

In the dream things were great. We had a nice house (Neil, Ryan and I) and Neil convinced me to volunteer at a community home helping people out. Mentaly challenged, depressed, bad home situations and abuse cases. About a week goes by and my childhood friend Heather comes in. We were so happy to see each other. We were catching up when she told me they wanted me to live there. They showed me a very nice room and said it would be for just me. I told them that was sweet but I was living with my husband and son, why would I live apart from them? Neil comes into the room and tells me that he thinks it would be good for me to live there and I can help out full time. I start to get scared and I ask if he is trying to divorce me. Him and Heather look at each other. She starts to pull stuff off the shelf like Ryan's birth announcement my mom made us. I start to get pissed asking why that is here... Neil starts to cry and turns to me and says "Monkey, Ryan has been dead for over a year."
I start to freak out and I am screaming "no he isn't I just took him to day care today!"
Neil starts to really cry and Heather came over to me and hugs me. Then the phone woke me up.

Worst dream ever.

When I was telling Neil the dream just now I started to cry so hard I choked on getting out the "Ry is dead" part. That is how I know my period will be here soon. 

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Growing up and screw that, I want your food mom!

Ryan is starting to dislike his 'baby' food and wanting to eat what Neil and I have for dinner. Tonight he has his beef stew/avocado mix I made but he also had some of our rice with avocado, orange bell pepper, beef and wrap (burritos ) all food is home made. He likes spicy too. I have to get more creative with his food. I think he is getting bored. 
Time for us to start eating whole wheat pastas and more veggies with dinner. And less salt. Last night he had some of my Orange Beef and Broccoli. He love it.

He is smart too. I have tried to pretend to scoop his spoon into my dinner and give it to him (preloaded with his food) but soon as I get it to his mouth he goes AH! and puts his hand out to hit it. Then he sees me eat my food or Neil eat his and he makes this ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh sound meaning "put that food in my mouth, that food is good and not mushy!"
Time to whip out that butternut squash ravioli I made him a few weeks ago but he has some issues eating it. I think he can handle it now if I dont brown it too much. Keep it soft and cut it up small. (wontons filled with butternut squash and then you pan fry in a very small amount of oil)

I found some recipes to try out I might make Friday if he is not too clingy. Today he wanted to be attached to me for some reason. Make it hard to cook.
Going to try to make this.
Cheese Carrot pasta (good for lunch)
And this
Carrot Snack sticks
Better watch out for the carrots though, I don't want his nose turning orange again.
I will have to cut up whatever we are having for dinner and give it to him starting pretty soon. Really will have to check the salt intake. Low sodium soy sauce is a must. Leave out the rooster sauce for a bit. Too spicy for him and too salty. We eat way to much salt in this family.

Neil and I were talking today about how we always thought Ryan's learning would be a curve. He learns in steps, its fast and sudden learning. Tonight we were waving at him (opening and closing our hands) while saying HI and then Neil and I started waving our hands normally. Ry copied us, his first time for a real wave. During his sink bath when he sat down he leaned forward all excited and scooped the bubbles toward him with both hands. Before he didn't really play with the bubbles. He might eat a few but that's it. It's insane how much of a sponge he is. He also LOVES to high five us. And tonight when giving him his sippy cup I said "drink" and did the sign. He did it back!!! I was so excited!!!
He also gets super excited when he sees his tooth brush. We use that finger glove thing still with floride free paste. I told Neil for Ryan's birthday I am going to get him a big boy tooth brush. 
Might come off as lame to you but trust me this kid will love it.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Doping up the kid, walking on his own and let me in!

Last night while getting Ryan dressed for bed I noticed he had a bad red rash on his face. I thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to something (he was very fussy as well). Neil and I gave him baby Benadryl for the first time. I warned Neil it said on the package it might make him either tired or excited.
Well Ryan slept from about 7:45pm till 5:30am. He has NEVER done that before. I mean never, most we have ever gotten out of him was 6-7 hours of sleep. I fed him at 5:30am and he went back to sleep curled up with me until Neils alarm went off a little after 7am.
I think it was good he got so much sleep, he is still fighting the cold he got last week.

Tuesday lunch time I noticed something. I was blowing on his food because it was hot and when I put the food near his mouth he would blow on it too! It's awesome how much he copies people. I love it. He is just this big sponge. In regards to the waving hi Neil said he thinks Ryan doesn't know what it means. He just knows it gets a huge reaction out of us when he copies us. 
 It's silly, if you told me 10 years ago I would get excited about a baby waving or blowing on food I would have laughed at you. Now it makes my day.
 It's strange how much you change when you have a kid. I never understood it or thought other women were full of shit and sometimes they even got pity from me. Now I get it. I SO get it. Ryan is amazing. Everything he does is amazing. When he hits developmental milestones it thrills me to my toes.

 Now if only he would stop being a scaredy cat and walk! He can do it. He does it more and more but he gets scared and sits down and starts crawling. He has been walking (with help) since December, it's March now. We practise one hand walking (I only let him hold one hand) and I will walk beside him. Then I let go and turn around and hold out my hands for him to come to me. Which he does most of the time.
Video of him walking.

Ry has also started trying to open the bedroom door. He will stand on his tippy toes and touch the door knob. He knows that is how you open the door but thankfully he can not reach high enough to do it. Yikes. Isn't it a bit early to be trying to open doors? He also started opening the cabinets under the sink.

 LET ME IN! (sorry so blurry, this kid moves a lot)
 This morning chewing on everything... new teeth coming soon? BAH!
Tiny hands not so tiny anymore. (this was taken today)
This was one month old. So tiny. My thumb is GIANT in his hand.
This year is going way to fast.