Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Walking Baby

Ryan started walking today on his own. More then just once. All day he was walking back and forth with no help like it ain't no thing.
Check it out.
I am a very proud mom. He was super happy today too. I hope it lasts in the night time. He woke up 5 times last night. 5 flippn' times. One of the times he was fake crying from 5-6am on and off.
Drove me insane. I can take his real crying. When he is hurting (teeth) or cold, thirsty, scared and so on. The fake crying annoys the crap out of me.
8 more days til he has his own room and he can fake cry all he wants. Real crying I will go in there fake crying he is on his own.

In other awesome news we have a new sofa and chair. The sofa has a chaise lounge that can be swapped with the chair. So that way when we move we can make the chair into a chaise and then the sofa can just be normal. That was pretty expensive. Marked down from almost 3k though. We also got a real wood kitchen table and four chairs off Kijiji for $80. AND we have a bed frame. We got the Henmes Ikea one in dark wood for $70. The guy is delivering it to our house Thursday. So excited. That is normal $429!
I love Kijiji so much.

Carpet cleaners are coming to the condo Tuesday and this weekend is painting as much as we can. We thought it would be just the bedrooms and one bathroom but the hallway needs love. Now we think we are going to paint the living room too. Hard to tell right now cause there is still some stuff and it was pretty dark when we went over today. There are some holes in the wall (from frames and stuff) we need to patch up so looks like we will have to paint.
Oh did I mention we are moving in NEXT Saturday ACK!
Friends are helping us paint so hopefully we can get most of it done. 

Happy to report Ryan is eating like crazy again. Hard to get him to eat much but he loves everything else. He is even trying to feed himself with a kid fork. He got mad at it and tossed it and then picked the food up with his fingers but he is trying.
Ryan having fun this morning with Neil and I. He was pretty happy to see his dad since Neil has been busy helping pack up his folks he hasn't been home much at night. They should have fun Saturday while I am celebrating the soon to be Mrs Robin Bank. :D

The shots are blurry cause this kid doesn't stop moving and lets face it, its a camera phone people, doesn't get the best shots. 
 AHHH! Stop tickling me dad!
 My boys making doofy faces. This made me tear up I was laughing so hard.
Cute little ham.

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