Thursday, 8 March 2012

Growing up and screw that, I want your food mom!

Ryan is starting to dislike his 'baby' food and wanting to eat what Neil and I have for dinner. Tonight he has his beef stew/avocado mix I made but he also had some of our rice with avocado, orange bell pepper, beef and wrap (burritos ) all food is home made. He likes spicy too. I have to get more creative with his food. I think he is getting bored. 
Time for us to start eating whole wheat pastas and more veggies with dinner. And less salt. Last night he had some of my Orange Beef and Broccoli. He love it.

He is smart too. I have tried to pretend to scoop his spoon into my dinner and give it to him (preloaded with his food) but soon as I get it to his mouth he goes AH! and puts his hand out to hit it. Then he sees me eat my food or Neil eat his and he makes this ahhhh ahhhhhhhhh sound meaning "put that food in my mouth, that food is good and not mushy!"
Time to whip out that butternut squash ravioli I made him a few weeks ago but he has some issues eating it. I think he can handle it now if I dont brown it too much. Keep it soft and cut it up small. (wontons filled with butternut squash and then you pan fry in a very small amount of oil)

I found some recipes to try out I might make Friday if he is not too clingy. Today he wanted to be attached to me for some reason. Make it hard to cook.
Going to try to make this.
Cheese Carrot pasta (good for lunch)
And this
Carrot Snack sticks
Better watch out for the carrots though, I don't want his nose turning orange again.
I will have to cut up whatever we are having for dinner and give it to him starting pretty soon. Really will have to check the salt intake. Low sodium soy sauce is a must. Leave out the rooster sauce for a bit. Too spicy for him and too salty. We eat way to much salt in this family.

Neil and I were talking today about how we always thought Ryan's learning would be a curve. He learns in steps, its fast and sudden learning. Tonight we were waving at him (opening and closing our hands) while saying HI and then Neil and I started waving our hands normally. Ry copied us, his first time for a real wave. During his sink bath when he sat down he leaned forward all excited and scooped the bubbles toward him with both hands. Before he didn't really play with the bubbles. He might eat a few but that's it. It's insane how much of a sponge he is. He also LOVES to high five us. And tonight when giving him his sippy cup I said "drink" and did the sign. He did it back!!! I was so excited!!!
He also gets super excited when he sees his tooth brush. We use that finger glove thing still with floride free paste. I told Neil for Ryan's birthday I am going to get him a big boy tooth brush. 
Might come off as lame to you but trust me this kid will love it.

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