Friday, 23 March 2012


For over a week Ryan has been not wanting to eat. Which scared me a little. Yes he is a big kid and has a little padding on him so he would be fine but still. It worried me because he also had a bad fever earlier this week as well.
Turns out he just didnt want baby mush anymore. He wants big kid food.
Shit, this is a lot harder to make. Seasoning it more and how to cook food that a kid with only 8 teeth can eat and not choke on. This is harder then it sounds. Cook the fruit and veggy enough so it is soft but not soft enough to be mush, cook meat enough so its cooked all the way but not dry.
Well today at lunch he has baked pears (perfect!) sweet potato fries (amazing recipe I enjoy them as well) and turkey meatballs. Thankfully he is eating all of it. He is going for the sweet potato fries first, then the pears and then the meat. hahaha
I have to limit how much I put on his try cause he put everything in his mouth and started to gag. He eats fast like his daddy.

 Mmmmm pears (sweet potato in the closed hand)
 Where did that pear go?
It's okay I have more!

Happy he is enjoying food again. Now to finishing making his Broccoli & Cheddar Cheese Nuggets for dinner.

Turkey Meat Balls here.
Broccoli Nuggets here.

Follow that with lots of water!

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