Thursday, 17 November 2011

Seven Months

Happy Seven months Ryan.

He can sit up alone, still trying to crawl and does that army shuffle along the ground. He lifts himself up on knees and arms and will rock back and forth. He is faster, so any week now.
He does this open and close wave thing with his hand. I am hoping he is learning the sign language I have been trying to teach him. Food and Drink are the only ones now but soon I want to teach Mommy, Daddy and tired. (neil thinks he is)

He is turning into a bit of a brat. He whines a lot at nap time and bedtime. He is starting to whine when playing too. I ignore him until he stops then I will pick him up or cuddle him. Got to break that habit soon. Still not sleeping through the night. Last friday he slept 5 hours and then 4 hours. Which was GREAT but the past few nights have been bad and back to the 1-2 waking.

His hair is getting long! He has curls now but only on top which is super cute.

He still liked strangers, mostly women, but now he is starting to duck his head into my shoulder to hide. I hope he doesn't go through the stranger fear stuff. I love having a happy friendly baby.

Oh also he is awesome at going out for lunch as long as I have some food for him to eat so he doesn't feel left out. The past two days I went to lunch with Emily and he was awesome both days (he hit his head on the table one day and cried a little). He just likes to be out looking at stuff. I worry he will be bored when we go back home. We have been going out so much since I have been in Florida. I guess we will have to have play time and meet up with Janet and the girls while she is on Mat leave since Tara is back working now. :(

I just wanted to do a quick update on Ryan on his seventh month birthday so in the future I can remember all these fun and crazy times.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Neil gone back home.

Neil flew home this morning. He said it was awesome he had a row to himself, I hope we are that lucky when Ry and I fly home.

I went out to eat without him for the first time, it was hard. My mom took Ry and I to Olive Garden.
He was pretty good until the end and was crying a lot. I took him outside and he was fine. I am so used to Neil being there and we have a good routine. I take him so Neil can eat about half his meal and then he will take him so I can eat half my meal and we switch back and forth. Pretty much hold him and play with him till your arms get tired (he is 23lbs!) and hand him off.
It sucked not having Neil to hand him off too!

I don't get Olive Garden.The past few times I have been there I didn't really like the food and its not that cheep either. Breadsticks are good but I don't get the love people have for it. Mom got soup and salad for $6 which is a great deal so maybe I would feel different. I got seafood pasta. It was okay but heavy. Much heavier then I thought it would be. 

Maybe I am just a HUGE food snob now. Gee thanks Neil for turning me into a food snob!

Ryan ate bananas sliced up tonight on his tray. He tried to get it to his mouth and didnt do that good a job but understood when I gave it to him. He got super sticky but had a great time. Gonna introduce chicken to him soon. Exciting stuff.


Thursday, 3 November 2011

Florida trip thus far

The flight was great. Ryan was amazing. He was so good in all the line ups (ticket, customs, security) and when we were at a pub grabbing food he was super good too. When we got on the plane the guy next to Neil made a face when he saw Ryan. A "oh great a fucking baby" face. Normally I wouldn't give a shit but Ryan had yet to even make a peep. The stewardess saw this and offered the guy a new seat once we were in the air and the seat belt light was off. Funny enough the new seat was behind a baby that WAS crying. As we were taking off I put Ryan on the boob and he was fine. No crying or fussing at all. HE even passed out after eating and slept the whole way. I woke him a little while landing and put him on the boob again. He was great in the line up waiting for the car (about midnight now).
Once we got to my folks house all hell broke loose. He had a rough night and around 4am we got him back to sleep and put him in bed with us. The next night was a nightmare as well.
Halloween was very disappointing. Dressed him up in his batman oneise and the awesome cape Christina made and went outside to hand out candy. Before the first kid came a mosquito landed on Ryan's head and after that he started to cry. We had to go inside and I didn't even get to show off Ryan or look at the other kids outfits (all three batches that came).

Neil was sleeping by 630 on the couch and was out there all night till 5am. Ryan and I had the bed in my moms room. Dad was sleeping by 7 and mom went to bed at 830 after helping me give Ryan a bath in his super cute duck bathtub. 
I was in bed around 930.

Next night we were out shopping a lot and in the evening after dinner with my folks we went out to visit Delaney and her family. Ryan lost his shit. I mean really lost it. Was screaming and crying for about 35 min straight. Neil got some burps out of him and he was okay. On edge but okay.

Last night and the night before he slept great though. He slept in his bed all night and in 3 hours stretches which was nice for Neil and I. He even slept in, 10am the other day and 915 today. Normally he is up at 7-730. I wonder if going out so much is making him tired or just being someplace new.
I made him some food and he is doing a bit better. He had a fever last night which worried me and his pee was a little smelly but he is better now. Just keeping an eye on him.

I was super freaked about Neil leaving Saturday and me being here with Ryan for over 2 weeks without him. This week really hit me how much I really rely on Neil to help me when it gets tiring or hard or Ryan is in a mood. I worry about stressing my folks out. I hope they will help me if it gets bad. I have an all new respect for single moms. I couldn't imagine it. My mom is out of shape with a bad back so its limited what she can do and dad has a bum heart and really shouldn't hold Ryan too much cause he is heavy.

Back to taking nighttime showers when Ryan is sleeping. :P

Weather is HOT here. Well compared to Canada. We turned on the air today it was pretty warm with the humidity. Enjoying it while we have it. Though it looks like they are having a nice weather back home.

Funny how Canada is my home now. I miss it. I dont really miss Florida anymore. Doesn't feel like home. I like being here. I love seeing my family and friends but I miss my home.

I think we are adapting well here though. Poor Neil is crippled though. His back is fucked up, along with neck, arms and sides. Soft bed with a kid that likes to bounce and doesn't have a bouncer... he is not used to it.

Tonight was fun visiting with some of our friends. Ryan was pretty good. Got grumpy tired toward the end and just wanted to feed on me non-stop. (it knocks him out). I hope to see them again before I leave.
Next weekend is Jenn and the weekend after that is my sister visiting. Please let Ryan be in a good mood both weekends... please.