Thursday, 17 November 2011

Seven Months

Happy Seven months Ryan.

He can sit up alone, still trying to crawl and does that army shuffle along the ground. He lifts himself up on knees and arms and will rock back and forth. He is faster, so any week now.
He does this open and close wave thing with his hand. I am hoping he is learning the sign language I have been trying to teach him. Food and Drink are the only ones now but soon I want to teach Mommy, Daddy and tired. (neil thinks he is)

He is turning into a bit of a brat. He whines a lot at nap time and bedtime. He is starting to whine when playing too. I ignore him until he stops then I will pick him up or cuddle him. Got to break that habit soon. Still not sleeping through the night. Last friday he slept 5 hours and then 4 hours. Which was GREAT but the past few nights have been bad and back to the 1-2 waking.

His hair is getting long! He has curls now but only on top which is super cute.

He still liked strangers, mostly women, but now he is starting to duck his head into my shoulder to hide. I hope he doesn't go through the stranger fear stuff. I love having a happy friendly baby.

Oh also he is awesome at going out for lunch as long as I have some food for him to eat so he doesn't feel left out. The past two days I went to lunch with Emily and he was awesome both days (he hit his head on the table one day and cried a little). He just likes to be out looking at stuff. I worry he will be bored when we go back home. We have been going out so much since I have been in Florida. I guess we will have to have play time and meet up with Janet and the girls while she is on Mat leave since Tara is back working now. :(

I just wanted to do a quick update on Ryan on his seventh month birthday so in the future I can remember all these fun and crazy times.

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