Saturday, 5 November 2011

Neil gone back home.

Neil flew home this morning. He said it was awesome he had a row to himself, I hope we are that lucky when Ry and I fly home.

I went out to eat without him for the first time, it was hard. My mom took Ry and I to Olive Garden.
He was pretty good until the end and was crying a lot. I took him outside and he was fine. I am so used to Neil being there and we have a good routine. I take him so Neil can eat about half his meal and then he will take him so I can eat half my meal and we switch back and forth. Pretty much hold him and play with him till your arms get tired (he is 23lbs!) and hand him off.
It sucked not having Neil to hand him off too!

I don't get Olive Garden.The past few times I have been there I didn't really like the food and its not that cheep either. Breadsticks are good but I don't get the love people have for it. Mom got soup and salad for $6 which is a great deal so maybe I would feel different. I got seafood pasta. It was okay but heavy. Much heavier then I thought it would be. 

Maybe I am just a HUGE food snob now. Gee thanks Neil for turning me into a food snob!

Ryan ate bananas sliced up tonight on his tray. He tried to get it to his mouth and didnt do that good a job but understood when I gave it to him. He got super sticky but had a great time. Gonna introduce chicken to him soon. Exciting stuff.


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