Sunday, 30 October 2011

Issues on Sleep and Florida!

I was so excited because I thought Ryan slept from 1:30am - 6:30am and he hasn't done that in a month.
No really. It has been a month of him sleeping 1-2 hours and then waking up screaming or crying. If he just woke up we would leave him be to go back to sleep but he will start to scream.
I told Neil this morning I was so excited maybe he is going to go back to sleeping 3-5 hours and I can't wait and Neil confessed Ryan woke up at 2:30am and Neil just held him for a minute till he went back to sleep.

Still 4 hours is pretty good so I am still pretty happy about that. AND he slept in till 8:10 which was nice. AND he slept the whole night in his crib. We have a busy day ahead of brunch with Robin and Christina (we get to meet her parents!!!) and then we have to finish up packing and get any running around done before going to Florida.

Also I am going to brag... its -1 here right now. Minus fucking 1. (29f) In Florida it is 15c (60f). And the high today in Florida is going to be 21c (70f). PERFECT!!! Friday is going to be 25c feels like 31c (76f feels like 86f).
Bring it.

I am looking forward to putting sunscreen on Ryan because we are sitting outside in the grass with grandpa playing. Its gonna kick so much ass.

Of course I am happy to see my mom and I know she will be so shocked how much Ryan has changed but she has come up twice now to see Ryan. My dad hasn't even meet him yet. My dad wanted boys really bad and he got two girls so this is sort of his little boy
Oh and don't get me wrong. I had a blast with my dad. I loved that he rough housed with us, went camping and pretty much raised me as a tomboy. I love it. But boys are pretty awesome. So far I really enjoy having a little boy.

You get less pink stuff which is nice.

Last night we went to Screamers which was a lot of fun. They had this really awesome black light 3D house that was amazing-balls (as Ang would say). We went with Joe, Angela and Ted and really... it's the group you go with and those three are pretty kick-ass. :D

Okay enough blogging and more packing Mary!


Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Shots round 3, test results and the home state

Ry got his third round of shots today. He has been pretty good which is shocking. Playful, took a long nap, super playful and was good for Neil and Gabi tonight while I was a Zumba. He was a little moody when he woke up at 1030 but after 45 min got him back to sleep.
We shall see how tonight goes. (edit, just woke up three times screaming in the past 30 min. awesome just awesome.)

say what!?

I really hope he startes to sleep again soon. Almost a month of him waking every 1-2 hours. I celebrate the rare times he has slept 3 hours. So nice. I miss the 3-5 hour stretches so much.
Not only does he wakes up but he will wake up SCREAMING. So its hard to ignore him and let him go back to sleep on his own. He is in our room and Neil has to work and really how can you ignore a screaming baby (one bedroom house we live in)

We got the results that the ultrasound was okay. No scaring on the kidneys which is great! Still waiting for the VCGU results. Hopefully will have them soon.
But the doctor gave us good news today, he gave us the okay to go to Florida!

I am from Florida and my family lives there. My mom, dad, sister and brother in law. 
My dad has yet to meet Ryan and so does my sister Laura. My sis and I are sort of estranged but we are starting to talk again. She is not what I would call a kid person but hopefuly Ryan doesn't freak her out too much with the drool. (I tease he doesn't drool that much, he doesn't even need a bib).

We are going down Sunday the 30th and will get in around midnight. Neil will be there till Saturday the 5th of November and I will be there with Ryan till the 23rd. We leave early in the morning.
Neils dad got us one of the tickets on his air miles which was really awesome of him!
nomnom feet

I called my folks to tell them the good news. Now they were expecting me and Ryan at the END of November not the end of October so they were a little surprised. I could tell my mom was a little flustered. She has been working at getting all the crap we will need for Ryan. Highchair, car seat, play-yard, crib, foam mats for crawling, a walker, diapers, food, change mat... like I said, all the crap. And a place for me to sleep. She got a futon that will come in Tuesday. YAY I dont have to be on an air mattress for 3 1/2 weeks. :P

I know its short notice but I hope there are a few people I can see when we come down.

I always miss my old house when I go to Florida. I want to go across the street from my folks and sit on my porch in the quiet and have a smoke. I don't but I want to. (I used to live in the house across the street that was my grandmothers).

Friday, 21 October 2011

Two teeth, sick parents and Happy Birthday Neil!

Ryan has two teeth now.

Click pictures below to enlarge.

I have been slacking on the blog front.

My brother in law got engaged which is pretty awesome news! Why is it awesome you ask?
Well for the simple fact everyone in our family adores Christina (chris). She is pretty kick ass. She loved Robin a lot (which anyone can see) she is smart, funny as hell, loves Ryan and talks back to Neil. Ya gotta love her. Right now they are looking at a April/May 2012 wedding.
Fingers crossed they both maintain sanity during the wedding planning. Any married couple can tell you it can get crazy sometimes. 

The family gets to meet each other next weekend. I am looking forward to meeting her folks (already met her brother and sis in law). Her parents sound pretty awesome too. I even have a cute outfit for Ryan picked out.

I need to get out more.

So Neil and I are sick. Its not too bad. I have been fighting it with gargles, tea, zinc, trying to nap, hot showers, vitamin C and anything else I can think of. Right now I am super congested. Neil is still in the sore throat phase. I warned him stuffy nose should hit just in time for his 30th birthday (which is tomorrow!) Gonna get him daytime cold meds as his gift.

We are celebrating his 30th at a friends wedding. Should be a good time. At least I hope the bride, groom and Neil have a good time. I'll just pack some tissues and halls in my dressy purse.

This past Monday Ryan turned 6 months old. I celebrated by spending the day out with Tara shopping while Ry had some time with grandma and grandpa B.
Ryan has two teeth now, LOVES to eat food (tries to eat my food all the time) drinks out of his cup and is starting to crawl. He even had Yogurt today for the first time (plain).
Big Boy cup!

He is also reaching for our iPhones now which is a BIG no no. And our laptops.
The other day he was on the floor crawling and wiggling his but around and I was on the floor with him on my laptop looking at the beautiful venues Robin and Chris have been checking out. And the little monkey starts to chew on my computer.
I guess it doesn't help that it has a green sticker on it. Neils has an orange one. And when the lap top is open the apple logo glows. Pretty enticing for a 6 month old.
Everyone knows frogs are yummy.

Also we went for a walk today since there was no rain for a bit. Holy hell it was cold and windy. I had to improvise because it was way too windy for little Ryan. I only had a fleece hoodie over his long sleeve shirt. I put the rain cover over him to try to block the wind.
Let me out! I can't see!!!

We really need to cave in and get him a winter coat and real hats soon. Maybe some mittens as well.
Bah. He is gonna HATE mittens.

Okay I should really get some sleep. Saturday is going to be a long day. However at least we will be Ryan free and able to get more then 1-2 hours sleep at a time. SCORE! I dont care if my boobs explode while I sleep. I am going to sleep at least 6 hours straight damn it. Hear that boobs? You better be nice and let me sleep!

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ryan update on UTI and a new tooth!

Ryan is doing much better. More wet diapers and not smelly. Also no fever for almost a week and we have just a few more days of medication left. YAY!
He is one happy baby. He is still waking a lot at night but its because that second tooth is popping out.

We still have yet to hear from his doctors office for the appointment at sick kids but because we went late Thursday and everything was closed for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Also the office is closed on Tuesdays I figure if I don't hear from them by Thursday I will call them Friday.

I am just happy my little monkey is pretty much back to his normal super happy self. 

(Click to enlarge)

 Happy Baby
 Useing the new travel highchair at Dan and Vanessa's (Vanessa took this photo)

Sleeping just like daddy!

And here is a link of Ryan saying MOM. (he says it all the time)

Neil said I only hear what I want to hear because he is too young to understand what he is saying. I think he does know cause he looks right at me and says MOM and he also says 'nomnomnom' which is what I say to him as I feed him food. Sorry the video is facing the wrong way but you get the jist of it. He says it more but I trimmed the clip to get it on youtube faster.
Also our son is a genius. (and sorry for breathing into the mic at the end. Opps)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Diets? (little TMI about breast milk as well)

Thinking about doing a modified south beach diet. I hate the word diet but was inspired but a friend doing that and lost almost 3lbs in 4 days. I figure if I eat less BAD carbs and move hopefully it will work. She pretty much doesn't eat bread all day and will have a little carbs with dinner. I am still breast feeding so I have to be a bit more careful but figure it couldn't hurt.
It worked GREAT for me before... until I went on a cruse and ate like a huge pig.

I just feel like I am stuck. I know I need to work out more and with winter coming its super important to get a jump on it. However I figure it couldnt hurt to go phase two of south beach with a little phase one thrown in.
(I do have to be careful because I don't want my milk to get thin but I am sort of hoping I will produce a little less. Ryan isn't eating as much as he used to and my body is being pretty stubborn and not getting the hint to make less milk. I hate pumping but I have to do it almost every day or I swell up at night.)

I wanted to be 30lbs lighter by the time I go back to work in April. I have 7 months to get my shit together. Now I am aiming for 25lbs.

Time to wake up the baby from his morning nap and walk to the store. Holiday weekend up here and I have to get some stuff for the weekend.

I will be good this weekend but Monday starts my diet. And don't get me wrong I am not going to be strict like I was before the cruise and Rita's wedding so the weight loss wont be as dramatic. It's more a long term health thing then a fat thing. The CPR class went over heart health and she scared Neil and I a little. With the history of heart disease in my family and my mom has type 2 diabetes (which means if I don't get my weight under control I am more at risk) I want to be healthy for life. Not just for me and Neil but for my kid.

Bread is my weakness. I could live off bread, cheese and milk and be happy. Never poop again but still be happy. So time to cut out the bread. And just to give you and idea of how MUCH bread I eat.
1 slice with an egg for breakfast
2 slices sandwhich for lunch
2 slices toast for snack before dinner (after nap)
sometimes 1 slice at night for a snack before bed.

That is 6 fucking slices a DAY. Of white bread by the way... not good.
No wonder my butt is huge.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update on Ryan and his UTI

Ry is doing much better today. Other then the medication still upsetting his tummy he is good.The Doctor said to keep giving it to him. Its better then an IV and I agree. Plus he is just pooping and farting from it, not vomiting.

We have an ultrasound Oct 19th to check his kidneys. I tried a few places and that was the soonest we could get in, one hospital told me JAN was when they were booking!
Trillium did tell me November but when I told her again it was for my BABY and his kidneys she bumped us up to Oct. I think she heard the slight panic in my voice.

He will also have a second procedure done. The doctors office will book that one and let us know when it is. It will be at Sick Kids hospital (bad memories there). Its called VCUG and they are testing for urinary reflux. Pretty much they put a
catheter in him  again and put dye in his bladder. They then check to the dye to see if it is going back UP into the kidneys. Neil and I will be able to be in the room with him the whole time.

I know it will be scary for him seeing us in big lead aprons and in a medical room with bright lights and doctors. So I will have to make sure to choke back the urge to cry and be a super strong mama bear for my little dude with big smiles and a soft voice.

If he does have it they prescribe long-term, low-dose antibiotics to prevent recurring UTIs. Until it stops (which the doc said most of the time happens on its own but if not he might have to have surgery depending on how bad it is). The doctor said its pretty rare but with babies they over test to just be safe with all the testing.

He didn't come off as too worried which was good.
Doc Simone has been around a while and I felt much more at ease after seeing him today.

Ryan does look much better. Last night he slept in his own bed with no problems (past two nights he slept with us) and today he was laughing/screaming/talking in his jumper like he always does.
Also he was good for Neil and Gabi last night. I went to Zumba and they had a good night. He ate some sweet potatoes and even took a bath with Neil. He was whiny but didn't scream like the last two Wednesday nights. It was really nice to come home to a sleeping happy baby, a relaxed looking dad and a happy grandma.

Its still a CHORE to get him to take medication. He CLAMPS his mouth shut so its a struggle to get the applicator in his mouth and then he pushes the medication out with his tongue. Heh, smart little stubborn monkey.

Monday, 3 October 2011

UTI in Ryan.

Yup. Ryan got a Urinary tract infection. He has been off since Sunday morning. He was crying and screaming all day Sunday which is NOT like him.
Even when his tooth was coming through he didn't cry all day. He would have crying fits and then be okay for a while.

I took his temp at noon Monday (today) and he was 38c. I dosed him (Tylenol) and he was okay. I took his temp again at 6 and it was 39c. Not good (102.2f) 

After Neil got home I told him and we ate a quick dinner and took him to the Kid Clinic at the hospital. We didn't have to wait long. No fever when the nurse took his temp but we were still going to see the doctor because he hasn't been himself and his pee was smelly.

Doc did an exam and said he thought it might be a UTI but to be sure we needed some pee. Well that was going to be unpleasant.
Poor little peanut got a catheter in his penis. Oh he screamed. (which is understandable).

The nurse took the pee to have a quick look and she said it did look like a UTI.

I gave Ryan a little breast to calm him down and the doc gave us the information on the medication we needed to give him. Also told us we will have an ultrasound to make sure there is nothing else wrong. Ryan cant say to us "daddy my belly hurts." so we have to be proactive.
They will call me soon with the appointment time. Also need to have a check up with his normal doctor in two days.

I am very happy I went with my mom instinct and we took him in. I was thinking of waiting to see if he was better Tuesday but something told me he wasn't okay.

We have to keep an eye on him tonight with the fever and medication so he will sleep with us tonight. Right now he is sleeping on Neil which is nice. Keeps him happy and gives me a bit of a break because he has been very clinging today. All day he was on me, which ya can't blame him. When I was sick as a kid I wanted to be held. (hence the sleeping in our bed tonight) Comfort couldn't hurt him. 

I'll update in a few days to how he is doing.

bath time peanut.

I see lots of sleeping on mom or dad and A LOT of cuddles.Which is just fine by me!