Sunday, 30 October 2011

Issues on Sleep and Florida!

I was so excited because I thought Ryan slept from 1:30am - 6:30am and he hasn't done that in a month.
No really. It has been a month of him sleeping 1-2 hours and then waking up screaming or crying. If he just woke up we would leave him be to go back to sleep but he will start to scream.
I told Neil this morning I was so excited maybe he is going to go back to sleeping 3-5 hours and I can't wait and Neil confessed Ryan woke up at 2:30am and Neil just held him for a minute till he went back to sleep.

Still 4 hours is pretty good so I am still pretty happy about that. AND he slept in till 8:10 which was nice. AND he slept the whole night in his crib. We have a busy day ahead of brunch with Robin and Christina (we get to meet her parents!!!) and then we have to finish up packing and get any running around done before going to Florida.

Also I am going to brag... its -1 here right now. Minus fucking 1. (29f) In Florida it is 15c (60f). And the high today in Florida is going to be 21c (70f). PERFECT!!! Friday is going to be 25c feels like 31c (76f feels like 86f).
Bring it.

I am looking forward to putting sunscreen on Ryan because we are sitting outside in the grass with grandpa playing. Its gonna kick so much ass.

Of course I am happy to see my mom and I know she will be so shocked how much Ryan has changed but she has come up twice now to see Ryan. My dad hasn't even meet him yet. My dad wanted boys really bad and he got two girls so this is sort of his little boy
Oh and don't get me wrong. I had a blast with my dad. I loved that he rough housed with us, went camping and pretty much raised me as a tomboy. I love it. But boys are pretty awesome. So far I really enjoy having a little boy.

You get less pink stuff which is nice.

Last night we went to Screamers which was a lot of fun. They had this really awesome black light 3D house that was amazing-balls (as Ang would say). We went with Joe, Angela and Ted and really... it's the group you go with and those three are pretty kick-ass. :D

Okay enough blogging and more packing Mary!


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