Thursday, 6 October 2011

Update on Ryan and his UTI

Ry is doing much better today. Other then the medication still upsetting his tummy he is good.The Doctor said to keep giving it to him. Its better then an IV and I agree. Plus he is just pooping and farting from it, not vomiting.

We have an ultrasound Oct 19th to check his kidneys. I tried a few places and that was the soonest we could get in, one hospital told me JAN was when they were booking!
Trillium did tell me November but when I told her again it was for my BABY and his kidneys she bumped us up to Oct. I think she heard the slight panic in my voice.

He will also have a second procedure done. The doctors office will book that one and let us know when it is. It will be at Sick Kids hospital (bad memories there). Its called VCUG and they are testing for urinary reflux. Pretty much they put a
catheter in him  again and put dye in his bladder. They then check to the dye to see if it is going back UP into the kidneys. Neil and I will be able to be in the room with him the whole time.

I know it will be scary for him seeing us in big lead aprons and in a medical room with bright lights and doctors. So I will have to make sure to choke back the urge to cry and be a super strong mama bear for my little dude with big smiles and a soft voice.

If he does have it they prescribe long-term, low-dose antibiotics to prevent recurring UTIs. Until it stops (which the doc said most of the time happens on its own but if not he might have to have surgery depending on how bad it is). The doctor said its pretty rare but with babies they over test to just be safe with all the testing.

He didn't come off as too worried which was good.
Doc Simone has been around a while and I felt much more at ease after seeing him today.

Ryan does look much better. Last night he slept in his own bed with no problems (past two nights he slept with us) and today he was laughing/screaming/talking in his jumper like he always does.
Also he was good for Neil and Gabi last night. I went to Zumba and they had a good night. He ate some sweet potatoes and even took a bath with Neil. He was whiny but didn't scream like the last two Wednesday nights. It was really nice to come home to a sleeping happy baby, a relaxed looking dad and a happy grandma.

Its still a CHORE to get him to take medication. He CLAMPS his mouth shut so its a struggle to get the applicator in his mouth and then he pushes the medication out with his tongue. Heh, smart little stubborn monkey.

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