Friday, 21 October 2011

Two teeth, sick parents and Happy Birthday Neil!

Ryan has two teeth now.

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I have been slacking on the blog front.

My brother in law got engaged which is pretty awesome news! Why is it awesome you ask?
Well for the simple fact everyone in our family adores Christina (chris). She is pretty kick ass. She loved Robin a lot (which anyone can see) she is smart, funny as hell, loves Ryan and talks back to Neil. Ya gotta love her. Right now they are looking at a April/May 2012 wedding.
Fingers crossed they both maintain sanity during the wedding planning. Any married couple can tell you it can get crazy sometimes. 

The family gets to meet each other next weekend. I am looking forward to meeting her folks (already met her brother and sis in law). Her parents sound pretty awesome too. I even have a cute outfit for Ryan picked out.

I need to get out more.

So Neil and I are sick. Its not too bad. I have been fighting it with gargles, tea, zinc, trying to nap, hot showers, vitamin C and anything else I can think of. Right now I am super congested. Neil is still in the sore throat phase. I warned him stuffy nose should hit just in time for his 30th birthday (which is tomorrow!) Gonna get him daytime cold meds as his gift.

We are celebrating his 30th at a friends wedding. Should be a good time. At least I hope the bride, groom and Neil have a good time. I'll just pack some tissues and halls in my dressy purse.

This past Monday Ryan turned 6 months old. I celebrated by spending the day out with Tara shopping while Ry had some time with grandma and grandpa B.
Ryan has two teeth now, LOVES to eat food (tries to eat my food all the time) drinks out of his cup and is starting to crawl. He even had Yogurt today for the first time (plain).
Big Boy cup!

He is also reaching for our iPhones now which is a BIG no no. And our laptops.
The other day he was on the floor crawling and wiggling his but around and I was on the floor with him on my laptop looking at the beautiful venues Robin and Chris have been checking out. And the little monkey starts to chew on my computer.
I guess it doesn't help that it has a green sticker on it. Neils has an orange one. And when the lap top is open the apple logo glows. Pretty enticing for a 6 month old.
Everyone knows frogs are yummy.

Also we went for a walk today since there was no rain for a bit. Holy hell it was cold and windy. I had to improvise because it was way too windy for little Ryan. I only had a fleece hoodie over his long sleeve shirt. I put the rain cover over him to try to block the wind.
Let me out! I can't see!!!

We really need to cave in and get him a winter coat and real hats soon. Maybe some mittens as well.
Bah. He is gonna HATE mittens.

Okay I should really get some sleep. Saturday is going to be a long day. However at least we will be Ryan free and able to get more then 1-2 hours sleep at a time. SCORE! I dont care if my boobs explode while I sleep. I am going to sleep at least 6 hours straight damn it. Hear that boobs? You better be nice and let me sleep!

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