Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Shots round 3, test results and the home state

Ry got his third round of shots today. He has been pretty good which is shocking. Playful, took a long nap, super playful and was good for Neil and Gabi tonight while I was a Zumba. He was a little moody when he woke up at 1030 but after 45 min got him back to sleep.
We shall see how tonight goes. (edit, just woke up three times screaming in the past 30 min. awesome just awesome.)

say what!?

I really hope he startes to sleep again soon. Almost a month of him waking every 1-2 hours. I celebrate the rare times he has slept 3 hours. So nice. I miss the 3-5 hour stretches so much.
Not only does he wakes up but he will wake up SCREAMING. So its hard to ignore him and let him go back to sleep on his own. He is in our room and Neil has to work and really how can you ignore a screaming baby (one bedroom house we live in)

We got the results that the ultrasound was okay. No scaring on the kidneys which is great! Still waiting for the VCGU results. Hopefully will have them soon.
But the doctor gave us good news today, he gave us the okay to go to Florida!

I am from Florida and my family lives there. My mom, dad, sister and brother in law. 
My dad has yet to meet Ryan and so does my sister Laura. My sis and I are sort of estranged but we are starting to talk again. She is not what I would call a kid person but hopefuly Ryan doesn't freak her out too much with the drool. (I tease he doesn't drool that much, he doesn't even need a bib).

We are going down Sunday the 30th and will get in around midnight. Neil will be there till Saturday the 5th of November and I will be there with Ryan till the 23rd. We leave early in the morning.
Neils dad got us one of the tickets on his air miles which was really awesome of him!
nomnom feet

I called my folks to tell them the good news. Now they were expecting me and Ryan at the END of November not the end of October so they were a little surprised. I could tell my mom was a little flustered. She has been working at getting all the crap we will need for Ryan. Highchair, car seat, play-yard, crib, foam mats for crawling, a walker, diapers, food, change mat... like I said, all the crap. And a place for me to sleep. She got a futon that will come in Tuesday. YAY I dont have to be on an air mattress for 3 1/2 weeks. :P

I know its short notice but I hope there are a few people I can see when we come down.

I always miss my old house when I go to Florida. I want to go across the street from my folks and sit on my porch in the quiet and have a smoke. I don't but I want to. (I used to live in the house across the street that was my grandmothers).

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