Monday, 3 October 2011

UTI in Ryan.

Yup. Ryan got a Urinary tract infection. He has been off since Sunday morning. He was crying and screaming all day Sunday which is NOT like him.
Even when his tooth was coming through he didn't cry all day. He would have crying fits and then be okay for a while.

I took his temp at noon Monday (today) and he was 38c. I dosed him (Tylenol) and he was okay. I took his temp again at 6 and it was 39c. Not good (102.2f) 

After Neil got home I told him and we ate a quick dinner and took him to the Kid Clinic at the hospital. We didn't have to wait long. No fever when the nurse took his temp but we were still going to see the doctor because he hasn't been himself and his pee was smelly.

Doc did an exam and said he thought it might be a UTI but to be sure we needed some pee. Well that was going to be unpleasant.
Poor little peanut got a catheter in his penis. Oh he screamed. (which is understandable).

The nurse took the pee to have a quick look and she said it did look like a UTI.

I gave Ryan a little breast to calm him down and the doc gave us the information on the medication we needed to give him. Also told us we will have an ultrasound to make sure there is nothing else wrong. Ryan cant say to us "daddy my belly hurts." so we have to be proactive.
They will call me soon with the appointment time. Also need to have a check up with his normal doctor in two days.

I am very happy I went with my mom instinct and we took him in. I was thinking of waiting to see if he was better Tuesday but something told me he wasn't okay.

We have to keep an eye on him tonight with the fever and medication so he will sleep with us tonight. Right now he is sleeping on Neil which is nice. Keeps him happy and gives me a bit of a break because he has been very clinging today. All day he was on me, which ya can't blame him. When I was sick as a kid I wanted to be held. (hence the sleeping in our bed tonight) Comfort couldn't hurt him. 

I'll update in a few days to how he is doing.

bath time peanut.

I see lots of sleeping on mom or dad and A LOT of cuddles.Which is just fine by me!

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