Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Chewy Chewy CHOMP CHOMP!

Ryan is getting his first tooth! About time with all the drooling, night waking and grumpy periods.
Very exciting stuff.
Poor little guy, its all red and ouchy looking.

(click to enlarge) 

 Neil was reading some interesting stuff about baby teeth. Like did you know a baby tooth can come out and then reseed back in? That's pretty cool and a little gross.

Anywho. I tried to upload a video to youtube of Ry being super chatty but its not working for me right now. Ill try again. I also want to write a blog about memories, strangers touching my baby, and the fact that RY is 5 months old this past Saturday.

Good lord the time is flying.
Soon he will be crawling, walking, hurting himself and eating cat hair balls that always pop up RIGHT after I vacuum. 

EDIT. Got the video uploaded. YAY

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