Saturday, 3 September 2011

Food round 2 and bottle issues.

Thursday Neil took me to Le Castile. It was so friggn' yummy. It sort of felt like Hogwarts meets Haunted Castle at Disney.

Photos are on facebook of food and such.
Our server over shared a little though. We learned that his ex wife was a boozer and he got custody of his son and step daughter but his step daughter came home at 18 preggers and he was married twice. He likes having a son more then a daughter but I think thats just cause of the ex wife...
Yeah sort of made our romantic meal a little more side show/drama theater.

I made apples for Ryan yesterday and gave him a small taste. He really liked it! So at 10am today I gave him 5 bites of cereal and 3 bites of apple mush. We shall see how he does. I am trying to breast feed him less. He ate last at 9am and then napped a little. I gave him the apple and cereal and now he is in his exerciser thingy bouncing around. 

Poor peanut is teething like CRAZY. We have a few teethers and I tried a wet wash cloth of his. I put filtered cold water on it and gave it to him. He looked really confused. I hate to medicate him. I read about putting a little children Tylenol on the gums so I might try that before we go to Mike and Janet's today.

Yesterday I took him to Gabi and Sandor's to try to get him to take a bottle. Gabi told us Thursday after we dropped him off he was okay for a bit and then once he realized we were gone he screamed to the point of getting hives again. I figure if I bring him there at least once during the week he will be happy there again. Its funny how just not taking him there for two weeks he forgets and gets in the habit of being around Neil and I. 

Sunday we are going to leave him with Gabi and Sandor again while we go diner at O.Noir with Robin and Christina. I was going to have him stay overnight but now I am not so sure.

Anyways I digress. I had some boobie milk in the bottle for Gabi to try to give him in a bottle. I hide from him and Gabi went at it. After trying for an hour (I came and tried as well) he passed out for a bit. Neil came over and we all tried with formula. He only wanted to chew. By this point he had not eaten in over 3 hours. Which is HUGE for him during the day. I refused to breast feed while we are at Gabi's I wanted him to associate bottles with Grandma. If I caved in now he would learn boobies if he has enough of a hissy fit.

It was a battle of the wills and we tied. I refused to feed and he refused to eat.
We went home around 7:30pm and I feed him at home.

Neil thinks it was his teeth bugging him not the bottle. All he did was chew. Neil got him to eat a little formula but he was more interested in chewing. The bottle didn't make him mad after the nap. In fact he was laughing and smiling so that is good.

Okay I need to go clean while we have the time. This weekend is gonna be a little busy and my mom comes into town this coming up Thursday. I want her to relax and not worry about cleaning my house! I am a firm believer in a clean house for company (that stays with you). 
And by clean house I mean really clean. (ceiling fans, vacuum up spider webs in the corners, bleach out the fridge...)
So time to get to work because I haven't clean like that since she came to visit when I was 41 weeks preggers. NO it wasn't nesting darn it...

okay maybe it was.

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