Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Ryan update on UTI and a new tooth!

Ryan is doing much better. More wet diapers and not smelly. Also no fever for almost a week and we have just a few more days of medication left. YAY!
He is one happy baby. He is still waking a lot at night but its because that second tooth is popping out.

We still have yet to hear from his doctors office for the appointment at sick kids but because we went late Thursday and everything was closed for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Also the office is closed on Tuesdays I figure if I don't hear from them by Thursday I will call them Friday.

I am just happy my little monkey is pretty much back to his normal super happy self. 

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 Happy Baby
 Useing the new travel highchair at Dan and Vanessa's (Vanessa took this photo)

Sleeping just like daddy!

And here is a link of Ryan saying MOM. (he says it all the time)

Neil said I only hear what I want to hear because he is too young to understand what he is saying. I think he does know cause he looks right at me and says MOM and he also says 'nomnomnom' which is what I say to him as I feed him food. Sorry the video is facing the wrong way but you get the jist of it. He says it more but I trimmed the clip to get it on youtube faster.
Also our son is a genius. (and sorry for breathing into the mic at the end. Opps)

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  1. LOVE! And he totally says 'mom' (even half way through!)