Friday, 7 October 2011

Diets? (little TMI about breast milk as well)

Thinking about doing a modified south beach diet. I hate the word diet but was inspired but a friend doing that and lost almost 3lbs in 4 days. I figure if I eat less BAD carbs and move hopefully it will work. She pretty much doesn't eat bread all day and will have a little carbs with dinner. I am still breast feeding so I have to be a bit more careful but figure it couldn't hurt.
It worked GREAT for me before... until I went on a cruse and ate like a huge pig.

I just feel like I am stuck. I know I need to work out more and with winter coming its super important to get a jump on it. However I figure it couldnt hurt to go phase two of south beach with a little phase one thrown in.
(I do have to be careful because I don't want my milk to get thin but I am sort of hoping I will produce a little less. Ryan isn't eating as much as he used to and my body is being pretty stubborn and not getting the hint to make less milk. I hate pumping but I have to do it almost every day or I swell up at night.)

I wanted to be 30lbs lighter by the time I go back to work in April. I have 7 months to get my shit together. Now I am aiming for 25lbs.

Time to wake up the baby from his morning nap and walk to the store. Holiday weekend up here and I have to get some stuff for the weekend.

I will be good this weekend but Monday starts my diet. And don't get me wrong I am not going to be strict like I was before the cruise and Rita's wedding so the weight loss wont be as dramatic. It's more a long term health thing then a fat thing. The CPR class went over heart health and she scared Neil and I a little. With the history of heart disease in my family and my mom has type 2 diabetes (which means if I don't get my weight under control I am more at risk) I want to be healthy for life. Not just for me and Neil but for my kid.

Bread is my weakness. I could live off bread, cheese and milk and be happy. Never poop again but still be happy. So time to cut out the bread. And just to give you and idea of how MUCH bread I eat.
1 slice with an egg for breakfast
2 slices sandwhich for lunch
2 slices toast for snack before dinner (after nap)
sometimes 1 slice at night for a snack before bed.

That is 6 fucking slices a DAY. Of white bread by the way... not good.
No wonder my butt is huge.

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