Friday, 2 December 2011

Slacker mom is a slacker

I have really slacked off on this blog since being home. Been pretty busy with lots of running around. (and Harry Potter Lego 5-7).
I do however plan to make my next blog about all the food I ate in Florida and will include pictures. (and I lost 7lbs while there WTF?)

I just wanted to write really quick that yesterday at Neil's work Ryan was crawling. Full on crawling. I think it was the help of the fleece pants on carpet but it was very impressive.

He is getting so big and it's happening so fast it makes me a little sad and a little proud. I know I should not get too excited but he is a fast developer. I hope its because he is a smarty pants. He has always reached milestones before the typical age.

This mom is a proud mom, a slacker, but still a proud mom.

Crap he is up. Gotta jet!

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