Saturday, 17 December 2011

Snow and 8 months old today.

Its Saturday morning (my morning to get up with the kid).
I am sitting here enjoying my cup of coffee and eggs while I watch soft fluffy snow blow round outside. The kid is squeeling in the background happy as can be. Oh, not because of the snow but because there is a kitty near him. I don't think he will enjoy snow until next year.

Now trying to convince Neil to go to Port Credit with me for Christmas Family fun will be hard with snow out. Then again maybe it will make it easier.
One thing Neil and I agree on, doesnt feel like Christmas without snow. Even more so this year because we can not have a tree in our tiny place with the baby. Once again, next year will be more fun because we will have our own place. Either Condo or the townhouse we really want. By god I will have a tree next year.
A real one.

Also check out this picture of Ryan with Santa. It was great cause there was no line and Ryan was amazing. He was smiling and looking at the camera. Our little Ham. Neil got Video of it.

Click to enlarge

Off to do a Skype test run with the folks. We are going to video skype next Saturday for Christmas so they can watch Ryan open gifts.

I forgot Ryan turned 8 months old. Changes in him.
 He is full on crawling. He can pull himself up to standing super fast and does it a lot. He loves to mimic and will do it endlessly. Small things like if you smack the table once he will do it once, you do it twice he will do it twice. Other day Neil was going "roar!" like a lion and Ryan did it back to him. And he does it with a huge smile. He wants to eat everything. I mean everything you eat. I can not eat around him without him booting it over to me and trying to get into my food.
Neil gave him a taste of coffee and he loved it. (yikes). He still flirts with all the ladies and some guys. Anyone can hold him. He doesn't care who you are. Even strangers are okay but he does prefer people he knows.
He will put his forehead on yours as a sort of hug/kiss. He does try to kiss but does it open mouth on your face (he did it Rita the other day). He loves when I kiss the palm of his hands. He also loves to have his hands washed after eating.(which I am trying to do after every meal)

If I am tickling him and try to pull his arm up to get to his arm pit he will giggle and try to hold it down so you can't. He is obsessed with teeth and touching peoples teeth right now, it's so weird. When I smell his feet and go "ohhhh smelly feet!" he giggles like crazy.
I think right now is my favorite time for him. He is such a little sponge and he is just getting to be more and more fun to be around. He is super stubborn though. If I try to put him to sleep he HAS to have the boobs. The other day I tried not giving it to him and he screamed for 45 minutes. Then I let him play a little and just gave him the boob and he passed right now. I am thinking about trying to introduce pacifier again so he can get that sucking calming effect without needing me. Self sooth and all that crap. He still wakes a lot at night. Sometimes I can get him to sleep without the breast. Sometimes Neil has to do it and sometimes I just nurse him back to sleep if its really late (like 2am and I am tired). Trying to break that habit this week, it's gonna SUCK.

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