Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Doping up the kid, walking on his own and let me in!

Last night while getting Ryan dressed for bed I noticed he had a bad red rash on his face. I thought maybe he was having an allergic reaction to something (he was very fussy as well). Neil and I gave him baby Benadryl for the first time. I warned Neil it said on the package it might make him either tired or excited.
Well Ryan slept from about 7:45pm till 5:30am. He has NEVER done that before. I mean never, most we have ever gotten out of him was 6-7 hours of sleep. I fed him at 5:30am and he went back to sleep curled up with me until Neils alarm went off a little after 7am.
I think it was good he got so much sleep, he is still fighting the cold he got last week.

Tuesday lunch time I noticed something. I was blowing on his food because it was hot and when I put the food near his mouth he would blow on it too! It's awesome how much he copies people. I love it. He is just this big sponge. In regards to the waving hi Neil said he thinks Ryan doesn't know what it means. He just knows it gets a huge reaction out of us when he copies us. 
 It's silly, if you told me 10 years ago I would get excited about a baby waving or blowing on food I would have laughed at you. Now it makes my day.
 It's strange how much you change when you have a kid. I never understood it or thought other women were full of shit and sometimes they even got pity from me. Now I get it. I SO get it. Ryan is amazing. Everything he does is amazing. When he hits developmental milestones it thrills me to my toes.

 Now if only he would stop being a scaredy cat and walk! He can do it. He does it more and more but he gets scared and sits down and starts crawling. He has been walking (with help) since December, it's March now. We practise one hand walking (I only let him hold one hand) and I will walk beside him. Then I let go and turn around and hold out my hands for him to come to me. Which he does most of the time.
Video of him walking.

Ry has also started trying to open the bedroom door. He will stand on his tippy toes and touch the door knob. He knows that is how you open the door but thankfully he can not reach high enough to do it. Yikes. Isn't it a bit early to be trying to open doors? He also started opening the cabinets under the sink.

 LET ME IN! (sorry so blurry, this kid moves a lot)
 This morning chewing on everything... new teeth coming soon? BAH!
Tiny hands not so tiny anymore. (this was taken today)
This was one month old. So tiny. My thumb is GIANT in his hand.
This year is going way to fast.

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