Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sickness again

Why oh why did we go to the birthday party on Saturday. I think Alexandra infected us with her coughing and face sneezing. I know she didn't mean too but darn you kid with your cuteness, cuddles and mucus.

Monday Neil started feeling ill early afternoon by night my throat was on fire and someone turned on a hose in Ryans nose.
Monday night was rough, Ry was in bed with us and woke up A LOT because the poor guy can not breath. He wants to cuddle a lot and he really wanted to sleep but he is a nose breather and when he can't breath from the nose he gets very upset. It's a sad sight really.

I woke up covered in boogers and damp. This was from Ryan. Ew. (clean sheets tonight!)
He went through 4 clothing changes and I had 3 shirts today.  We put him in the hot shower with me tonight before bed and hopefully that helped. I think so because its 9:45pm and he has been sleeping since a few min after 7. Much longer then last night. 

Neils nose has started tonight. I am wondering if Ryan had it first and passed it on to us. Neil said Ry was odd on Sunday. Maybe it was the sore throat. OH crap that means I will have a lot of mucus in the morning. BAH! Ill take a sore throat but I HATE runny nose to much. Last time we had a family cold I had to mop because my nose would just drip. So gross.

Oh well, fingers crossed in a few days this passes and we are all back to our healthy selfs and Ryan can go back to sleeping well. Hopefully.

Shit he is starting to wake. Oh well time to cuddle!

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