Monday, 27 February 2012

Sleeping, crazy birthday party and hair lines.

So the past two nights Ryan has been sleeping pretty easy. Saturday night when he woke up at 1:30 Neil just went over and put his hand on him and he went back to sleep. Sunday night he woke up at 2:30 and 4:30 and I did the same thing. I put my hand on his belly or I flipped him on his back and put my hand on his back. Let me sort of squirm around a little but DO NOT pick up. He was back sleeping in less then 10 minutes.
I am trying something I read about online, do not pick up baby. Lay them back down and put your hand on the kid so they know they are okay and you are there. Even if they cry DO NOT pick up. It has worked the past two nights. At 530 when he woke I put him in bed with us and gave him boob. It was nice to not be up for 2-3 hours with a screaming kid.
I forgot what that is like. Good lord I hope it stays this way. Could we be getting a break from teething? Is the kid just so tired he doesn't want to fight anymore? Is it just a fluke two days in a row?

Saturday we went to Chloe's 1 year birthday party. So much fun but it wore Neil and I out. There were six kids there ranging from ages 9 months to little over 3 years old.
I was in the play room with all six kids at one point and it was very overwhelming. Ry had a lot of fun but I could tell it was a little much for him but he kept looking at me so I kept on smiling while playing with other kids. Its funny, Chloe just sat there, I guess she is used to it since she has an older sister around all the time. All the other kids were only children.
By the time we left I just wanted to go home, that was about 7:30. We stayed past Ryan's normal bed time. We took him to the grand folks place with no plans in motion. We ended up going to Joe and Angelas for a few hours. After a coffee we were ready to hang, chat and play some dominoes. We were home by midnight with Ryan. He was happy as could be.

Sunday morning I rushed to Zumba, rushed home got ready and went to a wedding open door thing at Robin and Christina's venue. I was happy I went and got to see it. I love it. The reception area was like the Old Mill Inn but not snobby or overrun. Sort of Hogwarts meets a British Bar (with good food). By the end of the day I was worn out and a little grumpy.
I asked Neil how it went when I got home. He said Ryan was really good and they had a lot of fun but he thought Ry missed me. He said he was sort of a little sad all day and when I got home he was back to his normal self. It was very sweet to hear.

I love that right now he is getting very comfortable standing on his own (not holding anything) and taking steps a bit better. For me he has gotten up to five steps before falling, I think Neil said he did six or seven for him. I love that when Ryan does the 'walking' toward me he will come in for a hug and after the hug I clap (he joins in) and I tell him how great he is doing! Neil thinks he will be full on walking in 2 weeks, I think by end of March. Time will tell.
Getting sad its almost the end of Feb, when the hell did that happen?

I have been cooking a lot the past few days, I made Butternut Squash soup, Chicken/Black bean/Zucchini Enchiladas, Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken, Cake Pops and Rice Krispie pops. Oh and all the food for Ryan I normally make. Today is another Ryan food day.
 (cake pops after cooling in the fridge)

 Wrapped up in bags (after dipping in melted chocolate and sprinkles)

 Butternut Squash soup (slow cooker) and a pita with ham

Rice Krispie Pops dipped in dark chocolate.
Drying on a styrofoam block.

I found an awesome website that inspired me. I am trying to find some new recipes that don't take too much time or that I can prepare before hand for when I go back to work and am to tired to cook. I don't want to eat out like we used too.

I did the math and since I had Ryan I have lost 47 pounds. Pretty good I think. (20 of that was just at giving birth so I have really only lost 27lbs)
I want to lose 10 more before the wedding at the end of April. I think I can do it. Zumba like always, adding a Water Boot Camp tonight (or at least trying it out) and I have kickboxing I need to do (once I find my gloves). That's 4 work outs a week and walking everyday with Ryan again now that it's a bit nicer out. I guess fitting into pants I have not worn in years really motivated me. My one pair of jeans are even getting a bit to big which has me excited. 

So Neil pointed out to me Ryan has a weird hair line. Now I can not stop noticing it. He is pretty cute head on but when you look at the side his hair sort of looks like a bad wig because the hair line starts so far back. I hope this changes in the next year when more hair comes in. :P
Hmmmmm weird kid, it's okay you are still my favorite little dude.

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