Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Random update

Five teeth coming in SUCKS. 
Two at the bottom and three on the top.  I feel bad for the kid, I feel bad for Neil and I feel bad for me.

As most things this too shall pass.

Today we signed up for PeekABoo Day care Center on Traders Blvd. Made me sad. I hate that we have two months and a week tillI have to work and I cant spend all day with my little dude. I think it will be good for him though. He loves other kids so much and it will be good for him to play with some kids.

This morning/afternoon Ryan enjoyed some pita and hummus with me. Kid was in love. He really likes hummus.

He is also obsessed with his ball. Neil was kicking it to the wall while holding Ryan and he was laughing like crazy. I got a video, I will have to upload it later.
Its starting to get a little harder to care for him cause he is crawling like crazy, trying to walk and gets into everything. Its awesome. I am so happy he is doing so great. Not to mention still amazingly cute.

I sure do love my little man, even when he bites me heard enough to bruise.

DAMN teeth!

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