Thursday, 22 March 2012


So we are moving in two weeks. April 6th 9am-12pm.
Shit. I really need to pack.

We have been hunting for a sofa the past two nights and I think we found one we liked. Just have to double check one more time.
So after assessing what we have (its not much) we figure the condo will be very roomy and open. We are hoping to keep it that way. Downside is there is not much storage space. Upside is we get two bathrooms, TWO bedrooms, a den (aka guest room) a dishwasher (never had one before ever!) and not living with any family at all.
Neil and I were talking last night and Neil pointed out since we have been married we have lived with family. I pointed out that even in Florida when we lived together it was across the street from my folks.
We will be a block away from Rita and Tim but they can not see into our windows so it's pretty private. heh
When I first moved up we shared an apartment in Port Credit with Robin (brother in law). I think he would agree with me that we should never ever ever live together again... ever. We fought a lot. I hated it and I am pretty sure he did too. Oh we had some fun too, it wasn't all bad but we both are difficult to live with. Maybe me more so... I leave my crap all over the place but if you leave a dirty dish in the sink I will break you face with your own foot. Yeah maybe it was mostly me. 

Anywho, to save money we rented the first level (basement) of the townhouse Rita and Tim own. 700 bucks a month is not bad. Full size washer and dryer which I missed a lot living in the apartment. So though we didn't live WITH them it was still sort of with them. Though Neil and I will always be grateful because if it wasn't for this place (which was 1/2 the rent in port credit) we would still be in debt pretty bad. However I will NOT miss the stomping, or screaming at 8am when a football game is on. Or the tiny 'closet' in the bedroom, or sharing a bedroom with my almost 1 year old son. 
I think that will be best thing ever. Ryan will have his own room. HIS OWN ROOM PEOPLE.
The weekend of the 31st we are going to try to paint a few rooms. Ryans room is an almost black purple and our bedroom is a dark forest green. Yikes. So we have both bedrooms to paint and the master bathroom (which is dark purple). We rather not paint while Ryan is there. Then we run the issue of who will watch him? Gabi will be busy trying to get her house in order, Rita is in Budapest. Maybe we can take Robin and Christina up on the offer to watch him but the 31st is Christina's bachelorette party. Hmmmmmm

Neils folks are moving out of the condo (oh I forgot to mention we bought the condo from them) the 28th. Hopefully most of the stuff will be out. They have A LOT of stuff. A LOT.
The reason I am pushing so hard is because we are moving in April 6th. Then my mom comes into town the 10th (that Tuesday). Saturday the 14th is Ryan's 1 year birthday party, the 21st is Robins Bachelor party and the 28th is the wedding... see how the timing is just shit?

Anyone out there want to watch a super cute baby for us or help Neil paint the 31st and 1st of April? 
Just for a few hours...

Sherry is watching him for us April 6th which is super awesome of her and Roland. They like having Ryan around and he likes them a lot too!

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