Sunday, 1 April 2012

Neil is awesome

After having a retarded fight with Neil this morning about who gets to sleep today and why we each should do it Neil took the kid out of the house. This was after we both realized we are only fighting because we are both tired and apologized to each other. Neil from working all day then coming home and working on either packing, moving or painting or cleaning (condo) for the past few weeks. Me from having the kid all day and night alone while he is teething and stressing about not being able to pack (apartment) and trying NOT to stress cause when I do it makes Ryan super grumpy.
I am so excited I didn't know what to do. Neil wants me to relax and watch tv on my butt. For me I feel this is a big chance to pack and clean! I was so excited I didn't know where to start.
Moved some packed stuff upstairs, started some wash, packed up to huge bags of sweaters, packed up donated stuff, packed up Ryans stuff. I cleaned out some large tubber wears so I can pack up my nice work clothing when it dries. Now I am sitting down to eat an egg I don't have to share with the kid... I even was naughty and put salt on it today. YUM.
If I had the car I think I would run around but I will take it Monday.

Now after my egg should I pack up the kitchen? Cook for Ryan? Clean? Pack up more of the bedroom? Laundry room?
This is me relaxing. I sit a lot with the kid playing so to be able to do stuff feels SO GOOD.
I think the extra strong coffee Neil made is helping too. hehe

Like I said Neil is awesome and I have to think of something kick ass to do for him. OH OH I know... mini pies. Maybe I will make him some and leave it at the condo one night as a surprise. :D
I left Peanut Butter Cups for him and those were inhaled.


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