Tuesday, 3 April 2012

101 posts... how many are about sleep?

Neil had enough of crying waking kid last night. (waking up every 2 hours or so the past three weeks)
He slept on the floor next to Ryan's crib and we just let him cry it out. I would hear Neil every few minutes tell Ryan he is okay and start to hum a little. I worry that Neil will have a mental breakdown from the lack of sleep. THANK GOD Gabi is taking him Wednesday night so we can work on the condo and get a good night rest before the move Friday. Also hurray for earplugs. Note to self, find another pair for Neil.
I have my fingers crossed tonight is a little better. Neil said one of the times crying was because he pooped. Ryan does not like poop in his diaper.

Mike made Neil (and me) feel better cause he said he spend most of his night in Chloe's room. They put a bed mattress on the floor to start bed training her and with her teeth coming in Mike sleeps in there with her. I think the bed on the floor is brillant. That way is the kid gets off they just roll onto the ground and can make the way back onto the bed, they don't fall out of the bed. I know Alexandra had a guard on her bed and then those foam mats around her bed. Or at least she did about 6 months ago when I saw her room.

Move is starting to feel more like a move. Our kitchen is pretty much done. I had to leave some stuff so I can cook but that will take about 10 min to pack. I have created a wall of boxes up stairs in Tim's living room. Ryan was very kind and let me pack a lot yesterday. I am going to try to pack a bit in the bedroom today and then off to the condo to meet the carpet cleaners.
Not sure how to do that. Should we hang out while they clean so should we leave for a bit?
 I had Neil take our pressure gate with him last night and some foam mats. I think I will gate Ryan into the kitchen. I will clean a bit before the carpet people come and then just spend my time cleaning the kitchen with my Hydrogen, water and lemon cleaner mix I made. Baby friendly and works pretty good to cut grease and clean water spots. Neil said Gabi got most of the stuff out of the kitchen but I know how busy they are so I will just pack up the rest of it for them.
They spent last night moving the rest of the stuff out of the condo. I can't wait to see it now. Neil said he loves the big open space so much he sort of doesn't want to put anything in there. Thankfully we dont have that much. Most of it we got the past few weeks off Kijiji. I am sort of excited to see how the carpet cleaners do, if they get the furniture dents out of the carpets so we can put new ones in. heheh

Christina came by last night as well (meeting with the DJ) and dropped off some NumNum crackers, the cupcake stand and those cute sock shoes I wanted from the states. I will try them on Ryan today and see how they fit. Tiny bit worried the size 6 might be a little big. We shall see. I have no doubt he will grown into them.

 This is the view from the sunroom, you can see part of the living room, dinning room and into the hallway.

This is the tree in Ryans room. Neil and I got a little carried away cause we finally have a nursery for the kid. Joe and Ang did most of it and Neil outlines the leafs. We are waiting to finish it till later cause this would be the easier part to do. My job is the baseboards on Wednesday. Dan is coming over tonight to help and Tara said she might be able to come over Wednesday for a bit depending on when Chris gets home. Gonna put them both to work painting.

I think we have spent about 1,500 at home depot so far. This house better look amazing when done darn it.

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