Thursday, 12 April 2012

New home

Lack of updates have been due to moving into the new home, trying to unpack and get ready for the kids first birthday.
It's been an insane past two weeks.
Super insane past week.

In less then a week I will be back at work and Ryan will be in daycare.
Sad mom is sad.
More on all this later when I am not tired and busy trying to get everything ready for party and work and my house.

In good news Ryan sleeps almost all night. He sometimes wakes up around 3am and cries but he has been going back to sleep on his own. He does wake at 5:30 for some boob and then goes back to sleep till 6:30-7am. Perfect!
I love him having his own room. I sort of miss us cuddling at night or at nap time but I know this is best for us all! Just means we have to have more cuddles and hugs during the day.

Stupid work getting in my way.

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