Thursday, 10 May 2012

Virus of doom

Tuesday Neil came home from work and passed out on the futon. Then around 8 went to bed. He had a fever and felt sick to his stomach. Wednesday he stayed home with a wicked case of the runny-butt. I got a call from the day care Ryan vomited around 3pm. When a kid vomits they have to go home ASAP.

He vomited on me in the elevator up to our condo, twice. After eating a few sweet potato fries for dinner he barfed those up as well. Caught that in my hand. After he went to bed, barfed around 3am. Neil heard that one, go dad go (just a light cough and Neil knew)! In the morning he took four bites of apple sauce and a lot of liquid, he barfed up on me twice. I went to work and Neil was at home.
Visit to the doctor in the early afternoon which was a waste of time. Ryan has a tummy bug, give him liquids, watch for dehydration and try to get him to eat a little bit. All day and no barfing on dad. Gave him a lot of Pedialyte and some of grandmas chicken. He kept it down with a lot of breast milk too! THANK YOU. bath and some crying and now he is sleeping. Fingers crossed we go without any vomits and it really was just a 24 hour bug and not the 72 hour one Neil had.
I ran to the bathroom and almost horked tonight.
For Day Care it has to be 24 hours before he can go back of no vomits. Last barf was around 7am.
If I keep feeling like this I hope with all my might he can go to day care cause taking care of him feeling like I do right now does not sound like fun.
Man I hope I get Ryans and not Neils sickness.

Feeling like poop warmed over. Gonna go to bed. Night folks.
Sick peanut is sick. :(

I really feel like a mom now. Something about your kid barfing on you over and over just really makes me feel like a mom. Maybe it's because I remember doing that to my mom and she would just clean us up and then comfort me. I get it now. I SOOOOO get it. A huge thank you to my mother for not going "HOLY SHIT EWWWWWWWW" and then dumping me on the ground. As a mom I understand why she couldn't do that as much as she might have wanted to.

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