Saturday, 9 April 2011

Spring maybe? Hopefully!

WOW what a pretty day today.
Its 13c / 55f and sunny.
I find now that I am home I really get excited about going out. Last night Neil and I went for a long walk at a park (even swung on the swings) we went to Winners to look around at baby clothing (pricing) and got some Pho. It was a really nice night.
Today we will be chilling with Joe and Angela. Neil wants to get some headphones to use with the PlayStation (so the kid doesn't hear all the gun fire from Call of Duty) and we are gonna watch True Grit.
I really want to go for a walk around Lake Aquatine. It's just so pretty outside and it's starting to feel like Spring. Perfect timing for when my mom comes to visit this Tuesday. I was hoping the kid would be here but if not, at least the weather will be nice for walks!

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