Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Stubborn Baby

I am feeling a little down in the dumps cause I was hoping the kid would be a little early. Based off the 36 week ultrasound we all thought he would be.
I know I am only 39 weeks and 1 day but the doctor didn't give me much hope today. He didn't drop much. We talked about induction and how they wont even check till 8 days past due could be as late as 11 days past due. They don't like to induce because it can lead to c-sections.

Maybe Neil and I will walk tonight and have a little 'alone' time. Everyone keeps telling us to do it. Something about the sperm helping the dilation. I just think our friends are perverts. heh It really is disturbing how many people keep telling us to have sex. Really disturbing.

Also feeling the pressure to have him because every day that goes by is worse timing for Neils work and my mother is coming here on the 12th. I am not really feeling up to entertain and I want her to help us with the kid. Not sitting here bored with me waiting for the kid to come! 

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