Tuesday, 5 April 2011

First post (way to state the obvious Mary...)

Little back info on me. A Florida native born and raised I met my future husband Neil Bank at Full Sail in Winter Park Florida in Sept 2000. After being close friends and study buddy's we noticed we liked each other.  We were both newly single and started to date (in 2001). I use that term date just on the off chance my son reads this blog one day. He moved back to Canada after school and then after long distance torture he moved back to Florida for more schooling. He worked in Miami after that for a year and then once the visa was up he proposed on St Patricks Day. I said yes. (like I said trying to make this a LITTLE back info). After over a year of paperwork I moved up and we got hitched. It was an awesome wedding. (32 tight knit close people taking over a small B&B in St Marys Ontario for a long weekend in Sept 2007) He is my best friend and a constant source of support and laughter.
After that we grew even closer to each other, had some up's (cruise, traveling, camping) and had some downs (loss of our daughter).
We lost our daughter at 22 weeks gestation April 15th 2010 (she was very sick, she was a stillbirth not a miscarriage). Can you tell it's a sensitive subject to me?
So the timing on this little guy is a bit odd and can be thought of as perfect for a new hope and beginning since his due date is April 12th 2011.

 Our Engagement 2006
 Our Wedding Day Sept 1st 2007
 ATVing in Aruba 2008 (adventure time)
 Budapest (Lake Balton) 2009 at a winery.

So there ya have it. As little back story as I can give.

I am the Senior Graphic Designer at Orchard International and I love my job.
Friday April 1st 2011 was my last day of work for the next year. I am 39 weeks preggo today just sitting here on my sore butt (tale bone) waiting for the baby to stop being lazy and come out.
Everyone keeps asking when I am going to have the baby, like I have a say so in it. Alas he will come when he is ready.

I figured while I am waiting might as well start a blog about it and about the next year of my life. I can not promise once he does come I will have time to update too much but I will try.
I will try my best to share funny happenings with you all, well right now no one follows me, so I will share with future me and do my best to chronicle the adventures.
Me preggo at 34 weeks.

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