Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Still no baby...

My mom got in yesterday. Neil was kind enough to pick her up and Rita was kind enough to cook dinner for us.
I hope she is going to be entertained enough while she is here until I have the kid.

Speaking of which...
Doc said yesterday everything is still looking good. Blood pressure, weight gain and baby heart rate are all good. Since yesterday was my due date, I will have an appointment at the hospital on the 20th. (they wait till 8 days past the due date in the hopes you will go into labor naturally) They are going to assess me for induction and based off a few things (dilatation, position of the kid, effacement) they will either start the induction (which can take a few days) or have me come back later. 
They will monitor the kid for about an hour to see if there is any distress and do an ultrasound to check the level of the amniotic fluid, size of baby and a few other things.

If they do start to induce depending on a few thing, they might use a gel. If that's the case they put the gel in and send my ass home and after 24 hours if labor hasn't started I come in for some more gel and to be assessed again.
The point is to help the baby get started in order to avoid a c-section.

So at the very least on the 20th we will have some information.

I have a date to look forward to now that the due date has come and gone which is good, gives me something to aim for and not just waiting and more waiting with no end in sight. Wow that is a long sentence. 

I think I am sort of shocked the kid hasn't come yet because I have SO MUCH false labor. I get period like cramps like crazy and they have started to go through my back as well which is a sign of true contractions. They are still irregular and if I get up and walk around a bit they slow or stop. So I know I am NOT in real labor, but its been WEEKS of this. Its a sign of my body preparing for labor and it surprises me it hasn't started yet.

Also I was hoping the kid would come before the 15th.
The 15th is D day... it will be the one year since we lost our daughter Abbey. I am a little worried how I will handle it. I am a pretty strong cookie but I think I will be a little depressed. Maybe I will ask Gabi to take my mom out for a bit so I can have some time to mourn alone. Not wallow, just to have downtime with my thoughts.

Try not to focus on that but the upcoming joy in our life Mary. Man up. 


  1. he's neil's kid. of course he's going to be late and will end up pissing a few people off along the way! bwhahaha

  2. That's the on going joke Joe, Neil's kid so he will be late and when he shows up he will be hungry. hahaha