Saturday, 16 April 2011

False Labor my ass

'False labor' makes it sound so pleasant. Well I am here to tell you it sucks a big one.
Take period cramps make them about 5x more painful. Yup that's false labor.
And it radiates through you back and your belly gets SUPER hard. Fun times.
Still not as bad as REAL labor but since I have had false labor pains for almost a month now I am here to tell you it sucks and it should be called something else.
Like "not real labor but still really painful and annoying because it goes nowhere"

Then after the the false labor the baby gets super pissed and will push and kick you. Which is understandable. It can't be that comfy for him.

I know it's my body practicing but it's like rehearsing lines before a big play. Only so much rehearsing until you are just ready for the big night and you just keep getting more and more nervous about it as the date gets closer. 

By this point when my real labor finally kicks in it should be a breeze and go super fast. Or at least that's the lie I tell myself to make it worth while. heh

Let me have my lies.

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